Venturi effect and its application on ship

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What is the Venturi effect?

Definition: Venturi effect is the reduction of pressure that occurs when a fluid passes from a constricted section of a pipe with increasing velocity.

Conservation of energy: Conservation of energy states that energy can neither be created nor be destroyed, it can only be converted from one form to another form of energy.

equation of comtinuity

What are the applications of the venturi effect?

1. It is used in carburetors, in this case the inlet air pressure difference causes the fuel to be drawn to the carburetor, when fuel is sucked from the oil tank it mixes with air and creates a fine spray that allows fine combustion.

fuel discharge nozzle
Fuel discharge nozzle

ship we do not boil water at 100°C, we use an Eductor for it which reduces the atmospheric pressure inside the freshwater generator casing (up to 85% vacuum) by using the venturi effect and boiling the seawater around 45-50°C.

 Eductor system
fresh water generator
Fresh water generator

3. Used in emptying of ballast tanks in ships: Eductor is used to suck in the water level in ballast tanks, which are at very low levels and cannot be sucked in by Centrifugal Ballast Pumps. Please note that if we do not empty the Ballast tanks we are losing money as we will be carrying less cargo.

ballast water discharge and the environment
Ballast water Discharge
Image showing ballast tank
Image showing ballast tank
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Kaydence Hahn
2 months ago

Very well presented. Every quote was awesome and thanks for sharing the content. Keep sharing and keep motivating others.

Scott Vasquez
15 days ago

Great information shared.. really enjoyed reading this post thank you author for sharing this post .. appreciated