hot o join Merchant Navy?

Why did I join the Merchant Navy?

It was the year 2002, I was in class 12th and still lost about where my career was progressing. Just like any regular boy, I started dreaming about joining the respected Armed forces and had no clue about the Merchant navy. Another reason was that I knew clearly that IIT was something I could never qualify for. So, after passing out from Class 12th with 86%, I decided to prepare for NDA.

Well, to be honest, I was not even serious about NDA because the sense of learning and desire to achieve something was still missing and I was already 17.5 years old. They say, anything done half-heartedly leads to failure and I guess I was destined to fail. Sadly, for me, I did not learn my lesson with my first failure and I failed two more times. The three failures at NDA SSB (each time Conference out), did tell me something and that was, there was something seriously wrong with me. I could clearly see my friends moving ahead and I was the odd one out. The burden of being a two-year dropper was becoming unbearable. Facing family members and relatives was becoming difficult with each passing day.


NATIONAL DEFENCE ACADEMY, KHADAKWASLA (Place where I wanted to be at first)

My father sensed my demoralized attitude and after borrowing money from relatives and friends sent me to FIIT JEE Delhi to study. The change in atmosphere in Kalu Sarai, Delhi was one big turning point. So many focused faces around me studying for one aim, made me believe for the first time that even “I CAN”. Well, after studying rigorously for one year giving my complete efforts, I managed to win against my first fear and that was clearing IIT Screening with AIR 7148. Well, achieving some sort of success was great but I lost focus when the IIT Mains exam was around the corner, the result was, another failure, and had to be satisfied with the rank of AIR 5484.

IIT Delhi

Staying and preparing near IIT Delhi, I wanted to get here but once again my dream shattered

How I got into MERI Kolkata

Once again, I was nowhere with only an option of doing Mechanical Engineering from Pantnagar. My father had invested all he had and I had given the best I could but with no results. I stopped meeting my relatives, crying and praying were my two favorite pastimes then. As luck would have it, my IIT Mains rank got me counseling for TS Chanakya and MERI Kolkata. Today, students are a hundred times more informed than I was at that time, while choosing my career, thanks to technological advancements. At the last moment of counseling, I decided to choose MERI Kolkata over TS Chanakya. Thus, my journey in Marine Engineering started.

MERI Kolkata

After two shattered dreams, I landed up here, at my ALMA MATER (MERI Kolkata)

To be very honest, I have seen more failures than successes and I still feel that I was fortunate enough to join Marine Engineering even though I had not planned for it. My goals kept changing but destiny had some other plans. Today I feel that I am blessed to have chosen the right career for myself. I was never into studies, a 9 to 5 job would have killed me. However, I loved playing sports and taking part in extra-curricular activities, especially in College. I always hated working on a fixed schedule, I hated doing the same repetitive things daily. I loved taking risks and new challenges each day. With that, I had a strong desire to earn money to escalate my family’s position economically. I always knew that I was not very intelligent but yes, a hardworking person. All these things encouraged me to join the Merchant Navy, but more than that it was the responsibility to live up to the expectations of my father. Fortunately, I crossed my path to this great profession. Whatever I am today is just because of the choices that I made years back.

If you want to join the same profession, then first you should learn about the Merchant Navy, and after learning about the merchant navy if you are still passionate about this profession and want someone to guide you in this amazing journey then you can check out the free guidance series on How to Join Merchant Navy from Merchant Navy Decoded.

How to join Merchant Navy

If you have decided to join this profession then don’t spare any second thought over it. Just go for it, I am not saying that you will get what you want in the life in the first try but if you are hardworking enough, dedicated enough then with the right guidance of Merchant Navy Decoded you can surely achieve this dream of joining Merchant Navy.

Chief Engineer in Merchant Navy
That’s me “A Chief Engineer in the Merchant Navy”

– Praneet Kumar Mehta.

Chief Engineer

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Inspired as always
Hats off…!!!!


Sir You are a real hero for everyone especially gme aspirants. You always speak through your pure heart 💓 & why have you said that you are not so intelligent, your ssc result & iit rank says all 😊
I’m 27 & 2 month yr old million debt person,by qualification- 10th passed with 72.5%, diploma in m.e (70.5%), btech in m.e (66%) with NCC ‘B’ and ‘C’ Certificate. I planned for gme in may 2019 but somehow I was into other field from where I got big financial losses & this was my 4th life failure. After this on my birthday ( 25th Dec 2020), someone wish me saying that “bhaiya kitne saal k ho gye, I replied 27 yr completed. He said 27 ! 27 saal barbaad bc. I felt laugh & guilty at that same time. From that day examine that what i have today in my hand, I found nothing except millions of rupee debts. Then I decided to quit completely bad habits which was last-long with me for 10 years( cigarette, drink, marijuana, non-veg & masturbation) & started focus for gme sponsorship. I gave written exam for Anglo eastern but I didnt get cleared it & still I’m on fighting mode. Isse pehle mene aug 2020 me geims ka written exam clear kr diya tha but at the time of interview mene casualty dikha di. Let see what would happen into my life, kya is doobte hue ko naov milti hai ya nahi🙂
Ajtak sahi guide krne wla koi mila nhi or ab zindagi ke failures ne ache se guide kr diya Mann hua bhaiya to likh diya, Jai maata dii🙏🕉️🙏

Manish Bisht

It’s my personal feelings which I hv shared, so pls forgive me agar mujse kisi bi prakar ki galti hue to. To hurt anyone heart n self respect isn’t my objective, Love u sir💓 n your dedicated work.
I believe this website will fulfill everyone’s (especially shipping-field) career, desire & dreams✌️


It was a great read sir…looking forward to hear more from u..I read somewhere that failure can teach best lessons in life that success cannot and you are the living proof of that..sir,thank you so much for sharing your life experience with us…….

Yogesh Jankar

Very interesting sir


Helo sir..iread ur entire story how u reached Meri Kolkata and become chief engineer…sir let me tell frankly that am also going the same lifestyle like ur going through because after 12 idid coaching for medical and not selected even though I hardworked to get seat in mbbs my aim was to get armed forced medical college ..but unfortunately I didn’t got even mbbs govt seat atlast igave Cochin univsty entrance got admission in Marine engineering..and also regret by 2yrs wastage am a 3rd yr Marine engg student from Kerala sir..

Aniket Patil

respected sir,
I can relate your story of struggle to mine at first NDA (2012-2013) then IIT(2013) and ended up with mechanical engineering from Pune. Now i have to be part of merchant navy and would love to sail with you very soon.
thanking you.