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Diploma in Marine Engineering (DME}

The Diploma in Marine Engineering (DME) is a two-year, all-residential pre-sea training programme that prepares students to serve as Marine Engineers on National and International Merchant Ships.

The course focuses on the technical elements of Marine Engineering and covers the majority of critical topics such as safety technology, marine machinery, naval architecture, ship design, automation and control, ship building, communication skills, and marine electrical and electronic systems.

Diploma in Marine Engineering

Students will have the opportunity to experience marine life after successfully completing this degree, as they will be required to do 6 months of sea-service. After completing safety courses, training modules, and examinations, as well as passing the MEO Class-4 Part B test, a cadet is granted a Marine Engineering Officer Class 4 Certificate of Competency (CoC), allowing them to work as a Marine Engineer on a Merchant Ship anywhere in the world.

Marine Engineers

One may also choose to pursue additional coursework and tests in order to get a Marine Engineer Class 1 Certificate of Competency (CoC).

This particular Diploma course mainly focuses on the technical components of Marine Engineering. The following are some of the main subjects taught in this Diploma course:

  • Ship Construction
  • Ship Design
  • Marine Electrical and Electronics Systems
  • Safety Technology
  • Marine Engineering Drawing
  • Automation and Control
  • Hydraulics
  • Marine Machinery
  • Naval Architecture
  • Communication Skills
Subjects taught in Diploma in Marine Engineering

Eligibility Requirements for a DME Course:

1. Nationality:The Candidate must be of Indian Nationality.
2. Educational Qualifications & Age Limit:The candidate must possess a Diploma in either of Mechanical, Electrical, Electronics or Naval Architecture. He/She should not exceed a maximum of 28 years.
3. Minimum Marks:He/She must possess a minimum of 50% in the final year.
4. Minimum Marks in English:He/She must possess a minimum of 50% marks in English in either of 10th, 12th, Diploma or Degree.
5. Physical Requirements:6/6 or 6/12 in each eye, or 6/18 in one eye and 6/9 in the other eye without glasses, with no color blindness detected by the Ishihara Chart. Even, Partial Color Blindness is not accepted.
6. Body Mass Index:Should be <<25.
7. Minimum Height and Weight Requirements:Height: 1.58m,
Weight: 51kg
8. No. of Seats offered:40
Eligibility Requirements for a DME Course

Physical / Medical Fitness:

Glasses may be permitted for candidates pursuing a B. Tech. (Marine Engineering) degree course, but vision in each eye more than plus/minus 2.5 will be denied. Unaided vision should be at least 6/12 in both eyes, or 6/9 in the good eye and 6/12 in the other eye minimally.

The candidate should be medically fit, including vision and hearing as recommended by the Merchant Shipping (Medical Examination) Rules, 2000; as amended.

Educational Requirements:

A Diploma in Mechanical/Marine/Naval Architecture/Electrical/Electric & Electronics Engineering with a minimum of 50% in the final year and a minimum of 50% in English in the 10th or 12th Standard or Diploma courses is required.

Or, he/she must have qualified a Diploma in Shipbuilding Engineering with a minimum of 50% in the final year (4 year course) and a minimum of 50% in English at the 10th or 12th grade or Diploma Exam (College must be AICTE or UGC Approved).

Career Path in Diploma in Marine Engineering:

Career Path in Diploma in Marine Engineering:

DG Approved Institute for a DME Course certified by Merchant Navy Decoded-

Institute of Maritime Studies (IMS), Goa is the only DG Approved Institute, that we recommend to join. The institute is very honest and shares the complete details of their placement on their website. Would appreciate, if interested candidate visits the Campus before taking admission and update themselves along with us on the current Placement scenario.

For Placement Details of the same, follow this link.

Syllabus for Diploma in Marine Engineering

The Subjects taught in the Diploma in Marine engineering Course Curriculum are as follows:

General Physiology with Alcohol and Drug PreventionSpherical Trigonometry
Analytical Geometry with Solid GeometryShip and Ships Routine
Ship Construction and Ship StabilityAptitude for the Service
Engine Watch keeping, Engine OfficersEngineering Drawing
Marine Pollution and PreventionAuxiliary Machinery
Mechanics and HydromechanicsPlane Trigonometry
Marine Vocabulary and TermsMarine Power Plant
Marine Power Plant and DieselEngineering Physics
Fuel Oils and LubricantsElectro Technology
College AlgebraGeneral Chemistry
Machine ShopIntegral Calculus
Heat BalanceBasic Safety

Benefits of Diploma in Marine Engineering

  • As a Marine Engineer, one may learn a variety of abilities.
    • It teaches people about aquatic life.
    • Exploring the marine world piques the interest of many students.
    • One can be compensated in accordance with higher-level packages.
    • There are several job paths available here.
    • One can contribute to the country’s progress and economy.

Workshop Training

Candidates are taught to complete a variety of practical assignments in various shops during their workshop training, such as:

Fitting Shop: The use of hand tools is taught here for carrying at the fitting shop.

Machine Shop: This is where you learn how to use a lathe machine.

Welding shop: Here, tasks include using electric arc welding as well as oxy-acetylene gas welding, brazing, and other techniques.

Workshop Training
Man Welding

Afloat Training

Candidates are sent onboard various training ships, ships in port, electrical workshops, shipyards, and the IMS marine laboratory during their afloat training. Candidates are given a feel for the ship’s machinery and are taught about the safety of working at sea as well as the dismantling and reassembling of machine parts.

