can a commerce student join merchant navy

Can a Commerce Student Join Merchant Navy

Last updated on August 23rd, 2023 at 10:44 am

Can a commerce student join merchant navy? The answer is YES! but How? As a commerce student you might feel, due to the lack of a PCM (Physics, Chemistry, Math ) qualification, your doors to this profession have been closed forever. But in reality you can join merchant navy after 12th commerce! Keep reading as this blog will tell you all the paths you can follow to join merchant navy as a commerce student.

Before You Join Merchant Navy After 12th : Do Your Research

Sponsorship in Merchant Navy
Sponsorship in merchant navy
shipping companies
Stay clear of maritime frauds

A very common problem in merchant navy in the current times is the growing unemployment in this field. A huge reason for this is the increase in the number of maritime colleges and the persisting unawareness among the new candidates. In merchant navy the most important aspect for employment is company sponsorship or placement. Many times students fall into the trap of false advertising and take admissions in colleges without placements in merchant navy companies. This results in them acquiring no jobs once their course is completed. To stay clear of all such traps, developing awareness and doing your own research is the only way to start your journey in the right manner.

Students usually skip this initial step of research, which causes them a huge setback. They end up joining the wrong colleges or taking the route of agents. All this can be avoided, if you follow the right guidance and take the correct path. For this purpose Merchant Navy Decoded is here to help, and will try to provide you with the most updated information about the right courses and colleges. But before you start your journey, we suggest reading a lot about life and career in merchant navy. Once you’ve made a firm decision, only then you should move on to the next step.

Following are the 2 ways through which a commerce student can join Merchant Navy after 12th commerce-

1. Repeat Class 12th with PCM and English

PCM prepares you to join as an officer in merchant navy

This is the best option for all students who want to join merchant navy after 12th commerce. Repeating class 12th might seem like a stretch, but it’s the most fruitful path to take. Why? The reason for this path being so worth considering is because it is the fastest way for you to join a ship as an officer. 

The maritime workforce can be divided into two categories- Officers and Ratings. If you can afford the initial fees it is always a better option to join merchant navy after 12th as a deck or engine cadet to further rise to the officer ranks (moreover you will not be a burden on your parents and can get easy education loan as well)

Why Join as a Merchant Navy Officer

Joining as an officer has many pros, to begin with, the salary at officer ranks is much higher than the salary offered at rating ranks. Also, the length of the contracts are shorter for the former. Do not choose GP Rating just because the initial investment is less and the qualification required is minimal.

Following are the pros of becoming a merchant navy officer-

  • Higher salary
  • Shorter contracts
  • Better Promotions
  • Less physically demanding work profile.

Also, the career progression and increase in the pay band of Officers, presents a striking contrast when compared to that of ratings. While the highest salary in the ratings rank i.e., for the Bosun goes up to 1200-2000 USD, a merchant navy captain salary is around 8000-14000 USD during the peak of their career.

Also moving up to the ranks of an officer from ratings in itself is a fairly difficult task which requires long hours of studying and dedication. Furthermore, the work profile for ratings is also very physically demanding.

can commerce student join merchant navy
Career progression in merchant navy

That is why it is best to repeat your class 12th from State Board/ICSE Board/CBSE Board and also from National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS) board with Physics, Chemistry, Math and English. Although we do not highly recommend NIOS as a lot of companies do not take students from NIOS Board.

A commerce student can join merchant navy after repeating class 12 with PCM and clearing IMU CET by opting for the following courses, and join as an officer-

To join Deck Department:

To join Engine Department:

2. GP Rating Course-

It is our suggestion that you join merchant navy only as an officer but if you do not have the resources or are completely against the idea then the only other way is GP rating.

Can a Commerce Student Join Merchant Navy
GP Rating course

What is GP Rating Course?

By opting for a course in GP Rating, a commerce student can join merchant navy and become a part of the ratings onboard. 

