MEO Class 4 Exam Eligibility, Syllabus, Fees and ePariksha


  • The MEO Class 4 exam is critical for aspiring marine engineers because it qualifies them to be Marine Engineer Officer Class 4. MEO Class 4 certification is necessary for those aiming to work as junior engineering officers on merchant navy vessels. 
  • To help you understand the process better, we’ve compiled essential information about the exam, including eligibility criteria, the assessment process, the e-Pariksha registration process, the assessment checklist, exam fees, and more.

1:- MEO Class 4 Assessment Checklist 

1. CDC including relevant pages on sea service
2. PassportCopy of filled pages
3. Validity page of RPSL No. issued by the company
4. Sea Service Testimonials
5. Certificates for all 4 Advance CoursesAFF, PSCRB, MFA, ERS
7. Seafarers Profile
8. FeesTotal: Rs. 11,050/-

2:- MEO Class 4 Eligibility 

Eligibility Criteria for MEO Class 4 Exam
EducationBachelor of Technology (B.Tech) in Marine Engineering or Naval Architecture from a recognized institution.
Sea Time RequirementMinimum of 183 days on vessels with a propulsion power of at least 750 kW.

To check out the complete MEO Class 4 eligibility criteria, you can check out our dedicated article on MEO Class 4 eligibility by clicking here.

3:- MEO Class 4 Functions

MEO Class 4 Exam

The MEO Class 4 exam includes four oral examinations, each focusing on different aspects of marine engineering at the operational level. 

MEO Class orals take place on the same day and are evaluated by both internal and external examiners. The exams can be taken online or offline, depending on the facilities of the examination center.

The four oral exams cover the following subjects:

  1. Marine Engineering at the Operational Level
  2. Electrical, Electronics & Control at Operational Level
  3. Controlling the Operation of the Ship and caring for Personnel Onboard at the Operational Level
  4. Maintenance & Repair at the Operational Level

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MEO Class 4 Preparatory course.

4:- MEO Class 4 Preparatory Course

Passing tests is not the only step toward becoming a certified Marine Engineer Officer (MEO) Class 4. You need to have various other necessary courses which are required for MEO Class 4.

Let’s get into the specifics of these courses and the eligibility requirements you must complete.

CourseDurationMinimum Seatime RequirementFees
Advanced Fire Fighting (AFF)5 days6 months₹ 4,599
Proficiency in Survival Craft and Rescue Boats (PSCRB)5 days6 months₹ 5,999
Medical First Aid (MFA)4 days6 months₹ 2,499
Engine Room Simulator (ERS)3 days6 months₹ 2,999

5:- MEO Class 4 Subjects

5.1:- MEO Class 4 Written Exam Subjects

MEO class written exam
  • Exam Subjects
    • Marine Electro Technology
    • Marine Engineering Knowledge (General)
    • Ship Construction and Stability
    • Ship Safety and Environment Protection
    • Marine Engineering Knowledge (Motor)
    • Marine Engineering Practices

5.2:- MEO Class 4 Oral Exam Subjects

MEO Class IV Oral Exams
  • Exam Subjects
    • Marine Engineering at the Operational Level
    • Electrical, Electronics & Control at Operational Level
    • Controlling the Operation of the Ship and caring for Personnel Onboard at Operational Level
    • Maintainance & Repair at the Operational Level

If you haven’t sailed on a vessel with a boiler, such as an offshore vessel, you must complete a 6-day “Marine Boiler & Steam Engineering Course at the operational level.

6:- MEO Class 4 Exam Fees 

Cost of each exam
– Assessment Part A₹ 3,000
– Assessment Part B₹ 3,000
– Written Exams₹ 6,000
– Oral Exams₹ 4,000
– Certificate of Competency (COC)₹ 3,000
Total Cost of Exams₹ 65,000

7:- MEO Class 4 Syllabus (Part A and Part B)

  • MEO Class 4 examination consists of 2 parts :(Part A + Part B)
  • Part B is compulsory for all candidates, but Part A is exempted for Graduated (GME/ME) candidates.
  • Part A (For Btech) (Total 4 Papers)
  • Part B (For all candidates including GME and BTech)
  • Total 10 Papers: 6 written + 4 oral

