MEO Class 2 , Eligibility, Syllabus 2024

1. What is MEO Class 2

Eligibility criteria for MEO Class 2
  • MEO Class 2, or Marine Engineer Officer Class 2, is a certification that signifies greater competence and knowledge in marine engineering. It is required for those who want to work as Second Engineers on ships.
  • MEO Class 2 certificate is required because Second Engineers manage the engine room and ensure the operation of various machinery and systems on board vessels. They are in charge of supervising maintenance, resolving technical issues, and directing the engineering crew.
  • It ensures that individuals have the necessary skills and knowledge to carry out these responsibilities properly, assuring maritime operations’ safety, efficiency, and compliance. It also expands job prospects and raises earning potential.

2. MEO Class 2 Eligibility

Regulation/ CategoryColumn A(Qualifying Sea Service)Column B (Propelling Time)
STW 2010 Regulation III/2 2nd Engineer 3000 KW or moreTotal Minimum approved sea service after obtaining class IV part B (III/1)Min watchkeeping on the main propulsion machinery or UMS duties (on ship 750KW or more)
Motor (M)12 Months8 Months
Steam (S)12 Months8 Months
Combined (Steam and Motor)16 months (8 months Motor+ months steam)12 months(6 month motor+ 6 month steam)
Endorsement (steam or motor)6 Months4 Months
MEO Class 2 Eligibility calculator

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3. Preparatory Courses for MEO Class 2

MEO Class 2 certification

You must finish four mandatory advanced courses to be eligible for your MEO Class 2 examination.

  1. Advanced Fire Fighting
  2. Proficiency in Survival Craft and Rescue Boats 
  3. Medical First Aid
  4. Engine Room Simulator training

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4. MEO Class 2 Exams

Marine Engineer Officer Class 2

MEO Class 2 certification is an important milestone in a marine engineer career, showing increased knowledge and competence for further responsibilities onboard a ship.

Successfully achieving MEO Class 2 certification, which includes tough exams covering a wide range of courses and practical tests of operational skills, proves a seafarer’s dedication, knowledge, and expertise in marine engineering and ship operation.

4.1:- MEO Class 2 Written Exams

  1. Marine Engineering Knowledge (General)
  2. Marine Engineering Knowledge (Motor)
  3. Marine Electro Technology
  4. Marine Engineering Practice
  5. Naval Architecture
  6. Ship Safety, Environmental Protection Care

Passing Marks/Percentage: Out of 100 marks, a minimum of 50% is required for passing.

4.2:- MEO Class 2 Oral Exam (Functions):

  1. FUNCTION 3 – Naval Architecture and Safety (Controlling the operation of the ship and caring for persons onboard).
  2. FUNCTION 4b – Marine Engineering Knowledge (Motor and General).
  3. FUNCTION 5 – Marine Electro Technology
  4. FUNCTION 6 – Marine Engineering Practice.

Passing Marks/Percentage: Passing percentage is 60%.

5. MEO Class 2 Eligibility from UK

36 months of sea serviceCandidates must have completed 36 months of sea service, including 12 months as an Engine Officer of the Watch (EOOW), III/1, on vessels with a minimum engine power of 750 kW. This should include at least 9 months in full charge of the watch or with designated Unmanned Machinery Space (UMS) duties.
Apply for LIA (Letter of Initial Assessment)Candidates should apply for a Letter of Initial Assessment (LIA) to initiate the assessment process.
Valid ENG1 or accepted equivalentCandidates must possess a valid ENG1 medical fitness certificate or an accepted equivalent.
UKVI English Language Test (Optional)Depending on the college and course duration (less than 6 months), candidates may need to take the UKVI English Language Test.
Recommended to apply for NOE at the start of the courseCandidates should apply for a Notice of Eligibility (NOE) at the beginning of the course to streamline the certification process.

