Thread seal and grease

Thread seal and grease

What is a thread seal?

It is a polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) film tape. Thread seal is a term used to describe the process of sealing threads on pipes, fittings, and valves to prevent leaks. Threaded connections are commonly used in plumbing and piping systems, and thread seal is essential to ensure that the connection is secure and leak-free.

Also known as Teflon/PTFE/ Plumbers Tape.

Functions :

1. For sealing pipe threads in plumbing.

2. Allowing the nut and bolt to be screwed deep together.

How to use: Typically the tape is wrapped around a thread 3 times before it is screwed/bolted. We get a right-hand thread bolt and apply the seal on the bolt thread opposite direction, which means the same direction as the screw thread. Otherwise, this seal does not properly overlap the bolt and nut thread gap.

Temperature Range: (-268 degree Celsius) to (+268 degree Celsius). Decomposition will occur in contact with open flames.

Limitation: Overuse can prevent mating threads from fully engaging.

thread seal

What is grease?

Grease is a type of lubricant that is commonly used to reduce friction between moving surfaces. It is a semi-solid lubricant, that generally consists of a soap emulsified with mineral or vegetable oil.

The characteristic feature of a grease is that it possesses a high initial viscosity.

They are applied to mechanisms that cannot be lubricated frequently and

where a lubricating oil would not stay in position.

Types of grease used on ships:

Many types of grease are used on ships as per requirement.

Multipurpose grease:- For lubrication and protection of almost all kinds of gears nuts and many places it uses.

Extreme pressure grease:- lithium-based corrosion preventor extreme pressure additives. it will be used on the auxiliary engine piston connecting rod bolts which are tightened at very high pressure.

Gear grease:-It is a very highly viscous grease. which will be used on open gears rack. for that, it very sticks to the surface.

Low-temperature grease:– this type of grease is used for deck machinery for any temperature fall this grease is no fridge. it is suitable for roller and ball bearings.

Bearing grease:– this grease is very smooth with high oil content, and it resists from moisture.

Wire rope grease:- wire rope grease is a less viscous grease and anti-corrosive, it penetrates inside the wire rope.

Every ship has a lubricating chart for recommended grease types for particular work.



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