8:- Documents Required for the MEO Class 4 Exam

Documents essential for the MEO Class 4 Examination:-

1. CDC (Continuous Discharge Certificate)Copy of filled pages
2. PassportCopy of filled pages
3. Indos Number Certificate
4. Educational QualificationHSC, SSC, All Semester Mark sheets, Degree
5. Pre-Sea Training Course/4 years Marine EngineeringDegree Certificate
6. Valid Medical Certificate
7. BST STCW Courses Certificate
8. STSDSD Course Certificate
9. FeesRs. 3050/- for MEO CLASS IV Part A Exemption<br> Rs. 4050/- for MEO Class IV Part A Examination
Original Documents
1. Original Sea Service Details
2. Fees Challan

9:- MMD for MEO Class 4

  1. Mumbai MMD
  2. Chennai MMD
  3. Kolkata MMD
  4. Kandla MMD
  5. Kochi MMD
  6. Noida MMD
Marine Engineer

10:- MEO Class 4 Exam Fees

ItemCost (Approx)
– Advanced Fire Fighting (AFF)₹ 4,599
– Medical First Aid (MFA)₹ 2,499
– Proficiency in Survival Craft and Rescue Boats (PSCRB)₹ 5,999
– Engine Room Simulator (ERS)₹ 2,999
– Total Cost of all Courses₹ 17,000

11:- MEO Class 4 Exam Process

e Pariksha

Step1:- Visit the e-Pariksha Registration Link

Step 2:- Complete Registration

  • Fill in the required details, including personal information and contact details.
  • Create a username and password for your account.

Step 3:- Verify Your Email

  • Check your email inbox for a verification email from e-Pariksha.
  • Click on the verification link provided in the email to activate your account.
  • Use your registered username and password to log in to the e-Pariksha portal.

Step 4:- Complete Assessment Booking

  • Navigate to the assessment booking section.
  • Select the date and time for your assessment.

Step 5:- Book Written and Oral Exams

  • Proceed to book your written and oral exams for the MEO Class-IV.

Step 6:- Rebooking for Failed Exams

  • If you fail an exam, you can rebook it through the e-Pariksha portal.

Step 7:- Check Exam Results

  • Exam results are typically published between the 20th and 30th of each month on the e-Pariksha portal.

Step 8:- Update Your DGS E-Governance Profile

  • Ensure your DGS e-governance profile is up to date.

Step 9:- Update Your INDOS Profile

  • Make sure your INDOS profile is also updated.

Step 10:- Update Required Documents

  • Update all necessary documents, including 10th and 12th class details, pre-sea training details, sea service details, and all STCW certificates and advanced course certificates.

Step 11:- Pay the Exam Fee

  • Pay the required fee for the assessment, written exams, and oral exams.

Step 12:- Attend Assessment and Exams

  • Attend your assessments and exams as per the scheduled dates and times.

Step 13:- Receive Exam Results

  • After completing the exams, you will receive your results on the e-Pariksha portal.


In conclusion, the MEO Class 4 exam is an important step for aspiring marine engineers who want to work as junior engineering officers in the merchant navy. Eligibility requirements include a B.Tech in Marine Engineering or Naval Architecture and a minimum of 183 days at sea on vessels with a propulsion power of at least 750 kW.

The exam is divided into oral and written examinations. Candidates must finish advanced training such as Advanced Fire Fighting, Medical First Aid, Survival Craft and Rescue Boat Proficiency, and Engine Room Simulator before the examination.

The evaluation procedure includes registering on the ePariksha portal, scheduling assessments and exams, updating DGS E-Governance and INDOS profiles, and ensuring that all relevant documents are up to date. Courses and tests cost around ₹65,000, excluding food and housing fees.

Overall, the MEO Class 4 exam is an important milestone for marine engineering experts, and passing it allows them to pursue a fulfilling career at sea.

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Is there any upper age limit for meo class 4 exam

Aman Manwal

Nope, there is no any such upper age limit for MEO Class 4 Exam. You just have to complete your sea time and gather necessary documents to become eligible for MEO Class IV.
You can check out your MEO Class IV Eligibility by CLICKING HERE.