How to start an Emergency generator

How to start Emergency Generator on ship?

There are three ways to start an emergency generator:

  1. Automatically starts: When it senses that the power supply is gone, main generators are not running black out is there so it will start automatically and take load.
  2. Manual start: Doing it manually by going into the emergency generator room there is a switch inside the panel- on one side it is written engine, if we put it on engine then the generator will only start. Another is engine Air Circuit Breaker (ACB) that means it will start and it will connect the ACB to come on load as well. It gives supply to the electric motor, this electric motor starts cranking the emergency generator and it starts.
Manual start of Emergency Generator

3. Mechanical spring starter for starting Emergency generator: The first two ways are the electrical ways, what if it fails so we need to have a mechanically starting option. It can be done by the following ways:

i. Engage the spring starter motor.

Mechanical spring starter for starting Emergency generator

ii. Put the fuel lever in maximum position.

Emergency generator

iii. Charge the spring starter motor manually. See the colour in the indicator it is green which means it is unwounded, you have to energies the spring starter and we have to make it red.

Emergency generator

iv. Start rotating it manually with handle.

Emergency generator

v. Now you can see it is full energised, so you need to remove the handle.

Emergency generator

vi. Now since the spring starter motor is engaged, you need to push the lever down and the generator will start.

emergency generator


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