Biggest Problem Faced by ETO onboard Ships

The role of an Electrical Technical Officer (ETO) on a ship is crucial as they are responsible for maintaining and repairing all the electrical systems on board. They are an essential part of the ship’s engineering team, and their skills and expertise are critical to ensure that the ship’s systems are working correctly. However, being an ETO is not an easy job as they face numerous challenges while on board. In this article, we will discuss the biggest problem faced by ETO onboard ships and how to overcome it.

1. Lack of Knowledge

Lack of Knowledge. Biggest Problem Faced by ETO onboard Ships
Lack of Knowledge

One of the biggest challenges that an ETO faces is the lack of knowledge about their work. It is essential to have a thorough understanding of electrical systems on a ship, and if an ETO lacks this knowledge, they will not be able to perform their tasks correctly.

This can lead to a lack of respect and confidence, making life on the ship difficult. To avoid this situation, an ETO must take their work seriously and be willing to learn. They should also be proactive in seeking knowledge and be willing to ask questions to their colleagues and superiors.

2. Learning from Others

Learning from Others. Biggest Problem Faced by ETO onboard Ships
Learning from Others

Another important aspect of being an ETO is the ability to learn from others. A good ETO is not just good with electrical systems; they can troubleshoot issues related to electrical systems anywhere, anytime. Additionally, they should spend time with other engineers, such as the 2nd and 3rd engineers, to learn about different types of machinery on board.

For example, an ETO should know how the main engine works, why a jacket water high-temperature sensor is fitted, and how a temperature sensor or trip works. They should also be aware of how compressors and purifiers work.

By learning about other machinery, an ETO can become a valuable member of the ship’s engineering team. They will not only be able to assist with electrical issues but also offer insights into the operation of other machinery. This will improve their overall knowledge, and they will be able to provide better solutions to problems that may arise on board.

3. Being Selfish

Being Selfish
Being Selfish

A major issue that arises on board is when people become self-centred. This is often done by individuals who lack expertise or knowledge in their field.

An example of this is when a 4th engineer is working on a compressor that is not starting, and he approaches the 2nd engineer for help. If the 2nd engineer is not competent, He might tell the 4th engineer that it is the ETO’s job to fix the problem, even though it may not be an electrical issue.

An ETO should never be self-centred and should always be willing to help other members of the engineering team, regardless of the type of issue. The ship’s crew is like a family, and everyone must work together to ensure the ship’s smooth operation. By being a team player, an ETO can gain respect and build strong relationships with their colleagues.

Being an ETO on a ship is a challenging job that requires specialized knowledge and skills. The biggest problem faced by an ETO is the lack of proper knowledge and expertise in their field. To overcome this problem, an ETO must take their work seriously, be proactive in seeking knowledge, and learn from other members of the engineering team. Additionally, an ETO should never be self-centred and should always be willing to help other members of the team. By following these guidelines, an ETO can become a respected member of the ship.

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