Merchant navy exams

Merchant Navy Exam

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Presently Merchant Navy is one of the most sought-after professions in the country. Every year the competition to get into some of the few top maritime colleges gets tougher. Every year students who aspire to sail through the high seas turn up in large numbers to appear for the IMUCET (Indian Maritime University Common Entrance Test). Which is the entrance merchant navy exam that needs to be cleared to get admission into any maritime college in our country.

Merchant Navy Exam
Merchant Navy Exam

The IMUCET is well on track to become one of the most competitive entrance exams in our country. As the number of applicants keeps on increasing every year. Due to social media, the glamorous lifestyle of merchant navy officers is being propagated a lot. Which attracts many young candidates to pursue this field.  

Currently, it is not that tough to clear the IMU-CET as the amount of competition is really low compared to other government entrance exams such as IIT/JEE, NEET, NDA, etc. However, getting placed in a good shipping company or getting admitted into top maritime colleges is not that easy. In this blog, we have given information about the merchant navy exam procedure.

Sponsorship Exam

Candidates who want to pursue Diploma in Nautical Science (DNS), Graduate Marine Engineering (GME), or Electro-Technical Officer course have to clear sponsorship exams of shipping companies before appearing for the IMU-CET in order to get an assured placement upon course completion. Each shipping company has its own set of requirements and criteria which need to be met in order to appear for its sponsorship exam. These tests consist of three phases – 

Written Online Exam 

Merchant navy exam written online
Online Test

The first phase of any sponsorship exam is the written online test. This online written test is conducted to examine the basic knowledge of candidates appearing for the test. It is an MCQ-type test that consists of questions from various subjects such as Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, English, General Aptitude, etc. The difficulty of this online test varies from company to company. Most online tests are of a 1-hour duration. 

Personal Interview 

Merchant Navy Exam Personal Interview
Personal Interview

After successfully clearing the online test candidates are called for a personal interview with Captains or Chief Engineers. The aim of this interview is to test the technical knowledge and the communication skills of the candidate. Since this profession requires its officers to deal and interact with people from different nationalities therefore it is very important for candidates to be confident in their speech and knowledge. 

Medical Exam

Merchant Navy Exam Medical Test imucet
Medical Exam

The last phase of a sponsorship test is the medical exam. This test is conducted to examine whether the selected candidate is medically fit to sail or not. Seafarers have to sail for a period of around 6 – 9 months depending on their contracts. Therefore one needs to be physically and mentally fit in order to work for such a long period at sea. Medical facilities are very limited on board, only primary first aid is available and that is about it. Therefore seafarers have to go through a thorough medical test every time before they join a ship. So that in case they have any underlying health problems, they can be detected beforehand.                                                    

Upon successfully clearing all the above-mentioned tests a candidate is given a provisional selection letter. The final selection depends on the candidate’s performance in the IMU-CET and the final merit list prepared by the shipping company.            

IMUCET (Indian Maritime University Common Entrance Test)      


IMU CET known as (Indian Maritime University Common Entrance Test) is a standard admission merchant navy exam conducted by Indian Maritime University. Candidates get to participate in the counseling process and get the opportunity to study at the IMU campuses and its affiliated colleges.

The IMUCET exam is held 2 times a year. The merchant navy exam held in December is only for sponsors and is currently for the DNS course only. While the one held in May/June is for B.Tech Marine Engineering, B.Sc Nautical Science, and DNS. The number of applicants for December is much lower than in May/June. Another thing about the merchant navy exam in December is that a few colleges don’t participate in the counseling, which did in May/June. So, you should be careful whether to limit your options or not. The centers for the December exam are also fewer compared to the ones in June.

Test Pattern of IMUCET:

 According to the test pattern, IMU CET 2022 consists of 6 sections with 200 MCQ-type questions for a total of 200 marks.

• The Physics and Mathematics course consists of 50 questions in each subject. Chemistry, English, General Knowledge, and Aptitude cover 25 questions each. All the questions in these segments are to be answered in 3 hours or 180 minutes.

• Each question will contain 4 options. One mark will be awarded for each correct answer and there will be negative marking for any incorrect answer.

