GP Rating- Duties, Colleges, Fees, Promotions, etc.

GP Rating | A Complete Guide

GP Rating after class 10th? Have you completed your tenth grade? Do you wish to pursue a merchant navy after 10th grade? If so, this post will be helpful to you.

Cadet sailing on ship after opting General Purpose (GP) Rating

What is the GP Rating Course?

After clearing the Senior Secondary / 10th Grade examinations, the GP Rating Training, or General Purpose Rating, is a beginner course for joining the merchant navy.

Students who wish to follow an interesting and daring profession may consider taking this course. Jobs obtained after finishing the GP Rating course are also financially beneficial. In this post, we will look at the General-Purpose Rating course in depth, including course information, scope, employment options after finishing the program, income, eligibility, and medical standards.

GP Rating Course

The program lasts for six months. This is a Pre-Sea Training course (Pre-sea training is a course that we take before sailing on a ship.)

The GP Rating program will prepare cadets for two major positions in the maritime industry: deck crew and engine crew.

Individual courses are provided for the Deck Department and Engine Department programs. However, GP Rating combines the two and educates the candidate for both Deck and Engine Rating components.

Cadets will be provided information and abilities connected to subjects such as ship mechanics, swimming, fire prevention, safety technology, first aid, fundamentals of the sea, and so on as a part of the training.

This course is conducted twice a year, with classes beginning in January and July of each year.

Read here for information on Top GP Rating Colleges in India.

What is the Role of a GP Rating on a Ship?

The job profile will change depending on whether you join Deck or Engine.

Engine department – General Engine Room Maintenance, Support in Engine Room Maintenance

  1. You work on watch with a duty engineer (4+4 hours per day) or in a new unmanned ship during the day.
  2. You need to keep your environment clean and check the oil level and parameters of the machines.
  3. Assist the engineer in cleaning the engine parts and engine room.

Deck department – Ship Servicing, Support with Navigation and Cargo Operation

  1. You should keep your deck in good condition by removing rust and painting it afterward.
  2. Follow the instructions given by the Master, ship officers, and the Bosun.

How to Join the GP Rating Course?

To join a GP Rating, you need to follow these steps:

1: Research and find the right college offering a GP Rating Course. There are various colleges in India that offer this course, and we will discuss the best colleges later in this blog.

2: Check the eligibility criteria of the college you want to join. Generally, candidates who have completed their 10th standard or equivalent with at least 40 % marks are eligible to apply for this course.

3: Submit the application form along with the required documents such as mark sheets, passport-size photographs, and other supporting documents.

4: After the college verifies your application, you may need to appear for an entrance test, personal interview, or medical examination.

5: If you clear all the stages, you can join the Course and start your training.

To become a successful GP Rating, you need expert guidance and that’s what we are trying to provide in our packages. So enroll in our GP Rating course and give a boost to your preparation.

GP Rating Excellence Package

GP Rating Excellence Package | More than 250 students are placed in a good shipping company, now it’s your turn to live the life of your dreams.

Eligibility Criteria for GP Rating Course

When it comes to qualifying requirements for GP Rating, they look at three primary areas during admission: academic qualifications, medical & physical standards, and the candidate’s age.

Qualifications in AcademicsMedical/Physical StandardsAge regulations
For individuals who have passed their 10th class.A minimum of 40% from a recognized board is required in English, Science, and Mathematics in the 10th or 12th grades.As per Merchant Shipping guidelines, candidates must be physically and medically fit. They must be capable of seafaring. Both eyes must have a vision of 6/6. (Unaided vision). Furthermore, the candidate should not be colorblind.It must be between the ages of 17.5 to 25.
For individuals who want to do a pre-sea GP rating course for Fitters/WeldersPass a two-year Industrial Training Institutes course certified by DVET (Department of Vocational Education and Training) / NCVT (National Council of Vocational Training) as a Fitter / Machinist / Mechanic / Wielder / Turner with a least 40 percent total mark in the final year of ITI and a minimum 40 percent in English in 10th / 12th.Candidate must be physically and medically fit. Both eyes must have a vision of 6/6. (Unaided)Between the ages of 17.5 and 25

If the candidate meets the requirements, he or she will be required to take a common entrance test (CET), from which they will be able to select their desired college based on their rank.

For some universities, Candidates who meet the requirements will be invited to an online interview and will be required to take an online test.

After the test, the selected candidates will undergo a medical examination with a D.G. Shipping-approved doctor.

Merchant Navy Medicals

Top G.P. Rating Colleges

The top three Colleges that we recommend are T.S. Rahaman, NUSI Goa, and Great Eastern Institute of Management Studies.

Let’s talk about the college details:

NUSI Maritime Academy, Goa

NUSI Maritime Academy

The duration of the course is 6 months. The college strictly prohibits any kind of leave during the course time. The college schedule is strict and highly disciplined. The course is completely residential (hostel compulsory). This course also includes the mandatory STCW courses required for the CDC.

