Medical of Kidney, Gallbladder & Private parts in the Merchant Navy

We have already discussed the importance of medical examinations in the merchant navy. It is one mandatory examination that works as a gateway to become a sailor. Today we will discuss various other body parts and their eligibility conditions in the merchant navy.


  • Hydronephrosis – is a medical condition where one or both kidneys swells because it can not drain the urine which later builds up in there. If you experience problems such as painful urine or pain in the side or back of your back, you must get yourself diagnosed with a doctor. In the merchant navy, Hydronephrosis is allowed only when it is treated completely. If you suffer from this medical condition presently and wish to join the ship, it is important you get proper treatment. 
Hydronephrosis medical
  • Kidney Stone – These are hard deposits made of minerals and salts that form inside your kidneys. It is accompanied by severe sharp pain in the abdomen, side or back of the body. As a seafarer if you go on the ship with risk of kidney stones then it can pose health problems that might not be curable on the ship. Hence to avoid any such damage, Merchant Navy does not allow any candidate with the medical condition of kidney stones to pursue their career on ship. If the stone is surgically treated and removed without any lingering future risk then, you are eligible to become a part of the maritime community.
kidney stone medical
kidney stone


Suppose an aspiring seafarer went through some medical procedure where he had to remove his gallbladder. After the treatment, he witnesses no sign of physical unfitness and appears for the medical examination in the merchant navy. In this case, since the candidate was healthy even after the removal of gallbladder, he will be eligible for the merchant navy.

gallbladder medical

Ectopic Kidney

Ectopic Kidney is a kidney located below, above, or on the opposite side of the kidney’s normal position in the urinary tract. This is generally a condition from birth. And if the person can function well under such a situation then, he/she is eligible to sit for medicals in the merchant navy. 

ectopic kidney medical
ectopic kidney

One Kidney

There can be two possible reasons for having only 1 kidney in the body. 

  1. Birth – If a person has 1 kidney from birth and their body’s acclimatized with one kidney and can perform all the functions smoothly then it can be termed as  a congenital kidney condition. This condition is allowed in the medicals of the merchant navy given that it poses no risk to the sailor in future. 
  1. Kidney Failure – Suppose you suffered from kidney failure due to which the doctor had to remove it from your body permanently. Now if you go for the medicals in the merchant navy, the doctor will diagnose and find out the reasons for your kidney failure. However, removal of a kidney due to failure is a direct rejection from the medical department as it does not guarantee the health of another kidney disqualifying the candidate from merchant navy.
kidney failure

Private Body Parts 

  1.  Phimosis Phimosis is a condition of the penis that occurs in some adults and children who aren’t circumcised. If you have phimosis, your foreskin can’t be pulled back. In this case, it is important you get the required treatment like circumcision before sitting for the medicals in the merchant navy. 
  1. Breast shape/size – It is absolutely normal to have different shapes or sizes of breasts as long as it comes with no physiological problem. For example – if someone has one breast with a little more bend angle but faces no physical problem related to it then, they are eligible for the merchant navy. 
  1. Hydrocele – is a type of swelling in the scrotum when the fluid collects in the thin sheath surrounding the testicle. However, this is a painless condition which can turn into a heaviness of the scrotum if the condition persists. Merchant navy do not allow untreated conditions of Hydrocele.
  1.  Varicocele – is an enlargement of the veins within the loose bag of skin that holds the testicles (scrotum). If you suffer from this condition then you might face pain or discomfort while standing for long hours. In the merchant navy, Varicocele can automatically disqualify you from the medicals. 
  1. Size of Testis – If there is no medical condition associated with the disproportionate size of testis and it does not hinder the normal functioning of your body, then there is no issue in having differing sizes of the testis. 
  1. Only 1 Testis –  There can be 3 possible reasons for having one testis. These are – 
  •  Undescended testes from birth – Many times, during birth both testis descend to scrotum. But, if one or both the testes are not descended at the time of birth that means, there is a medical problem and has to be surgically corrected. 
  •  Born with only 1 testis – If someone is born with only 1 testis and shows no sign of infection, pain or any physiological risk and wants to pursue their career in the merchant navy, they are eligible to do so. 
  •  Testis removed surgically – An orchiectomy is a surgical procedure to remove one or both testicles. Providers use this procedure to treat and prevent testicular cancer as well as treat male breast cancer and prostate cancer. If you have gone through this procedure chances are you are still at risk in the near future. This is one of the reasons why merchant navy does not allow a surgically removal of testes condition. 

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