exhaust gas economizer

What is Exhaust Gas Economizer ? Why do we need Exhaust Gas Economizer on the ship?

What is Exhaust Gas Economizer?

On port boiler is used for steam generation which consumes more amount of fuel and in turn increases the cost of running of ship. So to reduce the cost, an system known as Economizer is used. It is a type of heat exchanger which reuses the exhaust gas from the main engine and uses it to preheat feed water or to generate steam. It also improves efficiency of the ship and reduces fuel consumption.

exhaust gas economiser

Working of Exhaust Gas Economizer:

working of exhaust gas economiser

When the main engines run it gives out exhaust gas which is used by the exhaust gas turbocharger. Even after the usage of the exhaust gas there is a good amount of heat energy remaining in it. The exhaust gas has a temperature around 200°C. Which is utilized by the economizer. The water is taken from the water drum with help of a centrifugal pump, which is passed the tubes present in the exhaust gas economizer. The exhaust gas containing around 200 °C is passed through outside of the tube where the water is heated. Later it is passed to a steam drum and further used for different purposes.

Why do we need Exhaust Gas Economizer on the ship?

exhaust gas economiser

With the usage of exhaust gas economizer, it reduces the usage of ship boiler. The normal usage of steam in ship is accomplished with help of this. It in turn also reduces the cost of running of ship as it reduces the fuel consumption and improves the efficiency. Exhaust gas economizer can only be used when the main engine is running. It improves overall efficiency of the ship and limits the usage of boilers.

Provided here the basic idea about the exhaust gas economizer and its usage. It is very much useful in reducing running cost and improving efficiency of ship by making use of the exhaust gas from ship. Basic diagrams are also provided for further reference.


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