What is Molykote , Copaslip and WD-40 ?

What is Molykote , Copaslip and WD-40? Uses in ship

What is molykote?

Molykote is an anti-seize compound used to lubricate and prevent the seizure of machine parts during repair or reassembly.

Main Ingredient – Molybdenum Disulfide.

What makes Molybdenum Disulfide a good lubricant?

Molybdenum disulfide (MoS2) is a solid lubricant that has several unique properties that make it useful in industrial and engineering applications.


  1. Low friction: MoS2 has a low coefficient of friction, making it an excellent lubricant for reducing wear and extending the life of mechanical components. 
  1. High load-carrying capacity: MoS2 has a high load-carrying capacity, which means it can handle heavy loads without breaking down. 
  1. Temperature resistance: MoS2 can operate at high temperatures without breaking down or losing its lubricating properties, making it suitable for use in high-temperature applications. 
  1. Chemical resistance: MoS2 is resistant to most chemicals, including acids and alkalis, which makes it an ideal lubricant for harsh environments. 
  1. Corrosion resistance: MoS2 has excellent anti-corrosion properties, which makes it useful in applications where metal surfaces are exposed to moisture or corrosive
  2. substances.
  1. Water resistance: MoS2 is water-insoluble and can remain effective as a lubricant even in wet environments.

Overall this unique combination of properties of molybdenum disulfide makes it a valuable lubricant in various industrial applications, especially in harsh and demanding conditions.

Application on ships

Bolts and Nuts subjected to high pressure and other stresses.

Used on main engine cylinder head studs which is tighter at a 1500 bar pressure, generator cylinder head studs at 580 bar, main engine exhaust valve pressure at a 1500 bar.

Found in the form of Paste , Powder and also in Aerosol containers.

What is copaslip?

Copaslip is an anti-seize Compound used to lubricate and prevent the seizure of machine parts during repair or reassembly. Found in the form of Paste.

Main Ingredient

Copper, Aluminium & Graphite mixed in grease.Copaslip is typically composed of a thickener, a base oil, and additives, such as copper, aluminum, or graphite, which provide the compound with its anti-seize and anti-corrosion properties. The compound is typically applied to threaded connections and other fasteners by brushing, spraying, or dipping the component into the compound.


The specific internal properties of Copaslip may vary depending on the exact formulation of the product. However, some general properties and characteristics of anti-seize compounds like Copaslip may include:


Anti-seize compounds typically contain solid lubricants that can reduce friction and wear between metal parts. This can help prevent seizing or sticking of threaded parts, making them easier to assemble and disassemble.

Corrosion resistance

Copaslip and other anti-seize compounds may also contain corrosion inhibitors that can help protect metal parts from rust and other forms of corrosion. 

High-temperature resistance

Copaslip is designed to operate in high-temperature environments up to 1100℃, which means it must be able to withstand extreme heat without breaking down or losing its lubricating properties. 

Chemical stability

Anti-seize compounds like Copaslip must also be chemically stable, meaning they should not react with other materials or break down over time, which can compromise their effectiveness. 

Easy to apply

Copaslip is typically easy to apply, with a brush or other applicator, and it should adhere well to metal surfaces to provide long-lasting protection against seizing and corrosion.

Application on ships

Bolts & Nuts subjected to high temperature like boiler fitting parts nut bolts.


What is WD-40?

It is one of the top spray lubricants which stops squeaks, displaces moisture, penetrates & dissolves rust. Its viscosity is low. It can be used to loosen a seized nut and bolt by spraying it and letting it rest for two to three hours. After that, it will be much easier to loosen the nut.

WD-40 stands for “Water Displacement 40th Formula”.It is found in Aerosol containers.


1. To loosen rusty nuts and bolts.

2. Protects metal from rust and corrosion.

3. Displaces moisture and lubricates almost anything.


Not a good lubricant for gears.


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