Ways to Switch Over Company in Merchant Navy

Switching Companies can be a stepping stone in your journey toward a successful life in the Merchant Navy but some people hesitate to switch companies as they do not know the clear procedure and ways to switch companies. This blog will give you a clear idea of how and from where you can get information about different companies and how to give a successful push to your career in the Merchant Navy.

There are several points to consider if you want to switch over companies. Some are salary, long waiting periods, slow promotion, no Indian food, improper employee treatment in a company, etc.

How to Find Job Opportunities?

One must do thorough research before joining any company. Once you find all things satisfactory about the company, then you should apply. The first company you left may be for specific reasons, or you are unsatisfactory. If you join any company without research or knowledge, the same things will keep on re-occurring again and again. Until you surpass them or leave the latter company for the same reasons you left prior.

There are various means and ways to switch companies in Merchant Navy and many sources to find a good company that is most suitable for you. Some of them are:-

From Friends:-

whats app to switch over companies

It is the best method that helps in finding or knowing detailed information. All you need is to call or text your friend to make your doubts crystal clear. If you have a considerable amount of contacts then you will be able to find most of the information from just a call.

Linked in:-

linked in to switch over company

Linked In is a tool designed for professional use because of which it holds a treasure trove of limitless boundaries and opportunities. Unlike finding a needle in the haystack, getting information from Linked In is quite easy. There are various captains and Chief engineers on this platform. They have vast knowledge and information about the company. They can provide you with all the aspects of the respective company.

For instance, you can look forward to Chief Engineer Praneet Mehta or Second Officer Karanveer Singh Nayyar and many more. These are some of the renowned figures in the Merchant Navy from whom you can learn and take guidance.

WhatsApp / Telegram Groups

Groups to switch companies

Nowadays, WhatsApp or Telegram is one of the popular main sources of information. There are groups and various members of different companies connected together sharing information related to vacancies questions and form-related queries. There are various members who can help in delivering a detailed discussion of your query. Other than that there are a variety of different chat groups where you can find information about the vacancies in the company.

Job Portals

Jobships at sea

These are websites and portals containing information regarding the jobs of seafarers. It helps them to choose the best companies. These platforms connect job seekers with maritime companies and help facilitate the hiring process. These portals centralize job listings, offer search filters, and connect candidates directly with shipping companies. They simplify the job search process, making it easier to find and secure dream jobs in the merchant navy.

Why don’t People switch over Companies?

Hesitation to switch companies

Various people are not happy with their job but they keep going in the same company. 

They fear the framework or company structure will change upon joining a new company. Many people feel they know all the rules and regulations and how things work in the company. Even they feel there will be different paperwork which will give them stress on joining a new company.

Even if people are not happy with their pay, they avoid joining the new company as they will get out of their comfort zone. This thing is common among old seafarers.

Procedure to Switch over a New Company

The procedure to apply for a new company is very simple. 

  • All you need to do is send a resume to the company if the company likes your resume they call you for the psychometric test. 
  • On clearing the psychometric test, you will be called for interview rounds.
  • The interview round is the toughest, a candidate with experience, knowledge, and skills will easily clear this round. 
  • Upon completion of the interview round, the company will mail you regarding your joining. Now it’s your choice whether to go ahead with that company.

Where are Shipping Companies going Wrong?

Personal Touch is Missing

personal touch is missing in companies

Most shipping companies don’t treat their employees properly and don’t build good relations with them. Employees are frustrated with the company and start to find ways to switch companies in Merchant Navy. 

Not Taking Care of Existing Employees

company not taking care of employees

Companies are more interested in hiring new employees with better prospects. The old employees are passed over, and the new ones are paid more through negotiation. Such a situation leads to disputes that cause the old employees to flee to the new company.

Should Cadets Switch over Companies?

At the beginning of their careers, cadets are strongly advised not to change companies. The cadetship is the first step and very important for entry into the merchant navy. It should be completed with one of the companies.

Various companies provide sponsorship. These companies prefer only those CADETS who clear their CADETSHIP as per their sponsorship terms &conditions. They rarely hire outside CADETS, except in case of excess vacancy in their fleet.

CADETS must focus on finishing 18 months of onboard training. Once you hold your 2nd mate’s license, you can negotiate for better jobs and opportunities. 

For CADETS the following factors are necessary before joining a sponsorship company:-

  • Always find a good sponsorship company.
  • The company must have less waiting period.
  • All ITF companies are excellent in the initial phase of completing cadetship.

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