Is Merchant Navy a Government Job

Is Merchant Navy A Government Job|Decoding Salaries, Global Travel Opportunities, and More (2023)

Is Merchant Navy a Government Job?

The Merchant Navy is an entirely private sector industry that operates independently from government jobs. It provides exciting adventures and global opportunities on the high seas, offering a unique career path away from the public sector and government jobs.

merchant navy government job

Merchant Navy Vs Government Job

The Merchant Navy is a profession where you get to sail on big ships across the vast oceans. It’s full of adventures and new things to learn every day. You’ll face challenges like navigating through dangerous waters and managing complicated cargo operations. To succeed in the Merchant Navy, you need to be strong, adaptable, and work well with a team

Government jobs are positions that are available within various government departments and agencies. These jobs are typically related to the administration and functioning of the government and its services

So, whether the merchant navy is govt or private, exciting opportunities are waiting for you. It’s all about choosing the path that excites you the most and lets you make a difference in the world.

CategoryMerchant NavyGovernment Jobs
Work EnvironmentDynamic, adventurous, ever-changingStable, predictable, balanced
Global ExposureExtensive travel, diverse cultural interactionsLocal or national operations
SalaryLucrative salaries, tax-free incomeFixed salary structures, benefits, pensions
Work-Life BalanceIrregular schedules, time away from homeFixed working hours, better work-life balance
Required SkillsResilience, adaptability, teamworkAnalytical, administrative, and policy-making
Job SecurityIndustry fluctuations, contractual agreementsStability, job security, retirement benefits
Risk and SafetyExposure to risks at sea, emergency handlingSafer work environments, regulated safety norms

Salary Comparison: Merchant Navy vs Government Job

When evaluating the salary comparison between the Merchant Navy and government jobs, it is essential to weigh the financial rewards against the stability and benefits provided by each career path. While a career in the Merchant Navy can offer attractive salaries, allowances, and tax-free income, government jobs ensure stability, regular income, and various additional benefits.

Ultimately, individuals must consider their personal preferences, career aspirations, and lifestyle priorities when deciding which career path is the most financially rewarding for them

Merchant Navy

merchant navy government job
  • The Merchant Navy offers the potential for higher salaries than government jobs.
  • Professionals in the Merchant Navy can earn substantial incomes, especially at higher ranks and with experience.
  • Salaries can vary based on factors such as the type of vessel, rank, and working hours.
  • Seafarers in the Merchant Navy may benefit from tax-free income, increasing their take-home pay.

Refer to this for more details (blog on salary) 

RankDry ship (Bulk/RO-RO/Container etc.)Tanker Ship (Oil/Chemical/Gas etc.)
Chief Officer$6500–$8500$7500–$9500
2nd Officer$4000–$4800$4000–$5000
3rd Officer$2400–$3600$2600–$4200
Deck Cadet$350–$750$350–$750
Chief Marine Engineer$8000–$10000$9000–$14000
2nd Marine Engineer$6500–$8500$7500–$9500
3rd Marine Engineer$4000–$4800$4000–$5000
4th Marine Engineer$2400–$3600$2600–$4200
5th Marine Engineer$350–$750$350–$750
Electro-Technical Officer$2500–$4500$3500–$5000

Government Job

  • Government job salaries in India range from ₹0.2 Lakhs to ₹10.2 Lakhs.
  • The average annual salary for government jobs is around ₹3.0 Lakhs.
  • Salary variation is influenced by factors such as the type of job, level of responsibility, and years of experience.
  • Government jobs offer additional benefits like job security, pension schemes, and allowances.
  • It’s important to note that salaries can differ across different government departments and positions.
merchant navy government job

Perks of Merchant Navy and Government Job

Government Job 

  1. Government jobs come with some benefits that draw in a lot of people. Job security and stability are among the main advantages, as government jobs are less subject to swings in the economy.
  2.  Government workers also frequently receive competitive salaries, regular wage hikes, and extensive retirement benefits. 
  3. They typically have a set schedule with regular hours, which promotes a healthy work-life balance. 
  4. Comprehensive health insurance paid time off, and chances for career progression within the government sector are a few more benefits that may be offered.

Merchant Navy

  1. Working as a merchant navy officer has its own set of benefits. People who have a passion for the sea and exploration can travel the world and experience numerous cultures by working in the merchant navy. 
  2. Officers in the merchant navy frequently make competitive pay, particularly as they advance in rank and accumulate more experience. 
  3. The position offers a challenging and exciting work environment with the chance to operate cutting-edge nautical machinery.
  4. Working on ships entitles one to free boarding and housing while on duty, saving the employer a large sum of money.
  5.  Additionally, there are chances for ongoing education and skill development, which improves one’s chances of landing a job in the maritime sector.

Global Exposure and Travel

Merchant navy requires extensive travel and global exposure opportunities, while government jobs often lack such international experiences in their scope of work.

As a seafarer, you’ll have the opportunity to visit different countries and experience diverse cultures. Working on cargo ships, tankers, or cruise liners allows you to travel to ports worldwide and enjoy shore leave. This offers the perfect chance to explore new places, meet people from different backgrounds, and gain valuable experiences. 

Government jobs generally do not provide as much opportunity for frequent foreign travel as the Merchant Navy, Unlike the Merchant Navy, government job positions are typically based in one location and involve domestic assignments.

merchant navy government job

Retirement Benefits and Financial Security

Retirement benefits and financial security are crucial considerations when choosing a career path. In India, government jobs offer various retirement plans and financial security schemes to ensure the well-being of employees post-retirement. 

AspectMerchant NavyGovernment Jobs
Salary and CompensationLucrative salaries with the potential for high earningsStable income structure with periodic salary revisions
Additional AllowancesLeave pay, overtime pay, hazard pay, and other allowancesAllowances for housing, transportation, and other benefits
Health InsuranceComprehensive health insurance coverageHealth insurance benefits provided
Retirement PlansCompany-provided pension plans with employer contributionsPension schemes with contributions throughout the service
Additional Investment PlansLimited options for investment beyond pension plansAccess to investment options like provident funds and plans


When considering a Merchant Navy job versus a government job, the choice comes down to individual preferences and priorities. While both have their pros and cons, the Merchant Navy offers adventure, international exposure, and financial rewards. At the same time, government jobs provide stability, job security, and numerous employee benefits. Ultimately, one must weigh the benefits and drawbacks of each career path and figure out what fits their personality, lifestyle, and aspirations.

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