MEO Class 4 Eligibility & Documents Required for 2024


Merchant Navy 2024

The MEO Class 4 exam is required for aspiring marine engineers who want to become Marine Engineer Officer Class 4 certified. This certification is required for persons who want to work as junior engineering officers on merchant navy ships.

The exam is normally divided into two parts: Part A and Part B.

  • Part A provides theoretical knowledge of marine engineering, ship design, stability, and other essential areas of maritime engineering.
  • Part B focuses on applied mechanics, thermodynamics, and naval architecture, which assesses applicants’ knowledge of practical engineering principles.

Candidates who pass the MEO Class 4 exam and meet additional qualifying requirements such as sea time and advanced course completion can get their MEO Class 4 certification and pursue a career as a marine engineer officer.

1:- MEO Class 4 Basic Eligibility Criteria

MEO Class 4 Exam
  • To be eligible for the MEO Class 4 exam, you must have a Bachelor of Engineering (BE) or Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech) in Marine Engineering or Naval Architecture from an approved university. 
  • You must spend at least 183 days at sea on vessels with a propulsion power of at least 750 kW.

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2:- MEO Class 4 Advance Course and Eligibility Criteria 

Marine Engineer 2024

Passing tests is not the only step toward becoming a certified Marine Engineer Officer (MEO) Class 4.

Let’s get into the specifics of these courses and the eligibility requirements you must complete.

CourseDurationMinimum Seatime Requirement
Advanced Fire Fighting (AFF)5 days6 months
Proficiency in Survival Craft and Rescue Boats (PSCRB)5 days6 months
Medical First Aid (MFA)4 days6 months
Engine Room Simulator (ERS)3 days6 months

3:- MEO Class 4 Assessment Checklist

MEO Class 4 2024

There are exemption criteria for various courses based on prior qualifications and experience. Candidates should contact the appropriate authorities for more information.

Here’s an assessment checklist for MEO Class 4 eligibility:

3.1:- Part A Exemption and Examination

1. Copy of filled pages of CDC (Continuous Discharge Certificate)

2. Copy of filled pages of Passport

3. Indos Number Certificate

4. Educational Qualification documents (HSC, SSC, All Semester Mark sheets, Degree)

5. Pre-Sea Training Course/4 years Marine Engineering Degree Certificate

6. Valid Medical Certificate

7. BST STCW Courses Certificate

8. STSDSD Course Certificate

9. Fees for MEO CLASS IV Part A Exemption: Rs. 3050/-

10. Fees for MEO Class IV Part A Examination: Rs. 4050/-

3.2:- Part B Assessment and Booking

1. CDC including relevant pages on sea service

2. Copy of Passport

3. Validity page of RPSL No. issued by the company

4. Sea Service Testimonials

5. Certificates for all 4 Advance Courses (AFF, PSCRB, MFA, ERS)


7. Seafarers Profile

8. Fees Total: Rs. 11050/-

3.3:- Documents Required for MEO Class 4

1. Original Sea Service Details

2. Fees Details

4:- MEO Class 4 Eligibility Calculator

MEO Class 4 eligibility calculator

If you are struggling to find out whether you are eligible for MEO Class 4 exam and want to know the complete MEO Class 4 Eligibility then CLICK HERE to check out the latest eligibility calculator for MEO Class 4.

5:- Conclusion

Merchant navy

In conclusion, becoming certified as an MEO Class 4 professional is a big step for those who want to become maritime engineers. Along with meeting the educational and sea time criteria, completing the advanced courses is an important milestone in this path. These courses not only improve your talents but also ensure that you are fully prepared for the duties of a marine engineer officer.

5:- MEO Class 4 Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I update my DGS E-Governance profile?

To update your DGS E-Governance profile, log in to your account on the DGS website and navigate to the profile section. From there, you can update your personal and professional details as required. Ensure that all information is accurate and up to date.

2. Why is it important to update my INDoS profile?

Updating your INDoS profile is crucial as it is your unique identification number in the maritime industry. It is used for booking assessments and exams, and maintaining a record of your certifications and sea service.

3. What documents must I update for my MEO Class 4 assessment?

You must update your 10th and 12th class details, pre-sea training details, sea service details, and all STCW and advance course certificates. These documents are essential for proving your eligibility and qualifications for the MEO Class 4 assessment.

4. How do I register for an assessment and exam on the e-pariksha portal?

To register for an assessment and exam on the e-pariksha portal, you first need to create an account using your INDOS number. Once registered, you can book your assessment and exam slots through the portal.

5. What documents should I have for the assessment checklist?

For the assessment checklist, you should have all relevant documents related to your qualifications, sea service, and certifications. This includes your 10th and 12th class details, pre-sea training certificate, sea service testimonials, and all STCW and advanced course certificates.

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what papers or documents should an TME get before signing off from master/C.E ?

Aman Manwal

There is Sea Service Testimonial which you need to get with a sign of C.E. and Capt. then you need to get you Tar book sign with C.E. and after signing off you will be required Company Sea Service Letter from the head office of the company.


Sir y u didn’t mention abt NCV exam, there r candidate who want to go for NCV exam.. please guide them also

Aman Manwal

Hey Andrew, we are going to make a video on it very soon, till the time you can take help of TEAP Manual to learn about the requirement for NCV.