How to start the Fixed Fire Fighting System or CO2 system in ship?

How to start the Fixed Fire Fighting System or CO2 system in ship?

Following are the procedures to start the Fixed Fire Fighting or CO2 system:

  1. Before entering the CO2 room switch the exhaust fan for proper Ventilation and keep the door open for 5 mins.
exhaust fan for ventilation

2. Take off the key and open the Master Control Cabinet which has a relay fitted and as soon as you open it there will be an alarm in engine room.

master control cabinet

3. When hearing the alarm all the engineers and crew members should leave the engine room.

4. To turn off the alarm press and hold the switch at the top, this indicates the relay that the cabinet panel is shut and CO2 alarm stops sounding.


5. Open the valves at the top shown in the image.


6. Then open the 1st valve and 2nd valve shown in image.


7. As soon you close the cabinet the alarm will stop.


The 7.2 kg bottle inside cabinet punctures two big bottles as mark called Pilot Cylinder. Now once the big CO2 bottle gets punctured, they have enough CO2 to puncture the rest 131 bottles very fast with the help of other bottles getting punctured.

direction of flow of CO2

All the CO2 released goes and waits in the pipeline so that the main isolating valve gets opened first. If carbon dioxide will be released and this valve is not opened, there might be a chance that the line could be pressurized and relief valve fitted in the line gets lifted all the CO2 gets released in the atmosphere.

CO2 gets released

So to avoid this kind of situations CO2 passes through the Time Delay unit which open the Main Isolating valve, this valve is air operated but it can be handled manually too. In the meantime the Time Delay unit diverts the CO2 to puncture the other CO2 bottles and the Limit switch will turn off the engine room blowers.

Other Safeties:

Manual puncturing: If the automation fails or the CO2 panel does not open we need to manually open the Main Isolating valve and individually puncture all the CO2 bottles.

manul puncturing CO2 bottles

Safety keys: Safety keys are given to use when you need to remove any CO2 bottle for maintenance. Safety pin, to be always in removed condition, only to be put in locked condition, when lifting bottle, such that accidentally the does not get released.


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