Future Prospects after a Diploma in Marine Engineering

After finishing this course, a candidate might expect a plethora of future opportunities. The Diploma in Marine Engineering programme prepares students for employment in both the commercial and public sectors. One can also continue their schooling. A student may potentially pursue a career as a Marine Engineer. After obtaining enough experience, one may be promoted to be a Chief Marine Engineer.

Career Options and Various Job Profiles after obtaining a Diploma in Marine Engineering

After earning a Diploma in Marine Engineering, one might pursue an exciting profession, with a variety of career possibilities and work profiles. It is typically associated with numerous forms of employment like shipping corporations, the navy, design firms, and other organisations. Many of the leading marine recruiting firms employ people for sea deployment. Some of them are as follows:

  • SMEC Automation
  • American Cruise Line
  • MARTINEK Design
  • Ge Shipping Co. Ltd.
  • TMC Shipping
  • ITT Shipping
  • Carnival Cruise Line
  • Engineering Pvt. Ltd.
Career Options and Various Job Profiles after obtaining a Diploma in Marine Engineering
Fishing ship moored in a dock with boats

FAQs –

Q. Can I acquire a Diploma in Marine Engineering just after finishing 10th grade?

A. Yes, institutions or institutes provide admission to the diploma in Marine Engineering programmes ; however, if you have finished 10+2, you will have an edge in acquiring admission. Based on the Entrance Test, colleges/institutes give admission to students with a 10th grade.

Q. How are Naval Architects and Marine Engineers different from one another?

A. Marine Engineering is one of the engineering courses that deals with the design, building, operation, and maintenance of ships such as steering, anchoring, cargo handling, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning, among other things. Whereas, a Naval Architect is in charge of ship design, which includes the shape, construction, and stability of hulls.

Q. Are there any physical requirements for getting an admission into a Diploma in Marine Engineering?

A. Yes, aspirants must be physically fit, as tested by height, weight, and eye-sight. Further, candidates must be no older than 28 years old.
Some institutes verify these parameters when filling out the application form, so applicants must check their physical condition before applying for the Diploma in Marine Engineering.

Q. What is the distinction between Graduate Marine Engineering and Diploma in Marine Engineering?

A. The main distinction is their qualifying conditions and length. A Graduate Degree in Mechanical Engineering or Naval Architecture is required to apply for a Graduate Degree in Marine Engineering. In this one-year Diploma Degree, participants receive instruction in Maritime Engineering. Applicants pursuing the Diploma in Marine Engineering, on the other hand, must have completed class 10th or 12th with a scientific stream. The duration of the Diploma Degree might range from one to three years.

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Vedant Wale

Sir you don’t suggest any course or books or topics to get qualify in entrance exam for dme in Ims Goa


What is age limit for doing this course

Tiger BhanuPratap Rai

How much years it will take to complete diploma in marine engineering?

Tarun Gollavilli

Sir how computation for DME course, is this course good for go to shop.

Tarun Gollavilli

Sir can you suggest good colleges for DME course.


I’m kurri Srikanth I’m joining in the merchant Navy job I’m interested my qualifications 10+2 th


My contact number 9704364035 I’m interested in gp rating course’s I’m kurri Srikanth this is my mail ID kurrisrikanth6@gmail.com

Vikas Singh

How can I apply


Hi sir, can I do diploma in Marine engineering after 10+2

Bijendra Kushwaha

Hii I passed diploma in mechanical engineering in 2023 which is best course in merchant Navy for me

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Is HSC pcm 67% is ok for do GME

Aman Manwal

Hi Akhil, to do GME you need to complete your Mechanical Engineering first that will be of 4 years, I will suggest that you should go for Diploma in Nautical Science or if you are interested in engineering then opt B. Tech in Marine Engineering. To get clear insight into the process you can call on 7417349336.


Okk sir/mam

Harshit Raj

Sir is there any lateral entry for polytechnic student from EEE stream ?

Aman Manwal

Hi Harshit, If you have done three years polytechnic or diploma then you can join either B.Tech Marine Engineering or ETO by lateral entry. For more information you can call us at 7417349336.

Joshi smit

I want to do naval architecture but with diploma after 10 give advice

Aman Manwal

Hi Joshi, we suggest you to go for Class 12th then go for Naval Architecture or even for Merchant Navy. As of now we don’t have anything to help you with Naval Architecture.

Manish Ghosh

After Completion of Diploma in marine engineering (DME) aspirants are Eligible for How many Companies .

Aman Manwal

Hi Manish, generally we don’t recommend DME to anyone as there are not that many company who hire candidate from DME. So, if you are planning to pursue DME, I would suggest that you should go another course instead of this one. If you want to get more information, you can call us at 7417349337.

Nipesh Kumar

Hello sir..I have done my three years diploma in electronics engineering. I want to do DME course. Am I eligible or not? I need your suggestion?

Aman Manwal

Hi Nipesh, if you have done diploma in electronic engineering then you should go for ETO which has much more opportunity than DME. You can apply for 7 Islands and SCI for ETO or you can go for B.Tech Lateral entry in electronic engineering then you will have much more options available at your disposal.
We don’t recommend DME as companies are not quite interested in taking DME candidates.
You can check out complete information about ETO by CLICKING HERE.