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Pascal’s law | Application of Pascal’s Law on ship

Last updated on September 4th, 2023 at 01:23 pm

Definition: Pascal’s law states that in a confined space, when pressure is applied in an incompressible fluid, it is transferred equally in all directions.

pascal law

Though the pressure is the same, it is exerted over a much larger area giving a multiplication of force which can lift a much heavier object. Force applied is ten times the force generated due to its total transmissibility of pressure it provides mechanical advantage. Th pressure remains constant as the area is increasing.

It is used in Hydraulic jack to lift cars.

hydraulic jack

Where do we use Pascal’s law on ships?

Pascal’s Law is applied in various systems and components of ships, particularly in hydraulic systems. Hydraulic systems are used in ships for a variety of purposes, including steering, loading and unloading cargo, opening and closing hatches, and controlling machinery and equipment.

        One example of the application of Pascal’s Law in ships is in the hydraulic steering system. The system works by transmitting fluid pressure from the helm (where the ship is steered) to the rudder, which causes the rudder to turn and steer the ship. According to Pascal’s Law, the pressure applied to a confined fluid is transmitted equally and undiminished in all directions. In the case of a hydraulic steering system, this means that the pressure applied by the helmsman is transmitted equally to all parts of the system, including the rudder, causing it to turn and steer the ship.

Help of a ship
Fig: Help of a ship

Another example is in the hydraulic systems used to operate the ship’s cranes and winches. Pascal’s Law allows for the use of small cylinders and pistons to generate a large amount of force, which is then used to lift and move heavy loads on the ship. By using a hydraulic system, the ship’s crew can move heavy cargo without requiring significant physical effort or relying on manual labour.

Crane used in ship
Fig: Crane used in ship


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