How To Apply For 2nd Mate CoC in UK?


Obtaining a UK CoC opens doors to great opportunities in the merchant navy. In the UK CoC Guidance series, we delve into the eligibility criteria and how to apply for UK CoC, procedure and we will also compare the cost of becoming an officer from the UK with India and the Blended program for GP Ratings aspiring to ascend to the esteemed positions of 3rd Officer or 4th Engineer through the UK CoC.

1:- Colleges for GP Rating to Become an Officer in the UK 

Explore your path to becoming a merchant navy officer with our list of UK colleges. Additionally, discover a unique blended program offering courses both in the UK and India, exclusively designed for acquiring a UK CoC. 

Directly From UK UK and Indian Blended Program 
South Shields Marine SchoolSchool of Marine Education (SME)
City of Glasgow College and Gamma Marine Aarna Institute of Maritime Studies
Warsash Maritime School AMET University
Fleetwood Nautical College BP Marine Academy

2:- Why Choose UK CoC?

If you want to know more about UK CoC, then this package is an impeccable option to choose from,

UK CoC Guidance Series

The UK CoC stands for excellence in maritime certification, Its streamlined and comprehensive approach ensures that transitioning from a GP Rating to a 3rd Officer or 4th Engineer is not only achievable but also rewarding.

2.1:- Benefits of UK CoC

  1. Global Recognition: A UK CoC carries international recognition, enhancing the employability of merchant navy officers across global shipping companies.
  2. Efficient Career Progression: The UK CoC streamlines the journey from GP Rating to 3rd Officer/4th Engineer, providing a clear and efficient career promotion.
  3. Modern Curriculum: The curriculum is designed to align with contemporary maritime practices, ensuring that candidates have the latest knowledge and skills.
  4. Industry-Respected Training: With a strong emphasis on practical skills and theoretical knowledge, the UK CoC ensures that candidates receive highly valued training in the maritime industry.

Embark on this insightful UK CoC Guidance Series to discover the exciting journey from GP Rating to Officer and unlock a world of opportunities that the maritime industry has to offer. It’s not just a certification; it’s a gateway to a thriving and fulfilling maritime career.

3:- 2nd Mate UK CoC Eligibility

Eligibility criteria for UK CoC

2nd Mate Exam Eligibility for GP Rating

  1. 36 months of sea time as Deck Rating as OS, AB, Pump Man, and Bosun.
  2. Your sea time should be on a foreign going (FG) vessel, more than 80 gross tonnage (80 GRT), and 24m length overall ( 24m LOA). 
  3. Your navigational watchkeeping certificate should have a minimum of 6 months of experience in the last 12 months.

You can consider using the GP Rating Achiever Package by Merchant Navy Decoded for valuable resources and support.  

GP Rating achievers

4. How To Book 2nd Mate Course in UK?

So, you’ve decided to do the course to become a 3rd officer/ 4th engineer through a UK CoC. Let’s discuss the step-by-step procedure to book the 2nd Mate Course in UK.

Step 1: Submit Enrollment Form With Necessary Document 

Your journey towards obtaining a UK CoC by formally submitting your enrollment form, accompanied by the necessary documents and deposit. 

This crucial initial step establishes the foundation for the booking process.

Document Required for 2nd Mate CoC in UK

  1. Deposit Enrollment Form: Enrollment form will cost you around 1000 Great Britain Pound (GBP)
  2. Passport: Passport copy 
  3. CDC: Continuous discharge certificate copy 
  4. Bridge watchkeeping Certificate: 6-month bridge watchkeeping certificate of 12 months sea time (copy of bridge watchkeeping certificate)
  5. Certificate of Proficiency: Certificate of Proficiency copy 
  6. Course Certificate: PST, FPFF, EFA, PSSR, Ship Security (STSDSD) certificate copy 
  7. Sea testimonial onboard
  8. Company letter you had sailed with

*Ensure that all required documents, including academic certificates and identification proof, are neatly photocopied or xeroxed. When sending it to the chosen maritime training institute, these copies should accompany your application.

Step 2: The College Will Check Your Eligibility 

After sending your papers, the college will take a look. Once they check everything and get the money, they’ll send you a message confirming that your seat for the course is booked. 

Step 3: Once The Seat Is Booked Apply For NOE

Once your seat is booked, apply for NOE (Notice of Eligibility). NOE means you’re ready to head to the UK for your oral exam. The NOE will come with a link allowing you to pick a date for your oral exam.

GP Rating to Merchant Navy Officer! Explore a free UK CoC course on Merchant Navy Decoded, your trusted guide in navigating a successful maritime journey.

5. Money Required For Deck Rating To Become An Officer with UK CoC

how much expenses for deck rating to become an officer?

Becoming an officer with a deck rating involves a considerable financial investment, especially in obtaining a UK CoC. 

While the process incurs expenses, Merchant Navy Decoded guides you in financial planning, providing insights into the costs involved. 

5.1. Directly From UK (9 Months)

Expense CategoriesCost in GBP (Pound)Cost in INR (Rupee)
IELTS363 GBP₹36,351.58
Enrollment Fee (1000 GBP+ 8145 GBP)9145 GBP₹9,145,000
Maintenance Funds for Visa (1023*9) GBP 9207 GBP₹91,350.00
Living Expenses (Monthly)200-300 GBP₹20,000 – ₹30,000
Chest Report25 GBP₹2,500.00
Flight Ticket250- 500 GBP₹25,000 – ₹50,000
UK Student Visa1100 GBP₹,10,000
Total20290-20640 GBP₹20,29,000 – ₹20,64,000

Here’s the breakdown of expenses in both GBP and INR (GBP = 100 INR)

5.2. UK & India Blended Program (6+3 Months)

Expense CategoriesCost in GBPCost in INR
IELTSNot RequiredNot Required 
Enrollment Fee8025 GBP₹8,02,500
Maintenance Funds for Visa (1023*6) GBP 9207 GBP₹92,700
Living Expenses (Monthly)200-300 GBP₹20,000 – ₹30,000
Chest ReportNot RequiredNot Required
Flight Ticket250- 500 GBP₹25,000 – ₹50,000
UK Student Visa130- 400GBP₹13,000- ₹40,000
Total17,812- 18,432 GBP₹17,81,200 – ₹ 18,43,200

Here’s the breakdown of expenses in both GBP and INR (GBP = 100 INR)

If you need complete information you can check out the video regarding the Money required to Clear UK CoC.

6. Conclusion

So there you have it, the journey from being a GP Rating to a 3rd Officer or 4th Engineer is an exciting one, and the UK CoC is your key to unlocking new opportunities.

We’ve covered eligibility criteria, the process of applying for the UK CoC, and the expenses involved. Choosing the right college and understanding the benefits of the UK CoC is crucial. With global recognition and a modern curriculum, it’s not just a certificate; it’s your gateway to a successful maritime career. 

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