Join merchant navy after 10th

Join Merchant Navy after 10th

To join merchant navy after 10th, students can enroll in a course in GP Rating. But, we do not suggest that you join merchant navy after 10th. Instead, we will recommend that you complete your class 12th, improve your communication skills and then finally join as a merchant navy officer on the ship. 

Still, if you do not have enough resources (financial/money-related issues) to complete your class 12 and then complete a nautical science or marine engineering course, then GP Rating is your only option. Following are the 2 ways through which you can join merchant navy after 10th-

1. GP Rating Course

gp rating course
GP Rating Course

GP Rating course is a 6-month pre-sea training course that students can enrol into after clearing their class 10th examination. A pre-sea maritime course is a course that is taken before sailing on a merchant navy ship.

Through a GP Rating course, candidates can join the deck as well as the engine side as a rating. As, GP Rating trains you in both, engine and the deck rating duties. After completing the course, you join the ship as a deck or engine crew.

First, you need to get into a good GP Rating college and what are those colleges, all of the information about courses and colleges is comprised in a free GP Rating Guidance Series that will tell you everything about GP Rating, so if you want to join GP Rating then you can’t miss this important pool of resources.

GP Rating Eligibility

  • To join merchant navy after 10th you should have scored a minimum of 40% in English, Maths, and Science in 10th or 12th from a recognized board.
  • The candidate is required to clear a medical examination conducted by a DG Shipping-approved Doctor. 
  • Age must be between 17.5- 25 years.

Entrance Exam to Join Merchant Navy after 10th

GP Rating has not a common exam as IMU CET but colleges take their entrance exam and trust me on this many candidates fail the GP Rating exam every year. The reason is that they lack proper guidance and a proper set of directions that lead them towards their failure. Here, the Merchant Navy Decoded offers a preparatory series for GP Rating that will help to clear the GP Rating Exam in the first go.

Colleges for GP Rating in India 

merchant navy colleges
GP Rating course colleges

1. TS Rahaman

TS Rahaman holds a reputation for being one of the best colleges for GP Rating in India. The college provides industry-standard training and has a good placement record. 

  • The placement scenario has taken a hit in recent times. Before, it had a placement percentage of about 90%. 
  • It provides a 6-month course and charges a fee of 2,39,000 for the same.
  • Once you complete the course, the college provides you with the CDC for Ratings.
  • TS Rahaman also has the following facilities- Library, Marine Museum, Hospital, Laundry, Survival at Sea Centre, Maritime Fire Fighting Complex, etc.

For more detailed information on the college, please visit their website- TS Rahaman.

2. National Union of Seafarers of India (NUSI), Goa

NUSI Goa provides a highly strict and disciplined curriculum for GP Rating. It is a completely residential course, and no leaves are permitted during the duration of the course. 

Anglo-Eastern, Dockendale, and MOL are the mass recruiters for this college. Even during the pandemic, NUSI Goa provided its trainees with the best placement.

The college charges a fee of INR 1.5 Lakhs for its 6-month GP Rating Course along with an additional INR 13,000 for the uniform and INR 2,000 is submitted as caution money.

Admission Procedure for NUSI Goa-

Submit the application form.

Appear for the written and oral tests. The subjects include- Class 10th level- English Grammar, Mathematics, Science and General Knowledge.

Read more about NUSI Goa here.

3. Great Eastern Institute of Maritime Studies (GEIMS)

GEIMS is a highly reputed maritime college with a reputation for producing the best seafarers in India. The college has its own shipping company along with tie-ups with many other leading shipping companies.

The college charges a fee of INR 4.5 Lakhs for its 6-months GP Rating Course. It also provides a 100% Placement to its trainees, along with a 5-years sponsorship contract. GEIMS is the only college in the country which provides the facility of an Education Loan. No other college provides an education loan as GP Rating is a diploma course.

(Eligibility- Class 12 and 10 candidates are not allowed to take admission) 

The second way to join merchant navy after 10th is as follows-

2. Open CDC (Continuous Discharge Certificate)

Indian CDC

A 10th pass candidate can take admission into a DG Shipping approved maritime institute for STCW courses.

On completion of the 4 STCW courses, candidates are provided with course completion STCW certificates. Once your course is completed, the institute applies for your CDC. After a candidate has obtained their CDC they join the ship and upon completing 12 months onboard ship they earn their watchkeeping certificate.  

But, the issue lies in getting the first ship after earning the open CDC. 

Open CDC was introduced by the Indian Government to save students from getting fooled by scam colleges and maritime frauds. As colleges would take huge sums of money from students, while not providing them any placements at the end of the course. 

Problems with Open CDC

The introduction of Open CDC caused an influx of students that far exceeded the number of actual vacancies, and it became an even bigger problem. Through open CDC, the candidates again fall into the cycle of fraud agents in an attempt to finally get a ship and start their sailing. Therefore, always beware if you’re trying to enter the field of merchant navy through this path. 

These were the 2 ways through which you can join merchant navy straight after 10th. Both these options will help you join a ship as a rating. In case you want to join ship as an officer, we suggest completing your class 12 and opting for one of the following courses-

For Engine Side-
  1. Diploma in Marine Engineering
  2. Btech Marine Engineering
  3. Graduate Marine Engineering
For Deck Side-
  1. Diploma Nautical Science
  2. Bsc Nautical Science

If you want to know about IMUCET and how to join the Merchant navy, you can contact.

JMDi Academy

Contact no:                           +919051206790, +917417085906
JMDi Academy’s Result
IMUCET Decoded Telegram Group

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Ansaar chikodi

About fees first will oay the fees and if we dont pass the oral or written exam during admission than will the management pays the redund??

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Marchand nevy

Vishal Kumar

10th pass marchentnevy

Promit maji



Sir mere age 26 hai or mere pass iti ka certificate hai or ग्रेजुएशन be hai kya me gp rating ka course kr skta hu kya sir

Yash singh

What we have to do after 10th to join merchant navy.

Yaseen Shaikh

Hii sir how to join merchant Navy

Aman Manwal

Hi Yaseen, you can check our free How to Join Merchant Navy in from our website. You will get complete details of merchant navy and joining procedure here.

Saksham Saurav

I have passed 10th in 2024

Aman Manwal

Hi Saksham, if you want to join merchant navy after 10th, I would suggest you to go for PCM and then join merchant navy through DNS. For more info you can check out our free series on How to Join Merchant Navy.