IMUCET Syllabus And Eligibility

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IMUCET (Indian Maritime University Common Entrance Test) is the gateway to an exceptional career at sea i.e., the Merchant Navy. Merchant Navy is gaining popularity among the youth and is a career desired by many youngsters. Merchant Navy aspirants in India have to attempt this National Level – Common Entrance Test, to get enrolled in the three most popular courses offered by The Indian Maritime University mentioned below.

  1. Diploma in Nautical Science
  2. B.Sc in Nautical Science
  3. B.Tech in Marine Engineering

Apart from these courses which are desirable by the majority, aspirants for courses such as Maritime Science/Shipbuilding and Repair, Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering also appear for IMUCET.

Candidates of IMUCET appear for the exam to get enrolled in one of the six IMU colleges or various other private colleges affiliated to the Indian Maritime University.


IMUCET eligibility
  1. Candidate must have Physics, Chemistry and Maths, and English in Class 11th and 12th.
  2. Candidate must have scored at least 60 percent aggregate in PCM.
  3. Candidate must have scored at least 50 percent in English in either Class 10th or Class 12th.

             For ST/SC, 5% relaxation in eligibility marks (No relaxation in English subject).

  • Applying candidate’s minimum age should be 17 years and maximum be 25 years on the day the course is supposed to begin in the respective year (generally by August every year).

ST/SC candidates have 5% relaxation in maximum age.


IMUCET Syllabus
IMUCET Syllabus

The pattern of IMUCET is very dynamic and varies slightly every year. However, subjects such as Physics, Chemistry, Maths, English, General Awareness, Static General Knowledge, and General Aptitude comprise the syllabus of IMUCET. The weightage of the subjects and topics is liable to change each year. This article shall take one subject at a time and try to help its readers understand how one should go about preparing for IMUCET.

If you’re reading this while studying in Class 11th then you certainly have an edge over the other aspirants. The ideal preparation for IMUCET is supposed to begin from class 11th itself. Before explaining how one should prepare for the exam, it is important to know the general pattern of IMUCET.

General Pattern of IMUCET:

  • Number of Questions – 200
  • General, weightage is as follows-
  • Physics- 50
  • Math – 50
  • Chemistry- 20
  • English- 40
  • General Aptitude, General Awareness and Static GK- 40

Aspirants to kindly note, weightage is variable and weightage of topics or subjects changes every year for IMUCET.

  • Time – 3 hours
  • Difficulty Level- Moderate

The difficulty of a question is subjective and depends upon the candidate, however the majority of the questions are of moderate level with a few questions of higher difficulty level. A point to remember is that if the paper is moderate, it will be moderate for a lot of aspirants. The time-management is the only thing that will help you in getting ahead in the competition, that is, how fast you are able to solve and move on to the next question. You are supposed to complete 200 questions in 180 minutes.

Preparing for Physics, Chemistry and Maths in IMUCET:

preparing for IMUCET

Questions asked from Physics, Chemistry and Maths are NCERT Class 11th and 12th textbook level. If the candidate is thorough with his NCERT books, then solving the paper is going to be a cakewalk for him. The best method for preparing PCM is to go through each and every question given in the back exercises of every chapter from Class 11th and 12th PCM books, no alternate is going to prove as efficient as this method. There is no requirement for reference books at least for the purpose of solving Physics, Chemistry, and Maths questions in IMUCET. However, solving questions from the NDA question bank will definitely give you an edge over others.

To get a good rank in IMU CET there is one factor that most people neglect resulting in bad results for the students and that negligence is guidance. There are only two things that a top ranker do to get a good rank; a lot of preparation and getting guidance from someone. So, if you want to be among the top-ranked then you can check out the free IMU CET Guidance Series for tips and tricks, how to prepare, and how to clear IMU CET in one go.

IMU CET Guidance Series

Preparing for English in IMUCET:

English for IMUCET

Syllabus for English:

  • Parts of Speech
  • Synonyms and Antonyms
  • Meaning of words/phrases
  • Tenses
  • Phrasal verbs
  • Idioms

English can be scoring for a lot of candidates, on the other hand, can be a nightmare for the rest. Preparing for English is actually a slow and gradual process and it cannot be hastened. Get into the habit of Reading, i.e, reading books, novels, articles, and newspapers. This will help you in encountering new words very often which will help you in expanding your vocabulary – which is very helpful for scoring well in English in competitive exams. Solving English Grammar questions from Grammar practice books will also be very beneficial in getting a better understanding of English Grammar and its common questions.

Recommended Books- ISC board Class 11th and 12th grammar books.

Preparing for General Aptitude in IMUCET:

General Aptitude for IMUCET
General Aptitude

Syllabus for General Aptitude

Critical Reasoning, Word Groups, Instructions, Structural Analysis, Syllogism (Logic-based questions), Fill in / Completion of series based on Pattern / Logic, Data Sufficiency, Data Interpretation, Pipes & Cisterns, Odd Man Out, Boat & Streams, Numerical Computation, Numerical Estimation, Time & Work, Calendar, Clocks, Stocks, Time & Distance, Height & Distance, Quantitative Aptitude, Analytical Reasoning, Logic Reasoning, Fault Diagnosis, Abstract Reasoning, Mechanical Reasoning, Mixture & Allegation, Ratio, Numerical Reasoning.

An average candidate will eventually find out the correct answer in General Aptitude, the catch is to find out that answer faster than his competitors. General Aptitude can be a boon to a candidate who knows the right approach to solve the question. To prepare this subject well, the candidate must strive to learn the fastest trick and right approach to solve the respective questions. Grasping the various tricks to solve a question can be achieved by solving and repeated practice from Aptitude Question Banks and learning the tricks from the appropriate solutions or with the help of a teacher.

Preparing for General Awareness and Static General Knowledge

The best way to prepare for General Awareness is to get into the habit of reading newspapers or at least checking a major event or a summary of news at the end of each day on the internet. You can do this with the help of apps dedicated to this purpose, such as the application named InShorts.

For Static GK, going through Lucent’s General Knowledge Book is more than enough for your Static General Knowledge preparation.


In this article, the best measures to get an outstanding rank in the IMUCET have been discussed. I hope this article has helped you in getting a better picture of the pattern, syllabus, and right approach towards studying particularly for IMUCET. It is different from other common competitive exams, in terms of difficulty and syllabus. The level of the questions is generally not very hard. However, it is compensated by the introduction of subjects such as General Knowledge, Aptitude and English, and the aspirant should give equal attention to all the subjects to get an overall fantastic result.

Last but not least, if you are reading this blog, means that you are interested in joining Merchant Navy. Please note that qualifying IMUCET is like the tip of the iceberg, the real challenge lies in getting the sponsorship of a good shipping company for DNS or getting into the best college for BSc Nautical Science or Btech Marine Engineering.

If you want to know about IMUCET and how to join the Merchant navy, you can contact.

JMDi Academy

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Hello Sir. I am a student of class 11th right now and I will give imucet after 2 years. Sir I have one doubt ki. What should I study now. Means only the class 11 and 12 syllabus or overall syllabus of imucet including the gk and general Aptitude. Sir please guide me for my future. Thank You ❤️ JMDi🙏.


Hello sir I am soniya .I have completted 12th sir . I have decided to write the IMU exam next year . Sir how should I prepare plz help me to crake the exam .what should I study sir .plz guide me sir