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Have you ever thought of joining the Merchant Navy after 10th or after 12th but you had PCB or Commerce in Class 12th or less than 60% marks in Class 12th? If your answer is yes and you want to join the Merchant Navy even after all that then tag along as we will dig deeper into GP Rating Courses, GP Rating Eligibility, GP Rating Colleges, and whatnot. So, believe in yourself, and let’s begin the journey to your dream. 

1:- What is the GP Rating Course?

Bosun onboard ship

GP Rating Course is a 6-month residential course that aspirants can go for after Class 10th, 12th PCB, or even after passing out from Class 12th with commerce or Arts. 

It is one of the most basic ways of getting into the merchant navy out of the three ways. Students who wish to follow an interesting and daring profession may consider taking this course. After passing out from college students will be placed on board for training. In this post, we will look at the GP Rating course in depth, including course information, scope, employment options after finishing the program, income, eligibility, and medical standards.

The GP Rating program will prepare cadets for two major positions in the maritime industry: deck crew and engine crew.

Individual courses are provided for the Deck Department and Engine Department programs. However, GP Rating combines the two and educates the candidate for both Deck and Engine Rating components.

Cadets will be provided information and abilities connected to subjects such as ship mechanics, swimming, fire prevention, safety technology, first aid, fundamentals of the sea, and so on as a part of the training.

This course is conducted twice a year, with classes beginning in January and July of each year.

Read here for information on Top GP Rating Colleges in India.

2:- GP Rating Course Eligibility

2.1:- Educational Qualification for GP Rating Course 

Course NameGeneral Purpose Rating
Course Type
Duration6 Months Course
Eligibility10th Pass (Govt recognized board)- English/Maths/Science-40% aggregate and 40% in English. [OR]12th Pass (Govt recognized board)- Any stream with 40% aggregate and 40% in English either in 10th or 12th. [OR]Pass in 2-year ITI Course approved by DVET, NCVT with a minimum of 40% aggregate marks in the final ITI year & a minimum of 40% in English in the 10th or 12th. 
Entrance ExamsEvery College has its entrance exam. 
Gender RestrictionsN/A

2.2:- GP Rating Course Age Limit 

GP Rating is a 6-month residential course and the age limit varies from college to college, so, here we have given the age limit in the top three colleges that we recommend. 

  • NUSI GOA:- In NUSI Goa, if your age is between 18-25 then you are eligible for GP Rating from NUSI Goa. 
  • TS RAHAMAN:- For TS RAHAMAN your age should be between 17.5 to 25 years on the commencement date of the course. 
  • GREAT EASTERN:- If your is between 17.5 and 25 then you are eligible to apply for GP Rating Course in Great Eastern. 

3:- Medical Criteria for GP Rating Course

Physical Standards1) Candidates should be physically fit for sea service under the standard norm, with eyesight up to 6/6 in the better eye.
2) NO COLOR BLINDNESS, Partial Colour Blindness is also not acceptable.
3) The D.G. Shipping Medical Certificate must be issued by D.G. Shipping Approved Doctors, under the specified medical examination requirements.

There is so much information about the medical requirements in the Merchant Navy that it is next to impossible to compress everything in a blog that’s why we have made a dedicated series for the medical requirements of the Merchant Navy.

Merchant Navy Medicals

4:- How to Join GP Rating Course? 

The process to join the GP Rating is more or less the same i.e. you apply to colleges after your 10th, 12th Commerce or ITI. After clearing the CET of the respective college you need to clear the medical criteria of DG Shipping after which you will be eligible for the 6-month GP Rating Course. However, what matters most is the preparation in the right direction and the right steps. Well, what are those steps you might ask, let’s get a better look at how you can prepare for your GP Rating Exam or Interview. 

4.1:- Learn Latest Topics

One thing you need to understand is that many people are struggling and fighting for the same dream you have so you need to do something more than everyone else. You need to prepare according to the latest exam pattern and that’s where we are going to help you. With our dedicated GP Rating Excellence Package, you can prepare the right set of questions that are being asked in the interview or CETs of colleges.  

