join merchant navy after graduation

How to Join Merchant Navy after Graduation

merchant navy after graduation

After completing graduation, when we are shortlisting colleges or career opportunities for ourselves, the merchant navy presents itself as a highly attractive option. By joining the merchant navy after graduation, you can earn a lucrative salary along with serving as a ranked officer on board the ship. But the question is How do you join the merchant navy after graduation? Do not Worry! as in this blog we will tell you how.

The maritime workforce needs to be highly efficient and skilled to carry the cargo across international trade routes because shipping is the lifeblood of the global economy. One would be required to follow the following steps to join maritime shipping-

Are You Eligible to Join Merchant Navy After Graduation?

merchant navy eligibility

The first step of your journey, before you make any investments in your studies or apply for a college, would be to assess if you’re eligible to join the merchant navy. A candidate is required to have a minimum of 60% in their class 12th with PCM as their subject, to join as an officer. Other candidates who have a background in commerce or arts may join through a GP rating. All details will be covered further ahead. 

Departments to Join-

There are three major departments onboard ships that one can join as a part of the merchant navy. Namely- the Deck Department, Engine Department and the Saloon Department. 

Deck Department in Merchant Navy-

Deck Department

This department comprises deck officers and deck ratings. Moreover, they are the ones who are responsible for navigating the vessel and handling its cargo.

Engine Department in Merchant Navy- 

Engine Department

This department comprises engine officers and ratings. They are in charge of the maintenance, repairs, and overall operation of the engines, boilers, pumps, generators, and all the other machinery and systems that are key to a vessel’s operation.

Saloon Department- 

merchant navy chef
Merchant Navy Chef

This department comprises cooks and stewards. This is the department responsible for providing hygienic and delicious food onboard and maintaining the accommodation and living space of the officers’ room.

According to one’s inclination or previous educational background, one may join through any of these 3 given departments.

Confused between the Deck Department and the Engine Department? Read our blog Deck Department Vs. Engine Department

Courses Required to Join Different Departments of the Merchant Navy after Graduation-

We’ll now further mention the degrees and courses that one can enroll themselves in to become a part of the maritime industry.

To Join the Deck Department

As a Merchant Navy Officer-

merchant navy officer
merchant navy officer

1. B.Sc. Nautical Science- 

bsc nautical science

B. Sc Nautical Science is a 3-year graduate course, which gives students the opportunity to join ships as deck cadets. After completing the pre-sea training and receiving the Bsc degree, one can join the ship and further progress to become the chief officer or the captain of the ship.

The following are the qualifications required for this course-

AgeThe maximum age is 25 years and the minimum age is 17 years on the date of commencement of the course. A relaxation of 5 years for SC/ST, 2 years for women candidates, and 3 years for OBC candidates.
Educational qualifications10+2/equivalent (PCM – a minimum of 60% aggregate) & English – a minimum of 50% in 10th/+2.
Note: In the case of SC/ST candidates. There will be a 5% relaxation in eligibility marks; however, it will not apply to English Marks.

Few other additional criteria may be present as per the specific requirements of the colleges. 

2. Bachelor of Science-

merchant navy after bsc
After completing a Bsc

A candidate who has completed Bsc in Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, or Electronics (with Physics) from a recognized university, with an average of more than 50% marks in the final year can join the merchant navy after completing a Diploma in Nautical Science or graduating in a Bsc Nautical Science course. For Some of the MTIs like Anglo Eastern Maritime Academy, Additionally, they should have scored more than 60% as PCM aggregate at the 10+2 level.

2. Bachelor of Technology-

After completing a B. Tech

A candidate who has completed B. Tech in any stream from a recognized university, with an average of more than 50% marks in the final year can join the merchant navy after completing a Diploma in Nautical Science. For Some of the MTIs like Anglo Eastern Maritime Academy, Additionally, Candidates should have scored more than 60% as PCM aggregate at the 10+2 level.

Confused between Diploma in Nautical Science and Bsc Nautical Science? Read our blog to choose which one is a better fit for you- Which is better BSc Nautical Science or DNS?

To Join the Engine Department in Merchant Navy

1. Btech Marine Engineering- 

btech marine engineering
B. tech marine engineering

Candidates who have completed their 10+2 education in the science stream from a recognized board where they have studied Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics compulsorily and have secured a minimum overall aggregate of 60% are eligible. Candidates who have a 3-year diploma in mechanical engineering are also eligible through a lateral entry scheme. 

The candidate should be between 18-25 years of age as of the 1st of August of the year of joining.

SC/ST candidates, there is a relaxation of 5 years in the upper age limit.

2. B tech Mechanical Engineering- 

After completing Mechanical Engineering

Candidates with a degree in B tech Mechanical Engineering can join the merchant navy by further enrolling themselves in a 1-year specialized course in Graduate Marine Engineering. They can then join the ship as a Marine Engineer.

