What is LOA, Letter of Acceptance? How to Apply LOA & TAR Book?

1. Letter of Acceptance


LOA is a crucial document in the UK CoC. It’s like a golden ticket for those pursuing Class 4 exams. To get it, you complete a detailed application and submit the necessary documents, including your passport and medical certification. 

The maritime colleges in the UK carefully review everything to ensure eligibility. Once approved, the LOA is your key to the UK CoC, symbolizing readiness for future challenges. 

2. LOA documents

 Documents required for LOA 

Required Documents for LOA Application:

  1. Passport Copy: Submit a clear and current copy of your passport.
  2. Medical Certification: Obtain a medical certificate from a UK MCA-approved doctor.
  3. DG Shipping COP: Include this certification in your application.
  4. Sea Testimonials: Provide testimonials from your onboard experiences.
  5. Company Letter: A letter from your employer endorsing your application.
  6. Watchkeeping Certificate III-4: This certificate from DG Shipping is a prerequisite.
  7. Course Certifications: Include various course certifications such as EFA, FPFF, PST, PSSR, and PSCRB.
  8. PAN Card: Don’t forget to include your PAN card.

3. Sea Time Requirement for LOA

sea time for LOA

With your LOA and Tar book, you must have a sea time of 9 months or 270 days at sea. 

This practical experience is crucial, preparing you for the challenges and responsibilities of your maritime career. There are many other requirements to get a Letter of Acceptance, if you want to know the complete procedure and criteria for a Letter of Acceptance you can check out our free UK CoC Guidance Series for more information.

UK CoC Guidance Series

4. LOA Price

cost of LOA
ProgramUK CollegeUK + INDIA Blended program 
Cost15,788.79 Indian Rupee21788.53 Indian Rupee

The cost of obtaining the LOA for the United Kingdom CoC varies depending on the application method. 

For a direct college application, the expense is 15722 Rupees, If you opt for a blended program that includes both the UK and India, The cost slightly increases to 21697 Rupees.

Being aware of these costs while planning for your maritime education journey is essential. The LOA, a crucial document symbolizing acceptance into a maritime institution, comes with these associated fees.

5. LOA approval

After submitting your application, the college thoroughly examines all your documents to check if you qualify for the Class 4 exams. If you meet the requirements, you get the important LOA, signaling a big step forward in your maritime education.

6. TAR Book

TAR Book

The TAR Book serves as a record of a seafarer’s on-board training experience. It is a documented testament to the practical skills and knowledge gained during duty. 

These books are categorized into Deck, Engine, and Electro-Technical Ratings, providing a structured account of seafarers’ journeys in their respective domains.

7. How to apply for the TAR Book?

Board of Examination for Seafarers trust 
  1. Visit the Board of Examinations for Seafarers (BES) office during working hours.
  2. Required Documents: Passport-size photographs, CDC copy, Watch-Keeping Certificate, Board of Examinations GP Rating Certificate, UPI/UTR payment receipt, and completed request form.
  3. Visit the official BES website (https://seafarers.edu.in/tar-book/) for issuance details, consignment numbers, and dispatch information.

The Board of Examinations for Seafarers (BES) facilitates the availability of D.G. Shipping approved TAR Books. 

These can be obtained from the BES office during working hours:

Day Time
Monday – Friday11:00-17:00

The issuance details, including consignment numbers and dispatch information, are regularly updated on the official BES website: https://seafarers.edu.in/tar-book/ 

8. Documents required to apply for TAR Book

Seafarers interested in acquiring a TAR Book can visit the BES office in person. The necessary documents for obtaining the book include:

  1. Two passport-sized photographs
  2. Self-attested photocopy of the CDC {highlighting the first page, stamped last ship page, and last address page}
  3. Copy of the Watch Keeping Certificate
  4. Board of Examinations GP Rating Certificate
  5. UPI/UTR payment receipt is required
  6. Form for requesting TAR Book
TAR BOOK Required documents

9. TAR Book Price

  • Deck side: Rs. 400 per book (exclusive for CoP Able seafarers in Deck)
  • Engine size: Rs. 250 per book (exclusive for CoP Able seafarers in Engine)
  • Electro-Technical Rating: Rs. 250 per book

It’s important to note that an additional Rs. 100 will be charged for courier services, ensuring the safe and timely delivery of the TAR Book to the specified address.

USE THIS WEBSITE TO BOOK YOUR TAR BOOK: https://seafarers.edu.in/tar-book/ 

10. Conclusion

In conclusion, getting the Letter of Acceptance (LOA) for the UK CoC is like getting a golden ticket for your UK CoC. It’s a crucial step that leads to opportunities and challenges in maritime education and career. To apply for the LOA, you need to fill out forms, submit documents, and pay fees (around 15719 Rupees for direct application or 21693 Rupees for a blended program). The LOA is your ticket to the UK colleges. Alongside, you’ll need a TAR Book, a record of your practical training. Together, they help you become an officer with a GP rating.

Embark your knowledge of how to clear UK CoC through our prescribed series, Gp Rating to UK CoC Guidance Series.

11. FAQs

Q. Is the PAN card mandatory for the LOA application?

Ans. Yes, including your PAN card is essential for a complete LOA application.

Q. What is the significance of the IV (B) Watchkeeping certificate?

Ans. This certificate is crucial for practical maritime experience, preparing you for future responsibilities.

Q. Can I apply for the LOA before completing all required courses?

Ans. Having all the necessary certifications before applying for the LOA is advisable to ensure a smooth process.

Q. How long does it take to receive the LOA after document submission?

Ans. The article should have specified the exact timeframe (around 2-3 weeks). It’s recommended to inquire directly with the college for this information.

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