Continuous Discharge Certificate | How to Apply and Importance.

If you are a seafarer or aspire to be one, you must have come across the word ‘CDC or Seaman’s Book’. You may wonder what this is all about and why it is so important. Here, we will discuss the Continuous Discharge Certificate and its importance in the Merchant Navy. You will get to know about the following terms in depth which will further help you understand the nooks and corners of the DG Shipping website as far as the Continuous Discharge Certificate is concerned.

1:- What is CDC? CDC Fullform

  • CDC full form stands for ‘Continuous Discharge Certificate’. It is sometimes called Seaman’s Book as well.
  • In simple words, the CDC is a document similar to the passport except for the fact that it accounts for all the contracts a seafarer does and is used as an official document to calculate the sea time of a seafarer.
  • It is issued by the Government of the country that a Seafarer resides in and certifies that the person holding the document is a seafarer. Without the CDC, a person cannot board a vessel as he/she may be deemed ‘un-seaworthy’ in compliance with the STCW Convention.
  • A CDC once issued is valid for 10 Years.
  • Learn more about CDC and other topics related to the mariner with our free DG Shipping Guidance Program.
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1.1:- Contents of the Continuous Discharge Certificate.

Contents of the Continuous Discharge Certificte
  1. Personal Details:- DOB, Place of Birth, Next of Kin details, Eye & Hair Colour, Sex, Nationality, etc
  2. Details of Certificates:- STCW Courses Certificates, Name of Certificate, Number, Date and Place of Issue
  3. Details of Voyages
    • Name of ship, IMO Number, Official Number, Port of Registry, Kw
    • Date and Place of Engagement 
    • Date and Place of Discharge
    • Description of Voyage – Foreign Going/ Near Coastal Voyage/ Indian Coastal Voyage.
    • Signature of Master with seal.

2:- How to Upload CDC documents while applying for CDC?

Documents that should be uploaded online are stated on the website once you wish to apply. It is a mandatory step and maintaining proper format while applying is particularly important.

Here is a List of all of the documents that you will need to upload online while applying for a fresh CDC. This List may come in handy and help you prepare a designated folder beforehand:

Sr. No.Document Required Format
1Scan Copy of the Online ApplicationPDF 
2Passport size (3.5 cm X 3.5 cm) photograph with clear white background face covering 70%JPG or JPEG 
3Scanned signature of seafarerJPG or JPEG 
4Colored scanned copy of original Passport (Pages where personal details, Photo, address details, and signature of passport authority are displayed )PDF 
5Colored scanned copy of original 10th Standard Pass Certificate / MarksheetPDF 
6Colored scanned copy of original Medical Fitness Certificate from DGS Approved Doctor ( Appendix IV and V )PDF 
7Colored scanned copy of original permanent address proof (Any one of them Passport, Aadhaar Card, Election Commission Photo ID card, and Permanent Driving License)PDF 

3:- How to Track CDC

Track your Dispatched CDC.
  • Once your Continuous Discharge Certificate has been approved by the SMO chosen, you will get an update on the CDC Management profile just like the one above. You will be shared a Speed Post no. which can be used to track your dispatched CDC.
  • CDC is usually sent through the India Post and you can track the dispatch details here.
Track your dispatched CDC.

4:- CDC Checker

CDC Checker
  • Any official document needs to be valid and up to date. A CDC is a document of utmost importance to the Seafarer and hence it becomes essential to know if it’s valid or not.
  • DG Shipping has come up with various tools on the website that help a seafarer to check and identify the credentials of various documents he/she might possess.
  • One such tool is the CDC checker which allows a seafarer to gather necessary details about the CDC.
  • It Particularly comes in handy when you do not have the CDC with you and need some critical information.
  • You may also print the same if needed using the CDC Checker

4.1:- What should you know to access CDC Checker on the DG Shipping website?

  1. CDC Number
  2. Date of Birth

This is all that you need to use the CDC Checker.

4.2:- Information provided by CDC Checker

  1. Name
  2. Date of Birth
  3. Indos No.
  4. CDC No.
  5. Issue Date
  6. Valid To
  7. Issue Place

5:- CDC Replacement

  • Seafarers are always on the go and hence it is common for them to lose/damage the CDC now and then.
  • If you ever lose/damage your CDC, do not panic as there is a way to get it replaced. It would take a bit more effort but it surely can be done.

5.1:- Documents Required for CDC Replacement

It is advised that you create a folder beforehand on your computer containing the following documents:

  1. Scan copy of the signed online application
  2. Passport size (3.5 cm X 3.5 cm) photograph with clear white background face covering 70%
  3. Scanned signature of seafarer
  4. Self-attested scanned copy of CDC(first and last two pages)
  5. Proof of STCW Familiarisation Courses (all Certificates in a single PDF file)
  6. Self-attested scanned copy of proof of Indian citizenship document (Passport or any other document).

6:- How to Apply for CDC Replacement?

Step 1: Go to DG Shipping Website -> E-Governance

How to apply for CDC Replacement?

Step 2: Log In with your User ID and Password

How to apply for CDC Replacement?

Step 3: Click on ‘CDC Management & CoC as Cook

How to apply for CDC Replacement?

Step 4: Click on ‘Submit Application’ -> ‘Replacement of CDC’

How to apply for CDC Replacement?

Step 5: Read the Instructions carefully and fill in the details

How to apply for CDC Replacement?

Step 6: Make a Payment of Rs. 700

How to apply for CDC Replacement?

Step 7: Submit all Documents

How to apply for CDC Replacement?

Step 8: Wait for Approval and Dispatch of the CDC

How to apply for CDC Replacement?

 7:- Takeaways

  • The process of applying for an Indian CDC is more or less simple if you know where exactly to look for. This blog should have provided you with such necessary details
  • The submission of documents and filling up of data is to be done very carefully to avoid unnecessary rejection of the application and subsequent payment of application fees.
  • Basic STCW courses(BST+ STSDSD) are a must to be eligible to apply for CDC. As soon as you complete these courses, you should apply for CDC to avoid any loss in time.
  • Different MMDs take different amounts of time for CDC approval and dispatch and hence should be chosen wisely.
  • It is advised to install the Mozilla Firefox browser on your computer DG Shipping website works best on Mozilla Firefox Browser

8:- Continuous Discharge Certificate FAQs

  1. Is Seaman Book and CDC the same?
  • Yes. Seaman’s Book and Continuos Discharge Certificate are similar terms.
  1. Which MMD is the best for CDC Application?
  • From Personal experience, Kolkata SMO(Shipping Master’s Office) is the fastest when it comes to CDC approval and dispatch, followed by Mumbai and lastly Chennai.
  1. How much time does it take for an Indian CDC to arrive home?
  • It may take anywhere between 14 days to 2  Months for the CDC application to be verified and arrive at your home.
  • Kolkata SMO – 14-20 days
  • Mumbai SMO – 20-30 days
  • Chennai SMO – 1 Month – 2 Months
  1. How do I get an Indian CDC?
  • Complete the Basic STCW courses(BST+ STSDSD) from a DG shipping-approved MTI and apply for the CDC online. Your Indos profile also needs to be updated before applying.
  1. What is the cost of an Indian CDC?
  • The CDC application will cost you Rs.700 if it is approved the very first time. If it is not, you will have to keep paying Rs. 700 till you get it approved.

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