Properties of lubricating oil used on ships

Viscosity: Viscosity is the measure of a fluid’s resistance to flow. Lubricating oil of different viscosities are used depending on the clearance between the moving parts.

Viscosity. Properties of lubricating oils used on ships

Carbon Residue: Carbon residue is an indication of the oil decomposing while burning, leaving carbon residue. It is always preferable to use lube oil with lesser carbon residue so that less maintenance is required.

Properties of lubricating oils used on ships
Carbon Residue

Flash Point : It  is the temperature at which lube oil when heated, has got sufficient vapour that when shown a naked spark it will catch fire.

Properties of lubricating oils used on ships
Flash Point

Cloud Point : When the lubricating oil is cooled slowly, the temperature at which it becomes cloudy or hazy in appearance, is called its cloud point.

Pour Point : The temperature at which the lubricating oil ceases to flow or pour, is called its pour point.

Properties of lubricating oils used on ships
Pour Point

Total Base Number(TBN) : It is a measurement of basicity that is expressed in terms of milligrams of potassium hydroxide per gram of oil sample (mg KOH/g).

TBN is important because it is needed to counteract the corrosive properties of sulphuric acid which can be produced inside the cylinder during combustion.

Viscosity Index: It is the rate of change in viscosity with changes in temperature.  In other words, how much viscosity changes as temperature changes.

Viscosity Index
Viscosity Index

Oxidation Stability: Oxidation is a reaction that occurs when oxygen is combined with lubricating oil. Variables such as high temperatures, water and acids will accelerate the rate of oxidation. The life of a lubricant is reduced as temperatures increase, leading to varnish and sludge.

Demulsibility: The ability of a lubricant to separate from water.



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