Environmentally Friendly Chemicals for Ship Cleaning

Environmentally Friendly Chemicals for Ship Cleaning: 

In the maritime industry, the use of chemicals is unavoidable when it comes to ship cleaning tasks such as mopping the deck, engine room platform, engine control room, and accommodations. 

Environmentally Friendly Chemicals for Ship Cleaning

However, stringent regulations now demand that these cleaning agents be environmentally friendly, biodegradable, and pose no harm to the marine ecosystem when disposed of into seawater. To meet these requirements, traditional chemicals like aids or alkaline cleaners are no longer considered suitable. 

Instead, special types of chemicals, such as Enviromate and Envirocare, have been introduced for cleaning operations on board ships. This blog post aims to shed light on the importance of using these environmentally friendly chemicals and the significance of maintaining a comprehensive database to ensure compliance. 

The Need for Environmentally Friendly Chemicals: 

The Need for Environmentally Friendly Chemicals

The marine environment is highly sensitive and vulnerable to pollution. Harmful chemicals released into seawater can have devastating consequences on marine life and ecosystems. Recognizing this, authorities have implemented stricter regulations to protect our oceans. As a result, ship operators must now prioritise the use of environmentally friendly cleaning agents that are biodegradable and have no adverse impact on marine environments. 

The Hazards of Traditional Cleaning Chemicals: 

Traditional cleaning chemicals, such as aids or alkaline agents, have long been used in ship cleaning routines. However, their chemical composition poses a significant threat to the marine ecosystem. When these chemicals mix with seawater, they can cause severe harm to marine life, disrupt natural habitats, and contaminate the water. In light of these risks, the industry has shifted towards safer alternatives.

Introducing Enviromate and Envirocare: 

To meet the evolving regulatory standards and ensure compliance with environmentally friendly practices, special chemicals like Enviromate and Envirocare have been introduced for ship cleaning purposes. 

Introducing Enviromate and Envirocare

These products are specifically formulated to be biodegradable, non-toxic, and readily mix with seawater without causing harm to marine life or ecosystems. By using these chemicals, we can effectively clean our ships while minimising our environmental impact. 

Maintaining a Comprehensive Database: 

To ensure transparency and accountability, it is crucial to maintain a complete database of the chemicals used on board. At the end of each month, a detailed list is compiled, documenting the type and quantity of chemicals used, as well as the quantities received. This database is not only maintained onboard each ship but also at the company level. By meticulously recording and monitoring our chemical usage, we can demonstrate our commitment to environmental care and respond to any regulatory inquiries with ease. 


As regulations governing the maritime industry become increasingly strict, the use of environmentally friendly chemicals for ship cleaning is no longer an option but a necessity.

Environmentally Friendly Chemicals for Ship Cleaning

By embracing products like Enviromate and Envirocare, we can protect our marine ecosystems, minimise pollution, and meet the stringent requirements set forth by authorities. Furthermore, by maintaining a comprehensive database, we establish a culture of accountability and contribute to sustainable practices within the industry. Let us continue to prioritize the health of our oceans and work towards a cleaner, greener maritime future.


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