• IMUCET 2022 will be conducted in English

IMUCET Exam2022 Syllabus:

Just like the eligibility criteria of the exam, this consists of subjects that the students are quite familiar with and would be easy to go through. But you can’t say that the exam would be easy to attempt, you might have to study hard for it. The IMU CET 2022 test syllabus will be similar to the prescribed syllabus for Class XI and Class XII for Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, GK, English, and the ability of CBSE / ISE / State Boards. Students may refer to the prescribed syllabus for Class XI and XII or refer to the textbooks for other national entrance examinations such as JEE Main, JEE Advanced and BITSAT, etc. For General Information and Eligibility section candidates can follow letters such as Lucent General Knowledge and RS Aggarwal Quantitative Aptitude respectively.

Let’s have some insights about each subject of the exam-

  • English– It holds an advantage for the students as it’s an easy-scoring subject. Yet in English, there are a few sections you should actually concentrate on. These would be – Errors, Parts of speech, Synonyms and Antonyms, Idioms, and Phrases. And you should attempt a few questions on passages as well. To cover these topics, it would be beneficial if you can get your hands on any competition-based English book.
  • Aptitude- Even the aptitude section of the exam can be really scored when you have practiced logical questions. These include Directions, Distance, and Percentage questions which include simple interests. You can even find questions based on relations and age. To cover these, it’s not necessary to buy anything because most of the study materials and online tests can be found and practiced online.

Now looking at the core subjects-

  • Maths- Mathematics is that portion of the exam that you should really try to attempt the most. Not only because it has more questions but also because it can be scored if prepared efficiently.
  • Physics- After Maths, Physics is the subject which you should really look out for because it can be really tough at times. So you should be prepared for it.
  • Chemistry- Compared to the other core subjects can be easy because in Chemistry the questions asked can be really basic therefore, it can be very scoring.
SubjectsTopicsBooks To Refer 
MathematicsMatrix and Determinants, 2D and 3D geometry, Vectors, Differentiation and Integration, Limits and continuityTrigonometryInverse trigonometryComplex numbersFlight and distanceVenn diagram  NCERT is the most suggestible but if you want to prepare more Pathfinder from Arihant can be a good option. Join the Telegram group IMUCET DECODED for getting questions on a daily basis to practice and also guidance under Chief Engineer Praneet Mehta.
PhysicsCollisionsWork power energy law of motionGravitationProblems on time period Units and dimensions current electricity fluid mechanicsNCERT textbooks cover these topics in the best way so they are recommended the most. Join Telegram group IMUCET DECODED for getting questions on daily basis to practice and also guidance under Chief Engineer Praneet Mehta.
ChemistryOrganic chemistry – Polymers, Biomolecules (Other topics too but start with these)Chemical reactionsBasic electro-chemistryNCERT is more than enough. Join Telegram group IMUCET DECODED for getting questions on daily basis to practice and also guidance under Chief Engineer Praneet Mehta.
EnglishErrors, Parts of speech, Synonyms and Antonyms, Idioms and phrases, and passageWren and Martin. Join Telegram group IMUCET DECODED for getting questions on daily basis to practice and also guidance under Chief Engineer Praneet Mehta.
AptitudeLogical questions – Directions, DistancePatternsPercentage – simple interrelations, and age  Online materials are available which are more than enough. Join Telegram group IMUCET DECODED for getting questions on daily basis to practice and also guidance under Chief Engineer Praneet Mehta.
General knowledgeGeneral awareness of current affairsWeekly magazines and newspapers to cover daily news And any static GK Book. Join Telegram group IMUCET DECODED for getting questions on daily basis to practice and also guidance under Chief Engineer Praneet Mehta.

As mentioned above, presently it is not that difficult to get into merchant navy as the competition is really less compared to other government exams. However, the real challenge begins after an individual joins their first vessel. As this is the time when their eyes are opened to the harsh realities of this profession. They find out that this profession is nothing like they expected it to be. However, with time and experience, most people are able to settle in this profession while some quit.      

If you want to know about IMUCET and how to join the Merchant navy, you can contact.

JMDi Academy

Contact no:                           +919051206790, +917417085906
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Gatereddi hemalatha
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Married women also eligible or not for merchant navy

Praneet Mehta
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Hi Dear,
Married women and men both are not eligible for Merchant Navy.

Team Merchant Navy Decoded.

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Leelit kumar
Leelit kumar
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