salary of deck cadet

Salary of Deck Cadet

Most people that join Merchant Navy do so to earn highly lucrative salaries. Seafarers usually come from humble middle-class backgrounds and Merchant Navy provides them the opportunity to upgrade their lifestyles at a really young age. This is the most significant factor motivating a deck cadet to sail on the high seas far away from their friends and families. The spark in their eyes can be seen when they look at their senior officers and dream about converting the horizontal stripe on their epaulettes into vertical ones. 


Deck cadets are paid a stipend during their 12-18 months training period. This stipend is enough to support these cadets during their training period. They are not really paid a substantially high amount like the rest of their senior officers and even crew members. However, just because they are paid less does not mean that they have to work less than the rest of the crew members.

Usually, cadets are worked the hardest on ships, they do not have any fixed schedule and are completely at the mercy of the Chief officer/2nd engineer. Over the course of time, they adapt to the work culture onboard ships and once they earn the respect of their senior officers, they are treated as officers and given proper rest. 

Chief Officer with Cadet

During cadetship, one should never think about the amount of money that they are getting paid. Cadetship is all about observing the senior officers and learning as much as possible in order to become an efficient officer in the future. Money will come eventually once you become an officer but initially one should focus on gaining experience.

Stipend for deck cadets is almost in the same range of 400 – 700 USD in most shipping companies. However, there are a few ownership companies that pay unusually high stipends to their cadets.

In this blog, we write about some of the best shipping companies for deck cadets which provide the perfect platform for cadets to learn and evolve into responsible officers. We will also mention the stipend paid by these companies to the cadets.  

Salary of Deck Cadet inAnglo-Eastern Ship Management

Salary of Deck Cadet in Anglo-Eastern Ship Management

Anglo-Eastern Ship Management based in Hong Kong is one of the best ship management companies in the world. It has over 600 vessels under full third-party ship management and also has one of the largest fleet of vessels. Anglo-Eastern also has its own training institute in Karjat, Maharashtra called Anglo Eastern Maritime Academy which is also considered one of the best maritime training institutes in the country. Deck cadets at Anglo-Eastern get paid around 450 – 550 USD per month.

Salary of Deck Cadet in Synergy Marine Group

Salary of Deck Cadet in Synergy Marine Group

Synergy Marine Group is a top-notch shipping company headquartered in Singapore. With over 500 vessels under technical management, it is one of the leading ship management companies in the world. Synergy pays its cadets around 450 – 550 USD per month.

Salary of Deck Cadet in Scorpio Marine Management

Salary of Deck Cadet in Scorpio Marine Management

Scorpio Marine Management is a leading ship management company headquartered in Monaco. It has one of the toughest eligibility criteria out of all other shipping companies and conducts a really tough and challenging online test and interview, hence it’s really difficult to get selected into this company because of the high standards that it has set for the candidates. Deck cadets are paid around 450 – 550 USD per month. 

Salary of Deck Cadet in Torm Tankers

Salary of Deck Cadet in Torm Tankers

Based in Denmark, Torm is a world-leading carrier of energy and clean petroleum products. Torm is an ownership company and owns more than 80 tankers transporting energy and clean petroleum products from their refineries to the customers. Cadets earn a stipend of 550 – 700 USD per month in Torm Tankers.

Salary of Deck Cadet in Fleet Management Limited

Salary of Deck Cadet in Fleet Management Limited

Fleet Management Limited headquartered in Hong Kong is one of the largest independent third-party ship management companies in the world. It is the second-largest manager of Bulk Carriers and Tankers and manages over 600 vessels. Fleet management pays around 500 – 700 USD per month to its cadets. 

Salary of Deck Cadet in Valles Steamship Company, Limited  

Valles Steamship Company, Limited  

Valles Steamship Ltd. is an ownership company based in Vancouver, Canada. The company currently owns 13 vessels which include six aframax tankers, three medium-range product tankers (MR), two long-range product tanker (LR2) and two Panamax bulk carriers. This company pays around 800 – 900 USD per month to its cadets. 

Salary of Deck Cadet in APM-Maersk


Maersk is a Denmark based shipping company that has dominated the global container shipping market for over 25 years. Currently, the company has a fleet of around 738 container ships. As far as the stipend is concerned, Maersk pays around 500 – 700 USD to its deck cadets.           

In this blog, we have listed some of the best companies that provide DNS sponsorship and pay a decent stipend as well. Although, the amount of stipend that a company pays during cadetship should not be the only criteria to consider while joining a company. In fact it should be the last thing to consider. Completing the required sea time quickly should be the first goal for any deck cadet and hence waiting period of a company should be the first thing to enquire about before applying for a particular shipping company. 

Inspite of this, the amount of stipend really matters a lot for candidates who take education loans for their respective courses. If you know about any shipping company which pays a higher stipend than what most companies pay, please do let us know in the comment section below.

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Duncan Mwasaru

Good information..

Praneet Mehta

Thanks, Duncan.

Duncan Mwasaru

Good at it😎😎upon finishing my course i would want to be in the listed companies..

Praneet Mehta

Work hard and you’ll be there for sure.

Praneet Mehta

Good to hear that Duncan👍, we are listing a few more blogs you would be interested in. Do give them a read. Duties of a Deck Cadet Onboard Ship
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Pragnesh Chavan


Tamada Ganesh

THANK you…. For providing the information….. @praneet sir..

Praneet Mehta

Always a pleasure Tamada Ganesh, do go through the other blogs for more information 🙂


I want to join Torm


Helpful information about deck cadet salery .

Praneet Mehta

We’re glad you found them helpful, do go through our other blogs for more useful information. Linking a few below-
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Subin surendran c

Sir please engine cadet salary details

Praneet Mehta

Hi Subin, find the engine cadet salary details here- Merchant Navy Salary


What is the salary for a captain in merchant Navy sir

Aman Manwal

Hi Vishwa, the salary in merchant navy depends on a lot of factors, so in merchant navy, the salary of a Captain can range from ₹10,00,000 to ₹15,00,000 per month. To get more info about salary in merchant navy check out our latest blog by clicking here