Eligibility criteria and admission process

  • Someone who has passed their class 10th with subjects Science, Mathematics, and English with an aggregate of 40% along with 40% in English, may apply for admission.
  • Class 12th pass-out from any stream can also apply for admission, but he has to fulfill the above-mentioned requirement.
  • You must have the documents, mentioned on the official website of the college before joining for GP Rating course.
  • An aspirant from the 2-year ITI course (Fitter/ Machinist/ Mechanic/ Welder/ Turner/ Mechanic Diesel/ Mechanic Motor Vehicle/ Electrical Et Electronics/ Automobile / Instrumentation) approved by DVET with 40 % in the final year who must be satisfying the first point can also apply for the admission.
  • The age limit to apply is 18 years to a maximum of 25 years on the 1st of January or July.
  • Candidates should have 6/6 vision in the better eye and 6/9 in the other eye and normal color vision. No speech impairment will be entertained.
  • Minimum height is 158cm. Your Body Mass Index (BMI) should range between- 20<your BMI<30.

Fees for the course –

  • 1,50,000 INR is the amount and 13,000 INR must be paid to the tailor for the uniform. Apart from this 2,000 INR will be kept as caution money by the campus.

T.S Rahaman

Training Ship Rahaman

This college has a golden and extensive past from the 1910s, but at present it conducts pre-sea training courses and other STCW courses with the recognition of DG Shipping.

Eligibility Criteria-

  • Someone who has passed class 10th with subjects- Science, Mathematics, and English with an aggregate of 40% along with 40% in English, may apply for admission.
  • Class 12th pass-out from any stream can also apply for admission, but he has to fulfill the above-mentioned point.
  • An aspirant from the 2-year ITI course (Fitter/ Machinist / Mechanic /Welder /Turner) approved by DVET with 40 % in the final year who must satisfy the first point can also apply for admission.
  • The age limit to apply is a minimum of 17 and a half years and 25 years maximum on the date of commencement of training.
  • Aspirants should have 6/6 vision in the better eye and 6/9 in the other eye and no COLOURBLINDNESS

This is one of the best colleges in India, situated in Mumbai for a secure General Purpose (GP) Rating course in terms of training and placement.

Admission Procedure-

  • Candidate may apply without company sponsorship. The application form has to be submitted 2 months prior to the commencement of the program.
  • An application form has to be submitted with the 10th mark sheet and school leaving certificate.
  • The administration will assign the date of the entrance test followed by an interview.
  • Candidates from outside Mumbai are advised to make their local guardian register in the college.
  • Candidates appearing for class 10 may also appear for the entrance test.
  • Successful candidates are provided with the joining formalities.

Course Fees and Duration-

  • Two courses are held per year, which start in January and July. The duration of the course is 6 months (25 weeks) for which a candidate has to pay 2,39,000 INR.

After the successful completion of the course, the college forwards the document for the issuing of the CDC for the Ratings.

Great Eastern Institute of Maritime Studies, Mumbai

Great Eastern Maritime Academy

GEIMS is known to give the world’s best seafarers from India. Having its own shipping company and tie-ups with other leading shipping companies provides it an edge over other maritime colleges. GEIMS has been rated “OUTSTANDING” by the DG Shipping.

The total number of seats for the General Purpose (GP) Rating course is limited to 40 seats but, usually the batch comprises just 35 trainees.

Eligibility Criteria and Admission Process-

  • You must have the documents, mentioned on the official website of the college before joining for GP Rating course.
  • An aspirant from the 2-year ITI course (Fitter/ Machinist/ Mechanic/ Welder/ Turner/ Mechanic Diesel/ Mechanic Motor Vehicle/ Electrical Et Electronics/ Automobile / Instrumentation) approved by DVET with 40 % in the final year.
  • The age limit to apply is a minimum of 18 years and a maximum of 27 years on the 1st of January or July.
  • The candidate must be unmarried while joining the training course.
  • Aspirant should have 6/6 vision in the better eye, and 6/9 in the other eye, and the normal color vision is tested.
  • Cadets must go for medical check-ups by DG Shipping-approved doctors to meet the physical standards for the sea job.
  • The height and weight of the candidate must not be less than 157cm and 48kg. (There are exemptions in height and weight for the candidate coming from special areas.)

This course is designed in a unique manner to maintain the best balance between the classroom and practical training. More focus is given to simulators and experimental training and techniques.

Several sports activities, a swimming pool, an engine room simulator, a bridge simulator, a huge auditorium, a digital simulator, and most importantly faculty and library make GEIMS a Great Institute for the General Purpose (GP) Rating Course.

Learn more about Great Eastern Academy to proceed for admission purposes and brief details.

 Course Fees-

  • Including all boarding, lodging, tuition fees, study materials, uniform, and examination is 4,50,000 INR. On doing a GP rating course from this college, you get a sponsorship letter from the company, which helps you get an education loan from the banks.

The disadvantage of this course is that an EDUCATION LOAN is not possible until you have a sponsorship letter as it is not a Degree Course, and many students are unable to join the Merchant Navy because of lack of money.

To get complete information about GP Rating Colleges you can check out the free GP Rating Guidance Series which will give you clear insight about Merchant Navy Colleges.

