Merchant Navy Interview Tips

Interview Tips For Merchant Navy

Interview tips for merchant navy
Merchant Navy Interview Tips

Interviews have become a very integral step to recruit candidates. Be it for getting an admission in any college or institute, getting a job or a promotion. These steps have been included to select only worthy candidates or to cut off the competition. With the increasing competition, it has become more difficult to clear an interview. Merchant Navy has also witnessed this type of surge of people and that is why the interview has become an important step to select candidates. Although there are very little and simple things that we need to keep in mind before giving an interview. In this blog, I will be sharing some of the interview tips and tricks that will definitely help you to clear the sponsorship of any company.

1. Communication skills:

interview tips communication skills

I have seen many students who give interviews like they are talking to their friends or relatives. There is a way to talk properly and diligently. Most of the interviews are being conducted in the English language. So try to improve your communication skills. There should be proper pronunciation and enunciation of words. 

We cannot learn this skill overnight. We need to practice it regularly. Some of the tricks that have helped me to learn this skill are:

  1. Reading novels or books
  2. listening to English podcasts.
  3. Practicing it by talking to your friends or even with yourself in front of a mirror. Remember one thing, “When you speak you improve”

If you will follow these interview tips, I assure you that you will certainly see an improvement.

2. Knowledge:

interview tips knowledge

Communication skills without knowledge is worthless. It is not the case that the interviewer is going to select you just on the basis of your communication skills. Knowledge is power, so to get selected in the company you should have proper knowledge about the post you are applying for. 

Many of the candidates lack in this thing. When people think about the Merchant Navy interview, they take it very casually and then fail miserably. Well, this is clearly a misconception that the interview round is merely a formality. It is actually an important round and you have to show your best side be it in knowledge or personality in that. 

3. Discuss: 

knowing your interviewer

Well there is a quote,” you are the average of the people, you hang out with the most”. So it is extremely necessary to surround yourself with people who are very motivated and constantly working towards their goals. 

If you have friends who are also preparing for the Merchant Navy interview, then discuss the topics with them. Studies have shown that if you discuss things you are more likely to remember things than you do by self-studying. It is one of the most common mistakes candidates make when they prepare for an interview. 

4. Knowing your Interviewer:

communication skills

You folks must have heard that the interviewer could ask you questions from anywhere. But certainly, this is not exactly the case. Interviewers have certain sets of questions to ask. But the main thing to focus on is you must talk to folks who have already cleared that interview it will definitely help you a lot. For every other organization, you have to prepare in a certain way. The best way to do it is to discuss it in an official group. You can join our telegram group where a lot of merchant navy aspirants share their experiences and interview tips.

5. Always have a Positive Attitude:

Always have a Positive Attitude:

Well, an interview is not only about checking your knowledge. They have already checked your knowledge in the written test. It is more of a personality checking and assessment round. 

There can be instances where the interviewer will try to pressurize you and that is when the decision is made. As Merchant Navy is an extremely stressful job. So when the interviewer tries to pressurize you, they want to see whether you can handle stress or not. I have seen many candidates who get pressured and make blunders. But the great way to tackle it is to calm yourself first and answer the question with a positive attitude. If you don’t know the answer, say it in a way that doesn’t sound rude and at the same time show your keen attitude to learn. 

In addition to this, you must answer the questions with a smile on your face. It always creates a good impression on the interviewer. But it should not be more than it is advisable, otherwise, it can also ruin your interview.

For most people writing an exam sounds easy but when it comes to giving an interview, they get very scared. But, the interview is mainly an assessment round. As we are all aware of the complexity of jobs for freshers. There are many companies that also include the group discussion round as a step to segregate the candidates. 

The seats are very limited and the competition is very high. And that is why the interview rounds have become more complex and tough.  With these interview tips in mind, you will definitely sail through it. 

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