Notice of Eligibility NOE | How to apply NOE?

1. What is NOE?

If you want to have a UK CoC, then you need to clear an oral exam, you’ll need something called an NOE, which stands for Notice of Eligibility. You can get an NOE if your application is correct and meet the sea time requirements. NOE is valid for 5 years once you pass.

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2. Eligibility Criteria for NOE

Eligibility for the Notice of Eligibility (NOE) involves meeting specific criteria, which are important steps in you to get UK CoC:

2.1. Receiving LOA (Letter of Acceptance) and Tar Book:

structured shipboard training programme for rating
  • The process begins with obtaining a Letter of Acceptance (LOA), an acknowledgment of your acceptance into a maritime training program or course.
  • The Tar Book, a record of your sea service, is a crucial document accountable for your practical experience onboard the ship.

2.2. Completion of 9 Months of Sea Time IV(B) Watchkeeping

completion of 9 months of sea time
  • Sea time is the period spent at sea, accumulating practical experience and learning important skills.
  • Specifically, achieving 9 months of sea time with IV (B) Watchkeeping indicates a comprehensive understanding and practical application of watchkeeping duties aboard a ship.
  • Watchkeeping involves a presence during specific shifts to ensure the safety and proper functioning of the vessel.

Meeting these eligibility criteria is an important part of the procedure to get your NOE which is an important document for your UK CoC.

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GP Rating To UK CoC guidance series

3. Document Required for NOE

It is important to read our latest blog How to Apply for UK CoC for GP Rating to 3rd Officer to get in-depth knowledge about the complete application procedure of UK CoC.

  • NOE Form
  • Passport Copy
  • CDC (Continuous Discharge Certificate) Original
  • Watchkeeping Certificate Original
  • COP (Certificate of Proficiency) Original
  • Sea Service Testimonial Original
  • EFA (Elementary First Aid) Original
  • PSSR (Personal Safety and Social Responsibilities) Original
  • FPFF (Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting) Original
  • PST (Personal Survival Techniques) Original
  • Valid Medical Fitness Certificate from UK MCA Approved Doctor
  • Passport Size Photograph
  • Application Fee (220 Great Britain Pounds)

4. How To Apply For UK CoC?

how to apply for UK CoC

Step 1: Submit your enrollment form to the desired colleges.

Step 2: After submitting the enrollment form, the college will check your documents, and if you are selected, the college will send a confirmation.

Step 3: Once you get the confirmation apply for NOE.

Step 4: Give your examination and clear them, you will get your UK CoC.

5. How To Book Course In The UK For Becoming 3rd Officer/ 4th Engineer

UK CoC office working on ship.

Here is the procedure to Obtain UK CoC for the 3rd Officer/4th Engineer:

Step 1: Submit Enrollment Form With Necessary Documents

Initiate your journey by formally submitting the enrollment form, accompanied by essential documents and a deposit.

Documents Required:

  • Passport copy
  • CDC copy
  • 6-month bridge watchkeeping certificate
  • Certificate of Proficiency copy
  • Course certificates (PST, FPFF, EFA, PSSR, STSDSD)
  • Sea testimonial
  • Company letter from the sailing experience

*Ensure neat photocopies of all required documents accompany your application.

Step 2: The College Will Check Your Eligibility

  • After submission, the college reviews your documents. Upon verification and receipt of the deposit, you’ll receive confirmation that your course seat is booked.

Step 3: Once The Seat Is Booked, Apply For NOE (Notice of Eligibility)

  • Apply for NOE, indicating readiness for the UK oral exam. The NOE includes a link for selecting an oral exam date. This crucial document signifies you’re prepared to proceed with the next phase of your maritime career.

6. After Submitting Your NOE Application for UK CoC

After submitting the NOE application, the process typically involves several key steps:

Step 1: Application Review By UK MCA 

The college authority, such as the UK MCA (Maritime and Coastguard Agency), reviews your NOE application. Authorities ensure that all required documents and information are in order.

Step 2: Approval or Additional Requirements 

Upon review, the authorities may either approve your NOE application, signaling your eligibility to proceed or request additional documents or information for clarification.

Step 3: Confirmation of NOE

If your application is approved, you will receive the NOE. This document officially confirms your eligibility to undertake the oral exam in the UK.

Step 4: Booking the Oral Exam

With the NOE, you can use the provided link or follow the specified process to book your oral exam slot. This step allows you to schedule the examination at a suitable time.

Step 5: Preparation for Oral Exam

Candidates engage in thorough preparation, including revising relevant maritime knowledge, regulations, and practical skills.

Step 6: Oral Exam

On the scheduled date, you’ll attend the oral exam. This examination assesses your understanding of maritime concepts, and regulations, and your ability to apply this knowledge in practical scenarios.

Step 7: Results and Further Steps

Successful candidates may proceed to the next phase of obtaining their CoC, while others may receive guidance on areas for improvement.

Step 8: Certificate of Competency (CoC)

Candidates receive their UK CoC, officially recognizing their competency and qualification for the specified role in the merchant navy.

You can consider using the GP Rating Achiever Package by Merchant Navy Decoded for valuable resources and support.

GP Rating Achiever

6. Conclusion

In conclusion, applying for your NOE to get your UK CoC is a big deal in your merchant navy career. It’s a detailed process where you send in important papers and get set for a crucial oral exam in the UK.

Once your NOE is in hand, you’re ready to book and prepare for the oral exam. This exam is the key to getting your CoC, which officially says you’re good to go for specific maritime jobs.

This journey isn’t just about grabbing certificates; it shows your hard work, determination, and promise to do great things in the maritime world. It’s about blending what you’ve learned in books with hands-on skills, setting the stage for a bright career.

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