GP Rating Excellence Package

4.2:- Practise PYQs for GP Rating Course

It means that you should be accustomed to the latest type of questions that are being asked in the examination. You need to keep practicing the new questions and from where you will get such PYQs or Mock Tests, Telegrams is the best place for that. You can join any Telegram group that you find suitable or you can join our dedicated Telegram Group for GP Rating where we regularly upload the latest questions that have been asked in the interview and examinations. 

Telegram Group

4.3:- Work on Communication Skills for GP Rating Course

One of the most crucial things in the merchant navy is communication skills. It doesn’t matter how good you are at your work if you can’t sell it. Not only that communication skill is an integral part of the interview as well. So if you are not good at communication then I suggest start working on that part right now as communication is one of those things that can pave the way towards success or throw you into turmoil. 

You can watch this video to get insight into the importance of communication and how to improve your communication skills. 

4.4:- Beware of Frauds in GP Rating Course

It is one of the most important tips to remember. If any agent is serving you a job on a silver platter BEWARE! That person will leave you in between once you are in the ocean. I suggest that if you want to achieve your dreams, achieve them the right way. 

5:- GP rating colleges in India

There are over 20 DG Shipping-approved colleges that conduct GP Rating Courses in India but does that mean that you can join any of them? Well, the answer is no, even though the numbers of colleges are in abundance but there are only two or three colleges that Merchant Navy Decoded recommends based on their placement criteria as placement is the first and foremost thing that matters when it comes to GP Rating. 

5.1:- Great Eastern Institute of Maritime Studies

Great Eastern Institute of Maritime Studies is one of the best colleges you can get into for the GP rating Course as this is the only college that will give you the sponsorship letter that will help to get an educational loan for the GP rating course. This is the college that guarantees placement as it has its own company Great Eastern Shipping

Eligibility Criteria for GEIMS

Educational Qualifications2-year ITI Course or a 3-year Diploma Course in fields like an automobile or as a fitter etc. from Govt. approved Technical institutes with minimum 50% aggregate marks in final year and 40% marks in English subjects in 10th and 12th board. (Candidates having only 10th and 12th qualifications are not allowed).
Age Limit The age limit for GEIMS is between 17 to 25. 
Medical Criteria Candidates who are shortlisted after the personal interview are required to undergo a comprehensive medical examination in Mumbai, under DG Shipping

5.2:- Seven Islands Maritime Training Institute

Just like GEIMS, Seven Islands Maritime Training Institute also has its own shipping company so once you get into the college it means you are 100% placed. Another good thing is that you can get an educational loan after showing the sponsorship letter to the bank. However, just like Great Eastern, the eligibility criteria are a bit stringent. 

Eligibility Criteria for SIMTI

Educational QualificationThe candidate must have passed with an aggregate of 40% marks in 10th standard with Science, and Mathematics as subjects with a minimum of 40% marks in English either in 10th or 12th. 
The candidate must have passed in 2-year ITI course (Fitter / Machinist / Mechanic / Welder / Turner) from Govt. Approved Institute with Minimum 50% Aggregate marks in the final year.
The candidate must be a Diploma or Degree holder with at least 40% in English either in 10th or 12th. 
Age The eligible age for GP Rating in Seven Islands is 17.5 to 25 years.
Medical Criteria Candidates who are shortlisted after the personal interview are required to undergo a comprehensive medical examination in Mumbai, under DG Shipping

5.3:- T.S. Rahaman

After Great Eastern, TS Rahaman is one of the best choices for GP Rating. This college once boasted a 100% placement but as of now, numbers have slightly changed a bit, but still, this college is doing better than most of the colleges out there. This college entertains companies like Anglo Eastern and many such shipping giants for the GP Rating placement. 