3. Graduate Marine Engineering to Join the Merchant Navy after Graduation

graduate marine engineering
graduate marine engineering

Graduate Marine Engineering is a 1-year course that students can opt for, if they fulfill the following criteria-

Candidates must have a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering or Naval Architecture with a minimum score of 55% in aggregate. The candidate should not be more than 28 years of age at the start of the course.

However, it is not that easy to get into GME, you need an extensive amount of hard work, proper guidance, and the right study material which Merchant Navy Decoded will provide you in the GME Excellence Package and GME Guidance Series. Many students are living the life of their dreams with the help of our packages so, check it out and dedicate yourself to your goal.

4. Diploma Marine Engineering-

DME is a 2-year, pre-sea training course that trains students to serve as marine engineers onboard merchant ships.

Educational Qualifications & Age Limit:The candidate must possess a Diploma in either Mechanical, Electrical, Electronics, or Naval Architecture. He/She should not exceed a maximum of 28 years.
Minimum Marks:He/She must possess a minimum of 50% in the final year and the minimum marks vary from college to college.

To Join as an ETO-

eto officer
ETO officer onboard ship

1. Btech in Electrical Engineering / Electronics Engineering-

Eligibility Criteria-

  • After clearing a three years Diploma with 60% marks or a four years Degree including lateral entry, with 50% marks in Electronics Engineering, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, or Electronics and Instrumentation Electronics and Telecommunication, Electrical Engineering, Communication Engineering, or equivalent courses.
  • Candidates who were admitted to the Diploma course based on the Matriculation only and went to complete their B.E./ B.Tech degree course as a lateral entry in the 2nd year of the degree based on the Diploma, and have secured the degree in the disciplines mentioned at (II) of the above, are also permitted to be admitted in the ETO course.
  • Diploma in (EE/ ECE/ EEE/EIE) with 60% or Btech in (EE/ ECE/ EEE/EIE) with 55%. The diploma or the degree courses should be recognized by any State or Central Government or the AICTE.

For achieving the certificate as an Electro-Technical Officer (ETO), pre-sea Training for ETO on merchant ships of a duration of 17 weeks is mandatory along with 8 months of onboard training.

You can even join as an ETO after graduation in Electrical and related engineering. To get sponsorship and selection in top ETO colleges you need a mentor for which you can check out our dedicated ETO Excellence Package or ETO Guidance Series.

To Join as a Rating-

1. GP Rating Course- 

gp rating course after graduation
GP Rating course after graduation
Educational Qualifications & Age Limit:Passed a two-year Industrial Training Institutes course certified by DVET (Department of Vocational Education and Training) / NCVT (National Council of Vocational Training) as a Fitter / Machinist / Mechanic / Welder / Turner. The candidate should be between the age of 17.5 years and 25 years.
Minimum Marks:He/ she should have scored a minimum of overall 40% in the final year of ITI and a minimum 40% in English in 10th / 12th.

2. Graduation in Commerce or Arts-

Merchant navy after graduation
It is possible to join the merchant navy even after graduation in arts or commerce

Students who have graduated in subjects of commerce or arts can opt for a GP Rating course to join the merchant navy. Once they complete their 6-month, a pre-sea training course in GP Rating they become ready to join the ship. Students can opt for either the Deck Rating or the Engine Rating program. 

Read more about the GP Rating course here.

Details on Top GP Rating Colleges- Top GP Rating Colleges in India.

Sponsorship in Merchant Navy-

sponsorship in merchant navy
Sponsorship in Merchant Navy

In the current times, it has become a huge problem when it comes to bagging a job after the completion of one’s maritime course. In case you end up completing your course from a less reputed college, you’ll end up jobless and with all your money invested in college put to waste. Maritime courses being specialized courses, do not broaden your job opportunities by a huge margin as they aim at preparing you for a specific niche. Therefore, it can prove to be a drawback if you are unable to find employment in this field, as the opportunities outside it are minimal. This is the reason why sponsorship is so important.

Sponsorship provides you an assurance that you would be employed once you finish your course. Each company holds its own sponsorship exam, upon clearing which you appear for the interview and then get selected. The sponsorship examination also includes a psychometric personality test.

While it is important to score a good rank in your IMU CET exam, the most important exam to clear is the sponsorship exam. It is suggested that one clears this exam before the IMU CET examination. 


This is the key reason why unemployment has become such a growing factor in the field of the merchant navy. This is the harsh reality for all those who enter the field of merchant navy without adequate information. Therefore, it is very important to do proper research and maintain a balanced mindset which will increase the likelihood of your smooth sailing into this field by many folds. The maritime field is full of opportunities but they selectively present themselves to those who follow the correct path and enroll into the right colleges. The career growth in this line of work is impeccable, only demanding you to be equally hard-working and strong-headed to make the most of your life onboard ship.

To get all-around information on the merchant navy read our blogs covering all aspects of the merchant navy here.

Stay updated regarding all the current news about sponsorship exams, college admissions, interview questions, student reviews about various colleges, prevailing job opportunities etc. and become a part of a growing marine community by joining the following telegram groups-

Marine Engineering Decoded – Telegram group specially catering to all marine engineers, students of marine engineering and GME, and all marine engineering aspirants.

