Jobs at Shipyards: A Comprehensive Guide | 2024

1:- What is a Shipyard?

Jobs at shipyard

A shipyard is a place where ships and other vessels are constructed, repaired, and overhauled. The shipyards have the specialized equipment, manpower, and infrastructure needed to manage everything of shipbuilding and maintenance. Shipyards are often located near water bodies to allow ships easy access.

Shipyards are responsible for providing opportunities to seafarers who want to shift from ship to shore. If you want to know what opportunities shipyards hold for seafarers then check out our free Ship to Shore Guidance Series.

Ship to Shore Guidance Series

2:- Jobs at Shipyards

Jobs at shipyard 2024

Jobs at shipyards can be broadly categorized into two main sectors: shipbuilding and ship repair/maintenance. Each sector offers a wide array of opportunities for individuals with diverse skill sets and interests.

Shipbuilding jobs at shipyard.

2.1:- Shipbuilding Jobs at Shipyards

  • Naval Architects and Marine Engineers: These professionals are involved in designing ships and overseeing their construction.
  • Welders and Fabricators: They are responsible for joining and fabricating metal parts to construct ship structures.
  • Electricians and Electronics Technicians: They install and maintain electrical and electronic systems on ships.
  • Mechanical Engineers and Technicians: They work on the mechanical systems of ships, including engines and propulsion systems.
  • Painters and Coaters: They apply protective coatings and paints to the ship’s hull and structures.

2.2:- Ship Repair/Maintenance Jobs at Shipyards

  • Marine Mechanics and Technicians: They diagnose and repair mechanical issues in ships.
  • Pipefitters and Plumbers: They install and repair piping systems on ships.
  • Carpenters and Joiners: They work on the interior fittings and structures of ships.
  • Riggers and Crane Operators: They handle rigging and lifting operations during ship repair.
  • Quality Inspectors: They ensure that repairs and maintenance meet industry standards.

3:- Cochin Shipyard Salary

Job at shipyard

The average monthly salary at Cochin Shipyard Ltd ranges from approximately ₹10,200 for Technician Trainees to ₹1,20,928 for Deputy Managers. 

Please note that these figures are approximate and may vary based on individual qualifications and experience.

Here is a salary table for various positions at Cochin Shipyard Ltd based data:

DepartmentPositionAverage Monthly Salary (INR)
Installation & MaintenanceInspector₹21,778
Installation & MaintenanceTechnician Trainee₹10,200
Installation & MaintenanceMechanic₹20,777
Administrative AssistanceTechnical Assistant₹65,339
Administrative AssistanceProject Assistant₹25,264
Administrative AssistanceSafety, Health and Environment Assistant₹20,897
ManagementDeputy Manager₹1,20,928
ManagementAssistant Manager₹1,15,262
ManagementJunior Safety Engineer₹40,221
Mechanical EngineeringMarine Engineer₹60,000
Mechanical EngineeringCommissioning Engineer₹49,339
Production & ManufacturingGeneral Worker₹17,842
Production & ManufacturingFabricator₹18,400
Production & ManufacturingWelder/Fitter₹57,259

4:- Conclusion 

Cochin Shipyard

In conclusion, a shipyard is an important facility for the construction, repair, and maintenance of ships and other vessels. Jobs in shipyards range from shipbuilding to repair and maintenance, providing opportunities for people with diverse skill sets and interests.

In conclusion, shipyards play an important role in the marine industry, creating job opportunities and contributing to the economy. Shipyards are an appealing career option for many people wishing to work in the maritime industry because of the varied range of professions available and good pay.

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