Top 5 Problems GP Rating Face to get UK CoC.

Hey there, future officers! Ever wonder about the hurdles GP ratings face in becoming officers? Well, we’re here to discuss the common problems they tackle and, more importantly, how to conquer them. 

From tricky exams to difficult oral and interviews, we’ll break down each obstacle and hand you straightforward solutions. No need to worry – we’ve got your back! 


Switching from a GP rating to becoming an officer in the merchant navy is a transition that every GP rating crew wants to experience but the exams get tougher, asking more questions about sailing and how ships work. It’s a big step, and to make it, you need dedication and hard work.

Being a Merchant Navy officer isn’t just about knowing stuff; it’s about having the right mindset and good habits. Think of it like building the skills you’ll use throughout your career. Staying positive, always being ready to learn, and talking well with your team is key.

In this blog, we’re diving into the differences between being a GP rating and a merchant navy officer, the challenges you might face, and the journey to becoming an officer. It’s not just about passing exams – it’s about growing into a leader who knows the ropes of maritime work. 

1. Problems GP Rating faces when becoming an officer or Engineer with UK CoC

top 5 problem GP rating face to become an officer

1.1. Money ( 10-15 lakh for UK CoC)

The biggest hurdle for middle-class GP ratings aspiring to become an officer is the high cost—around 10-15 lakh for a UK CoC. Affording this cost can be tough for the middle class.

Solution: We’ve got a solution for the big cost of getting a UK CoC – save from your salary at sea. An oiler’s 10-month salary equals a chief engineer’s one-month salary. 

Don’t spend on luxury items and save for your UK CoC. It’s a smart move for the long run, putting you in good shape financially. 

By sacrificing a bit now, you’re investing in a brighter future as a certified officer in the merchant navy. 

1.2. Communication skills 

Poor communication skills can be a big challenge during oral examinations on your journey to becoming a merchant navy officer. 

Even if you know the answers, difficulty in expressing yourself can become a hurdle and it will be a major setback for your successful attempt to become an officer. 

Solution: To get better at talking during exams and on the ship, try speaking English with everyone on board. Attend group discussion sessions on the ship, and every day, spend some time practicing and learning English. This way, you can improve your communication skills and feel more confident during exams and in your job in the merchant navy.

1.3. Habit of Studying 

To become an officer, you must pass exams that include math and other science-related questions. If studying these subjects feels challenging, this blog will guide you with effective habits and tips.

Solution: The solution to this challenge of studying math and other subjects is dedicating a few hours each day to these topics. 

You can consider using the GP Rating Achiever Package by Merchant Navy Decoded for valuable resources and support.

GP Rating Achiever

1.4. Mindset 

Sometimes, the people around you can be discouraging. But remember, you don’t have to let their negativity bring you down. You need to keep working on yourself because an empty mind is like a demon’s den so keep it busy. 

Solution: The solution to maintaining a positive mindset is to focus on your work and believe in the results. You can also turn to self-help books or religious texts like the Bhagavad Gita. 

1.5. Hard work and consistency 

The final difficult challenge is the requirement for hard work and consistency. To overcome this, the solution is to embrace the value of hard work. Dedicate yourself to your studies and preparations consistently, and you will surely be successful in the future.

Solution: The solution to the challenge of hard work is straightforward do your work. Dedicate consistent hours to your studies and preparations. 

If you want to know more information about the UK CoC Syllabus, and Exam Pattern, you can check our free UK CoC Guidance Series.

free UK CoC Guidance Series

2. Challenges faced by GP Rating in the UK 

Challenges faced by GP rating in the united kingdom

Trying to become an officer in the UK when you’re far from home can be tough. But to make it as a successful engineer or officer, you have to face these challenges. It’s not just about working hard and being dedicated.

You also need to be disciplined and show respect. Because, remember, you’re not just representing yourself – you’re representing India. 

Merchant Navy Decoded will help you face and share tips on how working hard, staying dedicated, being disciplined, and showing respect can help you succeed in becoming an officer in the UK.

Communication BarrierTake extra classes to improve your English skills, both in spoken and written forms. 
Practice conversing with colleagues and locals to get accustomed to the accent and language nuances.
Difficulty in Understanding AccentAttend additional accent training sessions to familiarize yourself with different accents.  Utilize online resources, audiobooks, and movies to expose yourself to diverse accents and improve your comprehension over time.
Cooking ChallengeLearn cooking skills before heading to the UK to save money on food expenses. 
No Work Permit During CollegeFocus on your studies and utilize this time to build a strong foundation for your career. 
Financial PreparednessCarry sufficient funds to cover living expenses. Plan your budget wisely, considering accommodation, food, transportation, and other essentials.

3. Problem GP rating faces after becoming 3rd officer/ 4th engineer

GP rating to a 3rd Officer or 4th Engineer is a significant step for every aspirant, but it comes with its challenges. In this blog, let’s break down these hurdles and their solution.

3.1. Limited Opportunities

Merchant Navy's latest 

Getting selected as a 3rd Officer or 4th Engineer isn’t always straightforward, especially for GP-rating individuals. Many companies might hesitate to offer these roles to someone with a GP-rating background. 

Solution: Look for companies specifically open to GP-rating. Start gaining experience with these companies, as it not only builds your skills but also improves your chances of getting selected as an officer.

3.2 Shifting Mindsets

marine engineer

Once you step into the shoes of a 3rd Officer or 4th Engineer, don’t expect to be perfect at everything at once. Making mistakes is normal, but it’s crucial to learn from them. 

Solution: Follow safety protocols, and spend time reading manuals to enhance your knowledge. Changing people’s perceptions takes effort, and the best way to do it is by showcasing your competence consistently.

3.3. Hard Work and Perseverance

Transitioning from a GP rating to an officer role requires hard work and perseverance. You need to prove that GP-rating individuals are more than capable of handling officer responsibilities. 

Solution:  Work diligently, participate actively in any learning opportunities that come your way, and show a commitment to your professional growth. When faced with difficulties, approach them with resilience and a determination to improve. 

In conclusion, choosing the right companies, being patient with the shift in mindset, and working hard are the keys to success in the journey from a GP rating to a 3rd Officer or 4th Engineer. Remember, every step forward, no matter how small, brings you closer to proving that GPrating individuals can excel in officer roles. Stay focused, stay dedicated, and let your actions speak louder than any words.

There are many challenges but if you are dedicated enough, and passionate enough about your dreams then you will get through them without any problem. You can check out this video if you want to know How to Clear UK CoC.

4. Conclusion

In conclusion, the journey from a GP rating to an officer is demanding but rewarding. With the right mindset, dedication, and strategic choices, GP ratings can successfully navigate these challenges, proving their competence and excelling in officer roles. 

Merchant Navy Decoded serves as a guide, offering insights and solutions to empower aspiring officers on their path to success in the maritime industry. 

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