Best UK Colleges for GP Rating to Become an Officer or Engineer

1:- What is GP Rating?

GP Rating (General Purpose Rating) refers to individuals trained in both Deck and Engine Room tasks in the maritime field. GP Rating is a six-month residential course, approved by D.G Shipping, which ensures a comprehensive study of Deck and Engineering subjects. 

1.1:- Importance of GP Rating

GP Rating certified seamen are responsible for cargo handling, maintenance work, and machinery operation on the ship’s deck and engine department onboard. Their training includes physical drills, workshop sessions, lifesaving exercises, and ship visits. 

GP Rating candidates receive an INDIAN CDC, making them eligible for global shipping companies. They can start as trainee OS, fitter, oiler, or engine room cadet, progressing to roles like Able-Bodied Seamen or Engine Fitter with sea service.

GP Rating course significantly enhances the employability of Indian seafarers worldwide, offering a pathway to diverse opportunities in the merchant navy.

2:- Benefits of UK CoC for GP Rating

Benefits of  UK CoC

Getting a UK CoC is a game-changer for GP Rating in the merchant navy. 

  1. Higher Ranking Position( 3rd officer/ 4th engineer)
  2. More Salary 
  3. More Responsibility

3. Is It Possible to Become an Officer or Engineer with GP Rating?

Yes, someone with a GP Rating certificate can become an officer. Many officers start their careers in the merchant navy as GP Ratings, pursue further education, and become officers (deck and engine side).

The most common and easy pathway for transitioning from a GP Rating to an officer with UK CoC, particularly in engineering, often involves obtaining a UK CoC through further education and training, paving the way to officially qualifying as an officer in the merchant navy.

UK CoC free Guidance Series

4:- Best UK Colleges for GP Rating to Become an Officer or Engineer with UK CoC

4.1. South Shields Marine School 

South Shield Marine School
Name South Shields Marine School
College/University South Tyneside College 
Address Grosvenor Rd, South Shields NE33 3EN, United Kingdom
Contact Details +44 191 427 3517
  • South Shields Marine School was established in 1861 and it stands as an institution for maritime education and training.
  • South Shields Marine School offers various courses in Navigation (Deck), engineering (Marine engineering), and catering services onboard.
  • South Shields Marine School educates deck, engine, and ETO ratings to advanced officer trainee programs. 
  • South Shields Marine School has a partnership with colleges in India BP Marine Academy (Navi Mumbai), AMET University (Chennai), Aarna Institute of Maritime Studies (Sindhudurg), and School of Marine Education (Navi Mumbai).

4.2. City of Glasgow College and Gamma Marine

City of Glasgow College and Gamma marine 
  • City of Glasgow College and Gamma Marine Training Institute have collaborated, bringing their expertise to offer UK Certificate of Competency (CoC) courses in Mumbai.
  • City of Glasgow College and Gamma Marine Training Institute offer a range of CoC courses, including, Officer of the Watch (OOW), Chief Mate, and Masters
  • The City of Glasgow provides maritime professionals in India access to a comprehensive maritime education from Mumbai, Maharashtra.
Gamma Marine Pvt Ltd
Name Gamma Marine Pvt Ltd.
College/ University City of Glasgow College 
Address Plot No. 148, Sector 6, Nerul West, Navi Mumbai- 400706. India.
Contact Details +91-22 27700999 

4.3. Warsash Maritime School 

Warsash Maritime School 
  • Warsash Maritime School was established in 1953.
  • Warsash Maritime School offers courses to over 150 candidates such as deck, engineering, interior, maritime, and offshore safety training courses, approved by the MCA, MNTB, OPITO, SIGTTO, SQA, and other awarding bodies.
  • Warsash Maritime School’s commitment to excellence has solidified its reputation as a leading institution in maritime education, nurturing skilled individuals for the global maritime industry.
Name Warsash Maritime School 
College/ University Warsash Maritime School 
Address Southampton city center: East Park Terrace, Southampton, SO14 0YN
Warsash: Newtown Road, Warsash, Southampton SO31 9ZL
St Mary’s: Chapel Road, Southampton, SO14 5GL
Contact Details  +023 8201 3074

4.4. Fleetwood Nautical College 

Fleetwood Nautical College 
  • Fleetwood Nautical Campus was established in 1898 (125 years).
  • The three-year cadetship programs, which include sponsored pre-sea training, have demonstrated notable effectiveness. Graduates from these programs excel in various capacities, serving as accomplished deck officers, engineering officers, and electro-technical officers.
  • Fleetwood Nautical Campus adopts a comprehensive approach to Officer of the Watch and Chief Mate courses. The institution is recognized for its dedicated oral preparation, receiving acclaim for playing a vital role in guiding officers toward obtaining their Certificate of Competency (CoC).
Name Fleetwood Nautical College 
Address Broadwater, Fleetwood FY7 8JZ, United Kingdom
Contact Details +44 1253 504800 

You can get more ideas about UK Colleges for GP Rating to Officer or Engineer from our YouTube Video.

5. Conclusion

GP Rating

As you pursue your UK CoC, trust in reputable institutions like the City of Glasgow College, Gamma Marine Training Institute, and Fleetwood Nautical Campus in the United Kingdom. 

Merchant Navy Decoded recommends these colleges, ensuring you can trust them for quality education and a successful certification journey.

Your selection should align with your goals. Stay cautious, as frauds exist in the industry. Choose wisely, follow your course, and may your maritime aspirations sail smoothly. Safe travels on your educational voyage!

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