Eligibility Criteria for TS Rahaman

Educational QualificationMinimum 40% aggregate marks in final year and minimum 40% marks in English subject in 10th or 12th. 
Pass in 2 year ITI course approved by DVET; with a minimum of 40% aggregate marks in the final year of ITI & minimum of 40% in English in 10th / 12th.
Age17.5 years and not over 25 years on the date of commencement of training.
Medical CriteriaMedical Fitness Certificate from a Doctor Approved by DGS with Eyesight distance vision 6/6 in the better eye and 6/9 in the other eye and normal color vision shall be tested by Ishihara test chart.

5.4:- NUSI Goa

NUSI Goa is one of those colleges in India that can be trusted for GP-rating courses in India. Even if the placement is not 100% in this college still it is better than other colleges who just give false dreams instead of placement,  there are still a lot of companies that visit NUSI Goa for recruit ratings. Anglo Eastern is one such mass recruiter that takes the rating from NUSI Goa with many other companies like MOL & Dockendale.

Eligibility Criteria for NUSI Goa

Educational QualificationsSomeone who has passed their class 10th with subjects Science, Mathematics, and English with an aggregate of 40% along with 40% in English, may apply for admission.
Class 12th pass-out from any stream can also apply for admission, but he has to fulfill the above-mentioned point.
An aspirant from the 2-year ITI course (Fitter/ Machinist/ Mechanic/ Welder/ Turner/ Mechanic Diesel/ Mechanic Motor Vehicle/ Electrical Electronics/ Automobile / Instrumentation) approved by DVET with 40 % in the final year who must satisfy the first point can also apply for the admission. 
AgeThe age limit to apply is a minimum of 18 years and a maximum of 25 years on the 1st of January or July.
Medical Criteria The Aspirant should have 6/6 vision in the better eye and 6/9 in the other eye and normal color vision is tested. No speech impairment will be entertained. 

These three are the top colleges that you should aim for, if you want to know the complete details about this college then head out to our blog about the top GP Rating Colleges.

6:- GP rating Course fees

Regarding the fees of GP Rating courses in different colleges, we will only talk about the above four recommended colleges. 

Great Eastern GP Rating FeesTotal fees Including all boarding, lodging, tuition fees, study material, uniform, and examination is 4,50,000 INR. (Loan can be granted for this college)
Seven Islands GP Rating FeesThe overall fee for Seven Islands is 4,50,000 for which a loan can be granted by the bank. 
TS Rahaman GP Rating FeesThe duration of the course is 6 months (25 weeks) for which a candidate has to pay 2,39,000 INR.
NUSI Goa GP Rating Fees1,50,000 INR is the fee and 13,000 INR must be paid to the tailor for the uniform. Apart from this 2,000 INR will be kept as caution money by the campus.

7:- Educational Loan for GP Rating Course

The GP Rating Course fees are a concern for middle-class families as the GP Rating course is not a degree course hence there is no specific education loan provided for the GP Rating course but there are two institutes for which you an get educational loan. 

  1. Great Eastern Institute of Maritime Studies
  2. Seven Island Maritime Training Institute

These are the only two colleges for which you will be given an educational loan as you will be given a sponsorship letter which will act as a guarantee letter for the placement in the company.  

To get all the information about the loan CLICK HERE

8:- Frauds in GP Rating

Beware of Recruitment Scams

Sadly GP Rating is one such way to join the Merchant Navy where at every corner a con man is sitting to steal your money with all the sweet and lucrative dreams that you can imagine. The prime victim who is most prone to get tricked is those who come from villages and small towns. There’s no problem in being from a village but the problem arises when the culprit takes advantage of this and outsmarts you by showing you false dreams and hopes. 

To keep yourself safe from such scams there are only a few things that you must keep in mind:-

8.1) Keep yourself Updated about the eligibility of GP Rating

If you are planning to join the Merchant Navy then learn about the Merchant Navy not only merchant navy but any profession. You need to learn about the eligibility, requirements, and educational qualifications that the profession requires. 

8.2) Think twice before action

If there’s a person who has been helping you and he recently asked for money to get you placed in a shipping then BEWARE! Once you deposit your hard-earned money, it might be the last time you will be seeing that person. So instead of regretting later better to be a bit more skeptical about the motives of that person. 

