Second Mate Eligibility Criteria

The 2nd Mates examination, like other examinations, has certain eligibility criteria that one should know about. The D.G Shipping of India sets the Eligibility criteria for all courses and exams

In this Blog, we aim to provide a detailed analysis of the 2nd Mate(F.G) exam eligibility and all other associated cou

1. 2nd Mate Exam Pattern:-

We are going to talk about DNS and a B.Sc(Nautical Science) separately as there are some minor differences between the requirements for the two.

2nd mate exam road map

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2. 2nd Mate Exam Eligibility:-

TopicDNS CadetBSC Cadet
Age CriteriaMin 18 YearsMin 18 Years
Minimum Seatime Required18 Months 12 Months
Function course(4 Month)RequiredNot Required
7 Advanced STCW & Modular CoursesRequiredRequired
2nd Mate AssessmentRequiredRequired

3. 2nd Mate Foundation Course Eligibility:-

3.1. Key Information:

  • It is a 4 Month Duration Course
  • It is only applicable to DNS Cadets and exempted for BSC Cadets
  • It is a required preparatory Course, that is aimed at preparing the DNS Cadets to appear for the 2nd Mate COC Examination
Minimum EligibilityDNS Certificate 18 Months Seatime  SSTP (To be issued before Course Certification)
Documents RequiredPassport CDC sailing Pages (For 2nd Mates Function) SSTP (For 2nd Mate Exams) Bridge Watchkeeping Certificate from MasterSea time Uploaded on DGS E-Governance by RPSL

4. Modular course Eligibility for STCW:-

4.1. Key Information:

  • These courses are usually short courses(5-10 days) 
  • They are essential courses that need to be completed by every seafarer as per the STCW convention
  • E-learning needs to be completed separately at the D.G Shipping Website 
Course NameMinimum EligibilityDocuments Required
AFF(Advanced Fire- Fighting)FPFF course must have been completed., Sea time of at least 6 months., Medical fitness certificate & INDOS NumberCDC Medical Fitness Declaration FPFF REFRESHER STCW 2010 (If Applicable) Old FPFF Certificate Passport CDC – 6 months Sea time pages
MFA(Medical First-Aid)
EFA Certificate, Sea time MIN 6 months INDOS Valid SID.Passport CDC EFA Certificate CDC – 6 months Sea time pages
PSCRB(Proficiency in Survival Crafts and Rescue Boats)PST CertificateSea time Min 6 months INDOS NumberCDC PST Certificate Medical Fitness Declaration Passport CDC with sailing
ROSC- (Radar Observer Simulator Course)Candidates should have a Minimum of 12 Months of SeatimePassport CDC CDC sailing Pages (For 2nd Mates Function)
ARPA- Automatic Radar Plotting AidsRadar Observer Course (ROC) Certificate  Candidates should have a Minimum of 12 Months of SeatimePassport CDC CDC sailing Pages (For 2nd Mates Function) ROC/ROSC Certificate
ECDIS- Electronic Chart Display & Information SystemsCertificate of ROSC, ARPA
At least three months of sea service associated with bridge watch-keeping duties under the supervision of a qualified officer
COC, CDC, Passport, INDOS Number.
Passport CDC ROC / ROSC Certificate3 Months – Bridge watchkeeping certificate by Master (Master Sailing Exp Letter) – Minimum ARPA
GMDSS- (Global Maritime Distress & Safety System)CLASS 12th Pass Certificate with Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics Passport Valid SID.Passport CLASS 12 CERTIFICATE CLASS 10TH CERTIFICATE CDC Sailing Page (For GMDSS)

5. MMD Signalling Exam Eligibility:-

Morse Code Signalling Exam 
  • It is an examination that tests a cadet’s proficiency in Morse code signaling
  • MMD Assessment should be completed to be eligible for the examination

6. Takeaways:-

  • The Eligibility criteria for all of the exams are stated in this blog
  • From a Bird’s Eye View, Function Courses, Advanced Courses, and Assessments are the cornerstones of the 2nd Mate COC Exam (Written+Orals+Signal Exam)
  • Studying these criteria should give you a clear idea of what your future steps should be in the journey of clearing your 2nd Mates Exam
  • Check out our comprehensive 2nd Mate Exam Guidance Series.
2nd Mate Exam Guidance Series

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Anil Rohilla

i am a Australian cadet, i completed my seatime , so can i do second mate from india

Aman Manwal

Hi Anil, for complete information regarding this, you can call us at 7417349336.

Harshal Vinod Patil

I will complete my sea time in next year so I will give my exam from India Mumbai Maharashtra

Aman Manwal

Hi Harshal, if you want more information on 2nd Mate Exams, you can check out our 2nd Mate Guidance Series for the same.