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GP Rating Decoded – Telegram group for all those currently working onboard as GP Rating crew, and college students and aspirants interested to make a career in GP Rating.

Marine Officers Insight – Telegram group for all sailing officers, deck cadets and cadets who are about to go on their first ship.

Marine Electrical DECODED – For all students interested in becoming an ETO, students with a diploma in Engineering, a Bachelor’s degree in B.Tech / BE Electrical and Electronics, Telecommunication or related field, and all ETO officers.

All the best! See you onboard.

Disclaimer :- The opinions expressed in this article belong solely to the author and may not necessarily reflect those of Merchant Navy Decoded. We cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information provided and disclaim any responsibility for it. Data and visuals used are sourced from publicly available information and may not be authenticated by any regulatory body. Reviews and comments appearing on our blogs represent the opinions of individuals and do not necessarily reflect the views of Merchant Navy Decoded. We are not responsible for any loss or damage resulting from reliance on these reviews or comments.

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Aman Kurai

I am interested merchant navy

Aman Kurai

I am joining merchant navy


I want to join merchant Navy but I have still some doubt related to it. Iwant to talk to any expert of your team . How can I contact?


Thank you sir


I’m 26 years old and graduated. Can i join merchant Navy in gp


Sir how to join merchant navy less than 60 % in pcm in 12th


Do i need to do any course after mechanical engineer(b tech)

Shubham Singh

I have done B.Sc hons and master in physics and i want to join merchant navy so can you tell me which course should i do so that i can join merchant navy?


Can i join after BE mechanical engineering

Vijay Kumar

I had completed my 12th from MAH State board with 65% (PCM agg. = 54%). As per AEMA guidelines in 2020, we needed 12th PCM = 60% or BSc in P.C.M with more than 60% in final year. So, I opted for BSc in Chemistry as my final year subject. My results are still pending.. Am I eligible for DNS still ? Because AEMA has the changed the eligibility criteria now


Sir,I have completed 12th in 2020 batch with PCM 70.67% and so completed a ug degree B.Sc.statistics,can I eligible for DNS ,My age is 21

Harshal Shinde

I don’t have 60% in my 12th PCM group abut i am complete my graduation in may 2024 hoe can i apply for merchant navy

Aman Manwal

Hi Harshal, you can still join Merchant Navy to know the complete process, you can submit your query in our ask your query portal or you can call on 7417349336 to get complete information about the admission procedure.

Imran Mandal

Vai same question mera bhi

Aman Manwal

Hi Imran, if you have done your graduation even then you can join Merchant Navy. You will find the complete joining process with the eligibility and the top colleges in our free How to Join Merchant Navy Guidance Series.


Mai abhi graduation kar raha hu mathematics honours se .aur Mari Umar 18 years hai .to kya mai merchant Navy mai samil ho sakta hun.agar haa to mujhe aur kya karna hoga .

Aman Manwal

Hi Vivek, yes you can join the Merchant Navy after graduation by pursuing DNS, for which you need to meet some eligibility criteria about which we have some free courses in our website. You can get all the information by calling on this number 7417349336 and we will try to solve your query as soon as possible.

Prithankar das

Hii I’m doing BCA
I’m 20 years old
after BCA degree,can i join merchant Navy

Aman Manwal

Hi Prithankar, the thing that matter is your 12th subject. If you have PCM in your 12th, you can go for Merchant Navy even after BCA, or if you had other subject than PCM then you need to check your eligibility with out ELIGIBILITY CALCULATOR.

Aditya Kushwaha

Sir I have 59% in pcm and doing graduation in bsc mathematics can I do dns or bsc nautical science?

Aman Manwal

Hi Aditya, yes you can go for DNS after B.Sc, however, there are two things that you need to look for, first , you should have Physics as a subject in your graduation and second is that you need to score more than 60% in graduation. To check the eligibility, you can check out your eligibility with our ELIGIBILITY CALCULATOR

mohammad arman naqvi

i am pursuing B Tech from computer science and i am currently in 3rd year is their is any option to join merchant navy after completing the course?

Aman Manwal

Hey Armaan, there are 2 options you have currently available right now. First one is DNS which you can go for but you need to look into the age criteria for Diploma in Nautical Science. Other option is GP Rating. Personally, I would not suggest you to go for GP Rating. Check out the complete details of Diploma in Nautical Science and GP Rating HERE.


I am currently pursuing in TY bsc data science can I have a chance to go in merchant Navy

Aman Manwal

Hi Khusha, still you can go for the merchant navy based on your 12th PCM. You can give IMU CET and then go for DNS Sponsorship. To check the complete joining procedure, check out our free How to Join Merchant Navy Course.


I’m graduated in BSc
How can I join merchant Navy
Plz Give me info with Full procedure

Aman Manwal

Hi Abhishek, you will get complete process of joining Merchant Navy with our “free How to Join Merchant Navy” where you will learn process of joining the Merchant Navy.