Duties of Pumpman in Merchant Navy

Duties of Pumpman in Merchant Navy

Pumpman in the merchant navy is an unlicensed member of the deck department. A pumpman is only found on board tankers, especially oil tankers. A Pumpman is responsible for the maintenance, safe and proper operation of the liquid cargo transfer system. This includes but is not limited to liquid cargo transfer pumps, liquid cargo stripping pumps, liquid cargo coalesces and separators, strainers, filters, associated piping, valves, fittings, and deck machinery directly related to the transfer of liquid cargo. 


Duties of a Pumpman in the merchant navy include- 

  • Obtaining work schedule and orders from Chief Officer. 
  • Obtaining orders and work schedule from the 2nd Engineer (if delegated for specific work in the engine room).
  • Carrying out tasks and working with other ship staff as per instructions received.
  • Assisting with cargo operations and maintenance of cargo equipment, as instructed by Chief Officer.
  • Assisting in mooring/unmooring operations.
  • Carrying out the assigned work in a safe and efficient manner. 
duties of pumpman in merchant navy
duties of pumpman

Note: When Pumpman in the merchant navy is also serving as Fitter or Bosun, the job responsibilities of a Pumpman or Bosun (as applicable) will apply in addition to these responsibilities. 

Working Conditions of a Pumpman in the Merchant Navy

Most seafarers work for long contracts of 6 – 9 months. They work on a contractual basis for the shipping company and get paid only for the duration of time that they serve onboard. At sea, the duties of a pumpman in the merchant navy extend for 8 – 12 hours a day, 7 days a week. However, this work schedule is not fixed and changes according to situations and circumstances. Especially during port operations, pumpmen can be called on deck for more than 12 hours depending on the circumstances. 

working conditions of pumpman
working conditions of pumman

Salary of Pumpman  

The position of a Pumpman in the merchant navy is very critical on onboard tankers, especially on oil tankers. They play a very important role in cargo loading and discharging. Therefore they are paid quite a high salary compared to other deck and engine ratings. On average Pumpman gets paid around 1500$ – 2000$ per month.   

pumpan in merchant navy
merchant navy


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