Marine Pollution caused by the Discharge from the Ship

Marine Pollution caused by the Discharge from the Ship

What is the meaning of discharge from a vessel?

Discharge means anything released from the vessel, however, caused, and includes any escape, disposal, human error, spilling, leaking, pumping, emitting, or emptying of the tanks. The discharges may cause pollution.

ship pollution

Some of the discharges mentioned here can cause pollution to the sea

Ballast water pollution

The letting out of the ballast water from ships is a major cause of pollution. Since the ballast water contains microbes and micro-organisms in addition to vegetation and other sea animals, the pollution aspect is mainly caused to the local species and marine life.

ballast tank

Air pollution

Air pollution is a concept all of us are aware of. The ship’s engine/boiler emits such unwanted air containing NOx & SOx. Therefore ship emissions on the sea lead to immense proportions in the oceanic and coastal areas.

air pollution

Sewage pollution

Sewage includes waste from the toilets. Sewage is rich in bacteria and algae adversely affecting the oceanic life forms and the entire marine ecosystem.

sewage ship

Chemical pollution

Materials like batteries, and chemicals past their expiry. The materials mentioned are hazardous and possess a huge threat to the lives of marine creatures and life forms.

chemical pollution

Solid waste pollution

Materials like paper, cardboard, and aluminum are categorized as solid waste, such materials end up forming large-scale threats to oceanic plants and creatures.

solid waste pollution

Oil pollution

Oil pollution is the main reason for the increased level of marine pollution. Bilge oil mixing with oceanic water causes serious marine pollution. Faulty engine systems and improper repair work are two areas through which oil could leak and mix with the oceanic water. Collisions and accidents are also a reason for oil pollution. Since oil is heavier than water, it does not degrade quickly leading to problems to marine creatures and plants that are forced to ingest such polluted water.

bilge/oil pollution

Considering the risks and the damages caused to the marine environment, proper resolutions have been laid down by countries across the world to protect the oceanic surroundings.

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