DG Shipping-Approved Doctor for Seafarers

Before you get too excited to sail and start daydreaming about the amazing prospects as a Seafarer, let us break it down to you – simply your excellent grades do not matter in The Merchant Navy. As a seafarer, you are required to be mentally and physically fit. Any minor or major deficiencies that make you physically or mentally incapable of performing diverse duties as a mariner on the ship can lead to a straight rejection by DG Shipping-approved doctor institutes or shipping companies. We have seen young aspiring seafarers lacking the basic knowledge on the importance of medical examinations conducted by Directorate General Shipping Medical which makes it clear that if you can not clear the medical examinations, you won’t be selected even if you have the highest percentages. 

DG Shipping-approved doctor
DG Shipping-approved doctor

What is DG shipping-approved medical?

The directorate general of shipping is a department under the Indian Ministry of shipping that is responsible for the health, life, vessel, and environment of Indian registered ships and ships at Indian ports. DG shipping-approved doctor is listed on the DG shipping website making it easier for seafarers to consult regarding their medical queries.

Medical Test
Medical Test

How to find a DG shipping-approved doctor in your area?

There are many DG shipping-approved doctor in every state of India who performs the medical test in line with guidelines issued by the Ministry. They provide the relevant certification required to get admissions and placements in the Merchant Navy. So let us understand how you can find a qualified doctor for your medical queries or health tests.

  1. Open Google and search DG Shipping India
  2. Click on the page link https://www.dgshipping.gov.in
  3. Search for the keyword “Doctor list approved” on the website
  4. DG shipping approved doctor list shows
  5. Sort the list by date 
  6. An updated list of doctors appear
  7. Scroll and search for doctors in your state 
DG Shipping website
DG Shipping website

Remember it is important to sort the list of doctors by date to avoid any outdated data regarding DG shipping approved doctors. Because it is possible that doctors in the 2017 list may not be practicing in 2022. Hence, refer to an updated list and consult the doctors from there.

As per the rules given by DG shipping, every seafarer is subjected to medical examinations like Pre-sea medicals and regular medical checkups. Hence, it becomes very important for Merchant Navy professionals to stay in contact with the DG shipping-approved doctors in their proximity for the right guidance and valuable information regarding eligibility conditions. 

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[…] After the test, the selected candidates will undergo a medical examination with a D.G. Shipping-approved doctor. […]

Manjeet kumar

Sir mera bhi sea stone shipping service se medical ke liye bolaya hai jau yaa nhi

[…] After the test, the selected candidates will undergo a medical examination with a D.G. Shipping-approved doctor. […]

[…] After the test, the selected candidates will undergo a medical examination with aD.G. Shipping-approved doctor. […]