8.3) Do your Research before giving money for GP Rating Course

Sometimes everything seems too perfect just how you want things to be. That will be one of those times when you should hold for a moment and take some time to do your research. It is always better to confront the situation now instead of crying over spilled milk in the future.

Learn how scammers trick you and how to avoid scammers in the first place:-

9:- Duties and Ranks in GP Rating 

GP Rating just like any other department is comprised of different ranks and duties assigned to them. After the GP Rating course, you can either go for Deck Rating or you can work as an Engine Rating. Both departments have a rank structure, let’s talk about the deck department first. 

9.1:- Ranks in Deck Rating

Trainee OS:- As soon as you get onboard as a Deck Rating, you will be greeted with the position of Trainee OS i.e. Trainee Ordinary Seaman where you will be imparted all the training of chipping painting and other work.

Ordinary Seaman:-  After completing the necessary sea time you will become an Ordinary Seaman whose duties revolve around the Deck Officer for look-out and watchkeeping. On deck, he is the one responsible for painting, chipping, and maintaining the good condition of the ship. 

Able-Bodied Seaman:- To become an AB onboard you need to have at least 2 years of experience at sea with the necessary certification course and training. An Able-Bodied Seaman’s tasks include watchkeeping on the Bridge along with the Duty Officer and also steering the ship manually as and when required, as well as being an expert in life-threatening scenarios and adverse weather situations. 

Fitter:- Deck Fitters are rarely available on Ships these days. Generally, on Bulk Carriers, if the Vessel is in bad condition, then Deck fitters are available so that general welding and fitting work on Deck does not suffer when the Engine fitter is busy. On tankers, the role of Deck fitters is done by the Pumpman who is good in fitting, welding, and other jobs on Deck, along with taking care of the Pump room. 

Bosun:- When the company feels that the (Able-Bodied Seaman) AB is fully experienced and in possession of the necessary abilities, he is promoted to the level of Bosun. A bosun must be well-versed in seamanship skills and must be well-versed in knots, hitches, bends, whips, and splices for anchoring the vessel, among other things.

Deck rating is comprised of various duties and they play a crucial role onboard the ship. To get in-depth knowledge about the duties and rank of Deck Rating:- CLICK HERE.

9.2:- Ranks in Engine Rating

When you go for Engine Rating the position you will be rewarded with onboard is Trainee Wiper.

Trainee Wiper:-  A trainee Wiper aboard a ship is majorly responsible for the upkeep of the vessel. On ships, a trainee Wiper’s responsibilities include cleaning the Engine Room, maintaining the working space, and performing general maintenance of the engine department.

Wiper:- With enough experience a trainee can be promoted to a proper Wiper who is responsible for the maintenance of the engine room and works as a member of the watch team in the Engine room.

Oiler:- The work of the Oiler generally includes maintaining the lubrication in all types of machinery and movable parts. It also includes assisting engineers and taking sounding regularly. 

Fitter:- Fitter is one of the crucial positions in the Merchant Navy. He is the one that is responsible for Welding, fabrication of spares, and all the restoration work on engine parts. 

To learn more about the duties of Engine Rating, you can check out our dedicated blog on the Duties of GP Rating

10:- GP Rating Course Salary

10.1:- Deck Rating Salary

Ordinary Seaman750$ to 900$ 
Able-Bodied Seaman1200$ to 1500$ 
Deck Fitter 1200$ to 2000$ 
Pumpman (Tankers)1200$ to 2000$
Bosun1200$ to 2000$

10.2:- Engine Rating Salary

Trainee Wiper/Fitter 350$ to 500$
Wiper 750$ to 900$ 
Motorman1200$ to 1500$
Fitter1200$ to 2000$

11:- How to become an Officer after GP Rating?

If you thought that  Bosun or Fitter is the final rank you could get to after the GP Rating Course then you, my friend are in oblivion. You can even become Captain or Chief Engineer after a GP Rating. Some people have cleared the hurdles and become Engineers after GP Rating, but not everyone can do it only 1 from a thousand ratings can reach that level as it requires a lot of hard work and investment. There are many reasons why many people don’t go for 2nd Mate or MEO Class IV Exams after GP Rating. 