Candidates who have completed 36 months of sea time, including 12 months as an EOOW (Fourth Engineer / 3rd Engineer / 2nd Engineer), are eligible for Chief Engineer Exams.

6. Compulsory Courses for MEO Class 2

These courses are required for candidates pursuing an Engine Officer of the Watch (EOOW) UK Certificate of Competency (COC) and are held in Mumbai, India, with authority from the Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) of the UK.

1. Personal Safety and Social Responsibility (PSSR)

2. Proficiency in Survival Craft & Rescue Boats (PSC& RB)

3. Advanced Firefighting

4. Medical First Aid

5. High Voltage (Management) – Mandatory

6. Helm (Management) – Mandatory

7. Tanker Course and DC Endorsement

7. Comparison of MEO Class 2 Certification India vs UK

Second Engineer certification

Both certifications prepare engineers to operate as Second Engineers, the particular requirements and procedures vary depending on the regulatory framework and standards established by the various maritime authorities in India and the United Kingdom.

AspectMEO Class 2 from IndiaMEO Class 2 from the UK
Regulatory AuthorityGoverned by the Directorate General of Shipping (DGS) in India, responsible for overseeing maritime regulations and certifications within Indian waters.Governed by the Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) in the UK, ensuring adherence to stringent maritime standards and regulations for vessels operating under the UK flag.
Eligibility Criteria– Minimum of 36 months of sea service, with at least 12 months as an Engine Officer of the Watch (EOOW).– Minimum of 36 months of sea service, with specific time requirements as an Engine Officer of the Watch (EOOW).
– At least 9 months in full charge of the watch or with designated Unmanned Machinery Space (UMS) duties.– Completion of training courses sanctioned by MCA.
– Undergo mandatory training courses approved by DGS.– Proficiency in the English language.
– Pass examinations conducted by DGS to qualify for MEO Class 2 certification.
Training– Conducted at DG Shipping-approved maritime training institutes across India.– Training courses may be held in the UK or at MCA-approved training centres worldwide.
– Provides comprehensive instruction and practical experience tailored to meet DGS standards.– Ensures candidates receive quality education and hands-on training following UK maritime guidelines.
Certification Process– Upon meeting eligibility criteria and completing required training and examinations, candidates are granted MEO Class 2 certification by DGS.– Following the fulfilment of eligibility criteria and satisfactory completion of training and assessments, candidates receive the EOOW UK Certificate of Competency (COC) from MCA.


Marine engineering exams

To summarise, getting Class 2 certification is an important achievement in a marine engineer’s career, representing increased ability and experience for taking on bigger tasks aboard ships. Whether done in India or the United Kingdom, achieving the strict eligibility requirements and completing the required training courses prepares candidates for the challenging post of Second Engineer.

MEO Class 2 certification certifies that individuals have the skills and knowledge required to efficiently manage the engine room, supervise maintenance activities, and ensure the safe operation of maritime machinery and systems. Furthermore, it opens up varied job prospects and contributes to professional progression within the marine sector.

MEO Class 2 Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the eligibility criteria for obtaining MEO Class 2 certification?

  • To qualify for MEO Class 2 certification, candidates must have a minimum of 36 months of sea service, with at least 12 months served as an Engine Officer of the Watch (EOOW). 
  • Additionally, candidates must undergo mandatory training courses approved by the relevant maritime authority and pass examinations to meet certification requirements.

Q: What are the compulsory preparatory courses required for the MEO Class 2 examination?

  • The compulsory preparatory courses for the MEO Class 2 examination typically include Advanced Fire Fighting, Proficiency in Survival Craft and Rescue Boats, Medical First Aid, and Engine Room Simulator training. 

Q: How does the certification process for MEO Class 2 vary between India and the UK?

  • In India, candidates need to meet DGS requirements, train at approved institutes, and pass DGS exams. In the UK, they must fulfill MCA prerequisites, complete approved training, and pass assessments for the EOOW UK COC.

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