Free GP Rating Guidance Series

G.P. Rating Syllabus

Hands-on training with marine tools in GP Rating
  • A good understanding of the ship’s routine, functioning, laws, and responsibilities.
  • A basic background in the concepts of safety, accident prevention, marine pollution, firefighting, and first aid.
  • An understanding of the theory and practice of a ship’s compass, as well as advice on steering.
  • Basic engineering knowledge, maintenance, and safe working methods are taught.
  • Knowledge of tools, equipment, and instruments usually found on ships
  • Hands-on experience with ropes, blocks, tackles, and rigging.
  • Hands-on experience operating a lifeboat and starting its diesel engine.
  • On-the-job training in Carpentry, Plumbing, Machine Shop, Electrical, and Diesel Maintenance Shop.

Compulsory Courses During Training

  • Personal Survival Techniques, (PST)
  • Fire Prevention & Fire Fighting, (FPFF)
  • Proficiency in Elementary First Aid, (EFA)
  • Personal Safety and Social Responsibilities. (PSSR)
  • Oil Tanker Familiarization (OTFC)
  • Elementary First Aid

Ranks and Duties in Merchant Navy

You will begin as a Trainee OS on the deck, and as you gain experience, you will advance to OS (Ordinary Seamen), AB (Able Seamen), Bosun, or Pumpman, and if you want, you can also become an Officer.

Promotion prospects for GP Rating on the Deck side.

The same is true for an Engine Trainee Wiper in the engine room, who will slowly become an experienced Wiper followed by a Motorman. A motorman or a Fitter can become an Engineer officer on a Ship, the process is hard but it is not impossible. The candidate must have an ITI (Industrial Training Institute) certificate to work as a Fitter or Pumpman. For more information, visit the GEIMS blog.

Promotion prospects for GP Rating on the Engine side.

Let’s learn about the duties and different ranks in the Merchant Navy for G.P. Rating

Deck Ratings or Ranks:

  • Bosun
  • Deck Fitter
  • Able-Bodied Seaman (AB)
  • Ordinary Seaman (OS)
  • Trainee OS

Engine Ratings or Ranks:

  • Fitter
  • Motorman
  • Wiper
  • Trainee Fitter / Trainee Wiper

G.P. Rating Salary

Salary is decided by the Company where you will be working and might vary from $200 to $350 in the beginning, increasing with time and experience.

For example, a particular firm will provide $200 as a trainee,900$ for OS, and $1500 as an AB, and after that clear the exam to become an Officer. The wages listed here are from the best companies. An AB’s salary can start as low as $300. Do not fall victim to scams or fake recruitments, and instead work hard to get into the best companies for a secure future. Because there have been cases where people have been cheated by agents, they have lost money and have sometimes been stuck on ships without even salary.

In any decent firm, you will perform at least two or three contracts as a trainee and then another 2-3 contracts as an OS before becoming an AB.

Can You Become a Deck Officer / Captain from GP Rating?

Once the GP rating training is finished, the rating can join a ship as a deck or engine rating and work in the deck/engine department under the supervision of senior staff onboard ships.

Career Chart for GP Rating

After completing the needed sea time, they can sit for the 2nd mate exam or the MEO Class IV exam, and after clearing they will be promoted to Officer. The salary mentioned in the above blog is just a reference.

If you are enthusiastic about the Merchant Navy and want to become an officer you can get more insight on this topic from our dedicated blog on How to Become Officer from GP Rating.

GP Rating Placement

Candidates are warned not to fall victim to agents who promise to give a 100 percent work guarantee. Instead, candidates should contact registered shipping firms or DG shipping-approved universities for placements.

Most importantly, the best way is to join a GP Rating college get placed in the college itself, and safeguard oneself from the clutches of Agents.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About GP Rating Course Qualification

Q 1.) What kinds of tests are there for selection in GP Rating Colleges?

1. Written Exam (English, Science, and Math).
2. Physical Endurance Examination.
3. Oral Exam (English reading and simple conversation).

Q 2.) What is the language option for the CET paper?

A) The Common Entrance Test will be conducted only in English.

Q 3.) Do you need a medical fitness certificate for the CET exam?

A) No, a Medical Fitness Certificate is not necessary for CET, however, it is required for admission in a training institute.

Q 4.) Where should I go for the medical exam after I am admitted to the training institute?

A) You can obtain a medical certificate from a DGS-approved doctor or follow the institute’s instructions.

Disclaimer :- The opinions expressed in this article belong solely to the author and may not necessarily reflect those of Merchant Navy Decoded. We cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information provided and disclaim any responsibility for it. Data and visuals used are sourced from publicly available information and may not be authenticated by any regulatory body. Reviews and comments appearing on our blogs represent the opinions of individuals and do not necessarily reflect the views of Merchant Navy Decoded. We are not responsible for any loss or damage resulting from reliance on these reviews or comments.

Reproduction, copying, sharing, or use of the article or images in any form is strictly prohibited without prior permission from both the author and Merchant Navy Decoded.

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