11.1:- Get out of the Comfort Zone

People tend to stay in their comfort zone once they become Bosun or Fitter. They create a sense of security around them and they don’t deem it necessary to get out of that circle and achieve something big in life. This is one of the biggest reasons why many ratings don’t go for 2nd Mate CoC. 

11.2:- Loose Impractical Expenses 

When a person reaches the level of Bosun with a salary of 2000$ then he tends to increase the expenses that are impractical and useless. Once you buy something that is not a necessity you will be chained to that thing. Suppose you buy a car now you need to pay the EMIs on time for which you need to be on a ship that means you won’t get time to study and neither you would be able to save any sum for your CoC Exams. 

11.3:- Good Salary 

Many people get a good sum of money at the rank of Bosun and they don’t want to risk that salary. They create a comfort zone around them and they don’t want to leave that zone that costs them their dream to become an officer. 

11.4:- Negativity Around

One of the main reasons many people fear getting out of their comfort zone is because of the negativity around them. Everyone talks about failure but no one talks about success. If you want to become an Officer after Rating you need to keep yourself out of such a negative mentality and start working towards your goal. 

To get complete knowledge about how to become an Officer or Engineer after a GP Rating you can check out the free GP Rating Course that will guide you about all the aspects of GP Rating and how you can become an Officer or Engineer onboard. 

12:- Success Stories from GP Rating to Engineer/Officer

Not one or two but three examples I can provide you of those people who were in GP Rating with a good salary but dared to get out of their comfort zone and now are sailing as an Officer or Engineer. 

  1. Nishant:- Oiler to 4th Engineer
  2. Naval:- Oiler to 4th Engineer
  3. Sohail:- AB to Officer

You can learn about the process and how they cleared the CoC from the free GP Rating Course from Merchant Navy Decoded.


Q 1.) What kinds of tests are there for selection in GP Rating Colleges?

1. Written Exam (English, Science, and Math).
2. Personal Interview (To check communication skills)
3. Medical Examination from DG Certified Doctors 

Q 2.) What is GP Rating?

GP Rating or general purpose rating is the department onboard that is generally responsible for the maintenance of the ship and equipment onboard. It is one of the most crucial ranks onboard as it keeps the ship in a better condition so that everyone can do their work with full dedication. 

Q 3.) Do you need a medical fitness certificate for the GP Rating exams of different colleges?

No, a Medical Fitness Certificate is not necessary for GP Rating College Exams, however, it is required for admission to a training institute.

Q 4.) Where should I go for the medical exam after I am admitted to the training institute?

You can obtain a medical certificate from a DGS-approved doctor or follow the institute’s instructions.

Q 5.) What is the GP Rating salary?

The salary after the GP Rating Course depends on various factors such as rank, experience, and shipping company. It can vary anywhere from 300$ per month as a trainee to 2000$ after becoming a Bosun or Fitter onboard. 

Q 6.) Who is eligible for GP Rating Exams?

Eligibility criteria are different for different colleges but the basic requirement is that a candidate should be a 10th pass out with an aggregate of 40% marks and a minimum of 40% marks in English either in 10th or 12th. Some colleges even demand ITI as an eligibility when filling out the form. You can get all the information about top colleges and their eligibility criteria just by CLICKING HERE.

Q 7.) Can we get an educational loan for GP Rating course?

It’s a bit tricky to get an educational loan for GP Rating as it is a Diploma course not a degree course. However, some colleges provide sponsorship letters to candidates with the help of which you can apply for educational loans.
To know about the complete procedure, CLICK HERE

Q 8.) Will I get a job after my GP rating course?

In GP Rating it’s all about colleges if you get into a good college with good placement then with a little bit of hard work you can get into a good Shipping company. Some colleges have their own shipping company so if you get into such colleges then your job is secured. 

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