Ratings are the skilled workers who support the officers to perform various tasks onboard. There are 2 types of ratings depending on the department they join through- Deck Ratings and Engine Ratings. 

What is GP Rating Course in Merchant Navy

Can a Commerce Student Join Merchant Navy
GP Rating course in merchant navy

GP Rating is a 6-month pre-sea training course, which can can be opted by commerce students to join merchant navy. Under this course the candidates are trained for the deck as well as the engine department. Depending on company demand they can be employed in one of the two departments. GP Rating is a DG Shipping approved course which trains its students in maintenance work, machine operations, seamanship, etc.

The course also includes physical training including- mast climbing, swimming, fire-fighting exercises along with workshop training. After the course is completed, you are required to pass the external examinations conducted by the Board of Examinations of Seafarers (BES) under the DG Shipping. Once the exam is cleared, candidates are issued Indian CDC after which they can sail.

Best GP Rating Colleges in India 

1. TS Rahaman 

2. NUSI Maritime Academy Goa

3. Great Eastern Institute of Maritime Studies

Follow this link to read about the the top GP Rating colleges eligibility, facilities and placement.

GP Rating to Officer

Following is the career progression of a GP rating candidate to finally become an Officer and reach the highest rank of the Captain or Chief Engineer in merchant navy.

1. GP Rating to Chief Engineer

gp rating to chief engineer
Career progression for GP Rating to Chief Engineer

2. GP Rating to Captain

GP Rating to Captain
Career Progression for GP Rating to Captain

Starting as a rating will feel easy at first but during the later phase of your career you’ll feel stuck as growth is slow. Also, becoming an officer through GP Rating takes a very long time, a lot of dedication and a lot of money is required as well. Just 0.1% GP Rating candidates go on to become Merchant Navy Officers or Marine Engineers. Top shipping companies do not prefer officers from GP Rating background as well. So, we advise, if you have the time and will power, go repeat Class 12th from Science, get good marks, apply for IMU CET and the course of your choice for a successful career in Merchant Navy.

If you want to know about IMUCET and how to join the Merchant navy, you can contact.

JMDi Academy

Contact no:                           +919051206790, +917417085906
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Sumit Sharma
Sumit Sharma
1 year ago

Sir I have a problem regarding my stream please help me I have cleared my 12 through commerce field and repeating 11th and 12th as science stream but the superior are telling that you have to change the board or you can do pcm by side so what I can do in this situation it’s is possible for me to join dns if I have done pcm byside please let me know as soon as possible i really need 🙏

Praneet Mehta
1 year ago
Reply to  Sumit Sharma

Yes, it will be fine but the only point of concern is that you will be left with only few options for sponsorship.

-Team merchant navy decoded

Parveen Dhull
Parveen Dhull
8 months ago


Kanhaiya kumar
Kanhaiya kumar
4 months ago


4 months ago

Sir I am in 10 and my math is not to good if I take commarce in 11 so how can I join merchant Navy bye taking commarce

Praneet Mehta
4 months ago
Reply to  Shristy

If you will take commerce then you can do GP rating course but we suggest you that take pcm in 11th and 12th and get more than 70% to 80% and in English 60%.

If your problem is very SPECIFIC, IMPORTANT, and URGENT then we would recommend you use our PAID portal for getting your specific problems entertained by an expert.
The link is below:

Team Merchant Navy Decoded

Rupanon Thaosen
Rupanon Thaosen
2 months ago

Sir I have a doubt regarding how to join merchant navy. Now I’m doing my 11th with commerce stream . Can I join merchant navy after 12 with commerce stream ?

Praneet Mehta
1 month ago

With commerce you can join as a GP rating. After 12th with commerce stream you can do GP rating course only.
I am sharing you link of Gp Rating Course Series, where all your queries will be cleared.

If your query remains unanswered, try our ASK YOUR QUERY PAID PORTAL for personalized counseling. If you are dissatisfied with out PAID PORTAL then your money will be refunded.

Team Merchant Navy Decoded.