Different machinery where chemicals are used onboard ship |

Uses of Chemicals in ship | Different machinery where chemicals are used onboard ship |

Chemicals play a crucial role in the safe and efficient operation of ships. From fuel additives to cleaning agents, lubricants to water treatment chemicals, a wide range of substances are used onboard vessels to ensure smooth sailing, prevent equipment damage, and maintain a safe and healthy environment. These chemicals are carefully selected, stored, and handled by trained professionals to meet the specific needs and requirements of different systems and operations on a ship. In this article, we will explore the diverse range of chemicals used on ships and their importance in supporting maritime operations.

Different machinery where chemicals are used onboard ships:


Chemicals are essential for maintaining the integrity of boilers and preventing corrosion. By adding chemicals to the boiler system, the formation of corrosive substances is minimized. This ensures that the boiler tubes remain in good condition, scaling is minimized, and efficient heat transfer takes place. With proper corrosion control, the efficiency and lifespan of the boiler are optimized, leading to reliable and long-lasting operation.

boiler in ships

Fresh Water Generators:

Chemicals are employed in fresh water generators to prevent scaling on the evaporator side. Scaling occurs due to the accumulation of mineral deposits, which can hinder the performance of the fresh water generator. By adding appropriate chemicals, scaling is minimized, reducing the frequency of cleaning required. This ensures that the fresh water generator operates efficiently, providing a reliable source of fresh water for various onboard needs.

Fresh Water Generators in ship

Main Engine Air Cooler:

Chemicals are utilized for the cleaning of main engine air coolers. Due to their large size, air coolers cannot be easily removed for cleaning. Therefore, onboard chemical cleaning of the air side is performed. Chemicals are applied to dissolve and remove accumulated dirt, debris, and deposits from the air cooler surfaces. This cleaning process helps maintain optimal heat transfer efficiency, ensuring the main engine operates at peak performance.

Main Engine Air Cooler in ship

Exhaust Gas Boiler (EGB):

Chemicals are employed in the cleaning and maintenance of the exhaust gas boiler. The exhaust gas flowing through the EGB contains carbon deposits that can reduce heat transfer efficiency. Chemicals are injected into the EGB to react with these carbon deposits, lowering their melting point. This facilitates easier removal of the deposits during subsequent cleaning procedures. Soot blowing, which involves injecting high-pressure steam into the tube stacks, is performed to remove the loosened carbon deposits. Regular chemical cleaning and soot blowing help maintain the efficiency and reliability of the EGB.

Exhaust Gas Boiler (EGB) in ship

Importance of proper chemical monitoring and procedures:

Importance of proper chemical monitoring and procedures

Proper monitoring of chemicals and adherence to correct procedures are crucial aspects of onboard ship routines. Diligently maintaining the correct quantity and quality of chemicals added to various systems ensures optimal performance and trouble-free operation of equipment. Regular checks, proper documentation, and adherence to recommended maintenance schedules are essential to prevent long-term problems.

By following these protocols, ship operators can mitigate issues, extend equipment lifespan, and ensure the smooth running of onboard machinery.


Chemicals play a vital role in maintaining the efficient and reliable operation of various systems onboard ships. From preventing corrosion in boilers to minimizing scaling in fresh water generators, and from cleaning main engine air coolers to maintaining the performance of exhaust gas boilers, chemicals are crucial for ensuring the longevity and optimal performance of ship machinery.

Diligent monitoring, adherence to recommended procedures, and routine maintenance are essential to maximize the benefits of chemicals and ensure trouble-free operation at sea. By prioritizing the correct usage of chemicals, ship operators can significantly enhance the safety, efficiency, and longevity of their vessels.


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