Shipping company in Merchant Navy

Shipping Company in Merchant Navy

Do you want a successful career at sea? A life full of challenges, hardships, and the pride of wearing that crisp white uniform with bright golden applets on your shoulders. Do you want to earn lucrative salaries in US Dollars? Well, if you want all of the above things then you have to make sure that you start your career in the merchant navy with a good shipping company. 

Shipping Company in Merchant Navy

There was a time when only two courses were prevalent in our country for entry into Merchant Navy as an officer – BSc In Nautical Science and In Marine Engineering. These courses offered campus placements to the candidates. But globally there was a shortage of deck officers because of which the Government Of India started a 1-year program called Diploma In Nautical Science leading to a BSc degree. Being a 1-year program, it was much more affordable and attracted a lot of young candidates all over the country. Due to this, there was a flooding of deck cadets in our country, but the companies recruiting them were only a few. Therefore, since the supply was more than the demand, it resulted in a lot of deck cadets being unemployed and having nowhere to go. Because of this many of them further fell into the clutches of the fraudulent agents who robbed them of their parents’ hard-earned money promising a secure career at sea for them. Due to all this chaos and confusion, the Government of India laid down some rules regarding Diploma in Nautical Science. Now you could only pursue Diploma in Nautical Science if you had sponsorship from a shipping company. In other words, you have to first find a job for yourself before you go to college/training.

Chief officer in a good shipping company

Your whole future in this profession depends on the shipping company you start your career with. If you start with a good above-average shipping company then there’s no looking back, provided that you do your job with focus and determination. But a good shipping company provides you with the best platform and exposure to jump-start your career in this profession. And once you become a seasoned seafarer with experience you can always change your shipping company depending on your preference.

On the other hand, if you start your career with a below-average shipping company, then you’ll have to struggle for a long time probably throughout your life looking for jobs and opportunities. Some people though are able to create opportunities for themselves after struggling for a few years, but many are not able to escape this maze and their whole life becomes full of struggles and regrets. They later get involved with fraudulent agents and companies out of desperation and further dig a deeper hole for themselves.

Scams and frauds in merchant navy

That’s why it is so important to start your career with the right company as it can save you from a lifetime of struggles and regrets. This is where merchant navy sponsorships come into place, many people have this misconception that merchant navy sponsorships mean that the companies are going to pay for your training fees. This is absolutely incorrect, sponsorship in Merchant Navy basically means that the particular shipping company that sponsored you is going to hire you for working onboard one of its vessels upon successful completion of your pre-sea training. Now the word “successful completion” over here is very important, this means that you will have to clear all your examinations in your particular college and successfully complete that course only then will they hire you. You will have to pay for your entire expenditure on your pre-sea training, you can also apply for an education loan if need be.

Best Shipping Company for Sponsorship

Anglo-Eastern Ship Management 

Anglo eastern ship management shipping company

Anglo-Eastern Ship Management based in Hong Kong, is one the best ship management companies in the world, with over 600 vessels under full third-party ship management it also has one of the largest fleets of vessels. Anglo-Eastern also has its own training institute in Karjat, Maharashtra called Anglo Eastern Maritime Academy which is also considered one of the best maritime training institutes in the country. It is the first choice for many young aspiring seafarers who want to start their careers with a good shipping company, that’s why it’s not that easy to get selected in this company as the competition is really high. But once you do manage to get selected, then you’ll get the perfect start towards a successful career at sea.               

Synergy Marine Group

synergy marine group shipping company

Synergy Marine Group is a top-notch shipping company headquartered in Singapore. With over 500 vessels under technical management, it is one of the leading ship management companies in the world. One good thing about this company is that it recruits both fresh and experienced deck cadets and trainee marine engineers through its own written exams and interviews which are very transparent and give a fair opportunity to everyone who wants to be a part of this company. Although once again the procedure is not easy as the competition is really tough. (Note – Currently the fastest-growing shipping company)

Scorpio Marine Management 

Scorpio marine management shipping company

Scorpio Marine Management is a leading ship management company headquartered in Monaco. It has one of the toughest eligibility criteria out of all other shipping companies and conducts a really tough and challenging online test and interview, hence it’s really difficult to get selected into this company because of the high standards that it has set for the candidates. 

Torm Tankers

Torm tankers

Based in Denmark, Torm is a world-leading carrier of energy and clean petroleum products. Torm is an ownership company and owns more than 80 tankers transporting energy and clean petroleum products from their refineries to the customers.

Fleet Management Limited

fleet management limited

Fleet Management Limited headquartered in Hong Kong is one of the largest independent third-party ship management companies in the world. It is the second-largest manager of Bulk Carriers and Tankers and manages over 600 vessels. 

Although there are many more good shipping companies that offer sponsorships but above we’ve only listed a few of the companies that recruit a large number of Indian cadets and these are the companies that we believe to be absolutely genuine and really good for your future. Some honourable mentions that we missed out above are – 

  1. Maersk Line
  2. Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC)
  3. Dockendale Ship Management 
  4. V Ships
  5. MMSI Shipping
  6. Pacific International Lines
  7. MSI Ship Management
  8. Wilhelmsen Ship Management 

How To Get Placement in A Good Shipping Company?

How To Get Placement in A Good Shipping Company?

This is a question that troubles most young aspiring seafarers. 

Well, to start with if you’re in class 12th then try to get as good a percentage as possible, especially in Physics, Chemistry and Maths. If you’re pursuing mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, or any other course just try to get as good marks as possible because that makes a lot of difference when the merit list is prepared. 

There are four stages of a sponsorship test – 

  1. Online written test
  2. Psychometric test
  3. Interview
  4. Medical Test

Every shipping company conducts its own online written test followed by a psychometric test, interview, and medical test. Upon clearing all the above-mentioned things you’ll get sponsored by a shipping company. Now the pattern may be the same for all shipping companies i.e. online test followed by psychometric followed by interview but the questions asked are very different. For example, Scorpio focuses a lot on reasoning and aptitude questions, Anglo-Eastern focuses on Mathematics while Great Eastern asks a lot of questions based on current affairs and general knowledge. So do a lot of research on what kind of questions a particular shipping company focuses on before you appear for their test.


The real challenge of clearing a sponsorship test is the interview round where you can be asked anything out of the blue and you have to answer it confidently. Communication skills play a big part in interviews as sometimes even if you know the answer and you’re not able to explain it properly to the interviewers then that will be of no use. So work on your communication skills and even more so on your technical knowledge.

Even after you clear the sponsorship test and get sponsored by a good company shipping company, your job doesn’t end here. You have to make sure that you get a really good rank in the IMUCET if you want to make it to the final merit list. 

Above we’ve mentioned most of the things that you need to know about merchant navy sponsorships, but knowledge without execution is useless. So start preparing for your dream company, slog hard, work on your communication skills and achieve your dreams.

A winner is a dreamer who never gives up.

Nelson Mandela

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