mountings on sewage treatment plant

Mountings in sewage treatment plant in ship

There are several mountings in sewage treatment plant which are necessary for the proper functioning of the plant.

STP Blower:

STP Blower

In a ship’s sewage treatment plant, an air blower is a vital component used in the aeration process. The primary purpose of the air blower is to supply oxygen to the biological treatment unit, which helps in the breakdown of organic matter present in the sewage.

Pressure gauge:

Pressure gauge

In the air blower there’s a pressure gauge fitted which tell us how efficiently it is working. If the pressure is less that means the blower is not developing pressure and there’s a problem with the blower but if the pressure is more that means the other lines may be chocked.

Non-return valve:

Non-return valve

A non-return valve is an important mountings attached to the air blower towards the discharge side.

Back washing line valve:

Back washing line valve

There’s a back washing line which normally kept in closed condition, only used when we need to clean the packing media to remove the excreta which got stuck in it.

Oil glass:

There’s an oil glass which shows the oil level in the air blower to keep it functioning properly.

Capacitive type level probe:

Capacitive type level probe

It is used for maintaining treated sewage level in chlorination chamber and also raising an alarm when the sewage reaches high level. When water level reaches at a low level it signals the control panel to stop the pump and when water level reaches high level it signals the control panel to start the pump.


Vents provide a means to release sewer gases outside instead of inside the house.

STP sample point:

STP sample point

Sampling in a ship’s sewage treatment plant is carried out daily to assess the treated sewage’s quality, ensure compliance with discharge standards and identify and address any problems in the system. In the image given above that is the STP sample point mountings from where sample testing is done. The sample should be clear in colour, if coloured that means your sewage is not being treated properly. Then we need to perform back flushing and ensure the system is working properly.

Control Panel:

Control Panel

A control panel in a sewage treatment plant is an important mountings as it is a centralized system that allows operators to monitor and control various processes and equipment involved in wastewater treatment. It typically consists of a collection of electronic devices, displays, and controls that enable efficient management of the treatment plant’s operations. Please look at the fig given below to know the functions of each switch.

UV sterilizer:

UV sterilizer

A UV sterilizer, also known as a UV disinfection system, is a component used in a sewage treatment plant on a ship to eliminate microorganisms present in the treated sewage. It utilizes ultraviolet (UV) light to achieve disinfection.

Sewage discharge pump:

Sewage discharge pump

A sewage discharge pump, also known as a sewage effluent pump, is a key component of a sewage treatment plant in a ship. Its primary function is to pump treated sewage or effluent from the treatment plant to the designated discharge point, either overboard or to an onboard holding tank.

Chlorination chamber:

Chlorination chamber

A chlorine chamber in a sewage treatment plant is a compartment where chlorine is added to the treated sewage as a disinfection measure. Chlorine is commonly used as a chemical agent to kill the microorganisms in the treated sewage before it is discharged overboard or further treated, depending on the ship’s regulations and requirements. From the image below you can see the valve through which we add chlorine tablets in the chamber.


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