MEO Class 2 Eligibility, Syllabus, Documents Required 2024


MEO Class 2 certification marks a pivotal moment in a maritime professional’s career, opening doors to the role of Second Engineer aboard ships. This promotion brings an increased salary and an elevated reputation within the industry. 

The MEO Class 2 examination, aimed at assessing marine engineer’s knowledge and proficiency in marine engineering, is an important step in this process. Success in this exam indicates a readiness for increased responsibility and opportunities on an onboard ship.

Discover everything you need to know about the MEO Class 2 Exam for 2024, including eligibility criteria, syllabus details, and required documents, in our comprehensive blog.

1:- MEO Class 2 Assessment Checklist

Documents RequiredDescription
Continuous Discharge Certificate (CDC)Relevant pages show sea service experience.
PassportCopies of the first and last pages.
INDoSCopies of INDOS Certificate in Engineering category
MEO class IV CoCCopy of MEO Class IV coc 
Original sea service letter issued by the owner of the vessel/RSPL Original sea service letter issued by the owner of the vessel/RSPL (Addressed to PO, MMD concerned) 
Sea Service TestimonialsTestimonials from previous employers verifying sea service experience.
Preparatory Courses CertificatesCopy of preparatory course 
Valid Medical CertificateValid medical fitness certificate from a DGS-approved doctor 
Seafarers Profile (Updated)printout of the seafarer profile to be returned after verification
FeesTotal amount: Rs. 11,050/-. Include online fee payment printout.

2:- STCW Course Required for MEO Class 2

  1. Copy of Engine Room Simulator Course
  2. PSCRB and PST refresher
  3. FPFF and AFF refresher
  4. PSSR refresher
  5. SSO or STSDSD
  6. Medical First Aid Valid within 5 years 

2.1:- Booking Procedure

  1. Submission: Compile all original documents along with photocopies and submit as per requirements.
  2. Online Fee Payment: Ensure fees are paid online; include payment printout.
  3. Verification: Documents undergo verification for compliance.
  4. Booking Confirmation: Confirmation of Part B assessment booking upon successful verification.

Following these steps seriously guarantees a smooth path to MEO Class 2 certification.

3:- MEO Class 2 Eligibility

Here are the eligibility criteria for MEO Class 2 certification:

Eligibility CriteriaDescription
Minimum Sailing ExperienceMinimum 12 months of approved sailing experience after completion of MEO Class 4.
Experience as a watchkeeping engineer on ships with 750KW power or more.
Propelling Period8 months of the propelling period is required.
Sailing Experience PositionsExperience can be as either a 4th Engineer or a 3rd Engineer.
MEO Class 2 Preparatory Course4 months duration from a DG approved institute.
Engine Room Simulator CourseManagement Level course from a DG-approved institute.
Valid Advanced Level Modular Course CertificatesAll advanced-level modular course certificates should be valid at the time of applying for MEO Class 2 exams.
MEO Class 2 Eligibility calculator

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4. MEO Class 2 Functions

MEO Class 2 Exam

To become a Second Engineer, you must first pass a series of essential oral tests called Functions, each of which represents an important component of marine engineering competence.

FUNCTION 3 – Naval Architecture and SafetyInvolves controlling the operation of the ship and caring for persons onboard.
FUNCTION 4b – Marine Engineering Knowledge (Motor and General)Focuses on knowledge related to motor and general marine engineering.
FUNCTION 5 – Marine Electro TechnologyCovers topics related to marine electro technology, including electrical systems onboard ships.
FUNCTION 6 – Marine Engineering PracticeFocuses on practical aspects of marine engineering practice.

The passing percentage for each oral/function is 60%

5. MEO Class 2 Preparatory Course

Marine Engineer

You must finish four mandatory advanced courses to be eligible for your MEO Class 2 examination.

  1. Advanced Fire Fighting
  2. Proficiency in Survival Craft and Rescue Boats 
  3. Medical First Aid
  4. Engine Room Simulator training

6. MEO Class 2 Subjects

MEO Class 2 subjects

MEO Class 2 certification is a crucial milestone in a maritime professional’s career, indicating expanded knowledge and preparation for more duties onboard. 

Achieving MEO Class 2 certification, which includes tough examinations encompassing a wide range of courses and practical assessments of operational ability, demonstrates a seafarer’s dedication, knowledge, and skill in marine engineering and ship operation.

6.1:- MEO Class 2 Written Subjects:

  1. Marine Engineering Knowledge (General)
  2. Marine Engineering Knowledge (Motor)
  3. Marine Electro Technology
  4. Marine Engineering Practice
  5. Naval Architecture
  6. Ship Safety, Environmental Protection Care

Passing Marks/Percentage: Out of 100 marks, a minimum of 50% is required for passing.

6.2:- MEO Class 2 Oral Subjects (Functions):

  1. FUNCTION 3 – Naval Architecture and Safety (Controlling the operation of the ship and caring for persons onboard).
  2. FUNCTION 4b – Marine Engineering Knowledge (Motor and General).
  3. FUNCTION 5 – Marine Electro Technology
  4. FUNCTION 6 – Marine Engineering Practice.

Passing Marks/Percentage: Passing percentage is 60%.

7. Documents Required for the MEO Class 2 Exam

How to clear meo class 2

Before starting the MEO Class 2 Exam journey, it’s critical to collect and organize the necessary documents for the application procedure:

  1. Continuous Discharge Certificate (CDC)
  2. Passport
  3. INDOS Certificate
  4. MEO Class IV CoC
  5. Original Sea Service Letter
  6. Sea Service Testimonials
  7. Preparatory Courses Certificates
  8. Valid Medical Certificate
  9. Seafarers Profile (Updated)
  10. Fees
  11. Original Documents
  12. Original of STCW Course
  13. Engine Room Simulator Course
  14. PSCRB and PST Refresher
  15. FPFF and AFF Refresher
  16. PSSR Refresher
  17. SSO or STSDSD
  18. Medical First Aid

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Marine engineer officer class 2 exam

In conclusion, the process of gaining MEO Class 2 certification consists of several critical procedures, including achieving eligibility criteria, gathering relevant documentation, and successfully passing examinations and assessments.

MEO Class 2 certification is an important milestone in a marine engineering career, providing prospects for progression and expanded duties as a Second Engineer onboard ships.

By carefully complying with the instructions given and thoroughly studying for the examinations, prospective maritime professionals can embark on a rewarding path to attaining MEO Class 2 certification and boosting their careers in the marine business.


  1. What are the eligibility criteria for MEO Class 2 certification?
  • Eligibility criteria typically include a minimum sailing experience, completion of preparatory courses, and possession of relevant training certificates.
  1. What documents are required for the MEO Class 2 exam application?
  • Essential documents include a Continuous Discharge Certificate (CDC), Passport copies, MEO Class IV CoC, Sea Service Testimonials, and Medical Fitness Certificate, among others.
  1. What are the subjects covered in the MEO Class 2 exam?
  • The exam covers written subjects such as Marine Engineering Knowledge, Naval Architecture, and Ship Safety, along with oral assessments in areas like Marine Electro Technology and Marine Engineering Practice.
  1. What is the passing percentage for the MEO Class 2 exam?
  • The passing percentage for written subjects is typically 50%, while oral assessments require a passing rate of 60%.
  1. How can I prepare for the MEO Class 2 exam?
  • Preparation involves completing required courses, gathering necessary documents, and studying relevant materials covering marine engineering, naval architecture, and safety protocols.

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