Fleet Management Limited

Fleet Management Limited

Based at Hong Kong, SAR, China, Fleet Management Limited has been operating on a global scale since the past 27 years, and it’s no wonder that it has found its place as the Second largest bulk carrier and tanker manager in the entire world. Needless to say, it drives on the passions of ~20,000 seafarers and over 900 shore professionals, who are prepared round the clock.

 Fleet Management Limited Stats

Though possessing a humble beginning, today they have 27 offices located in 12 different countries, manage a close to 600 different kinds of vessels, which cater to its client base of more than 100 world-class ship owners.

And, in an industry which was badly hit by the COVID 19 Pandemic, Fleet Management Ltd. has still managed to retain and support 90% of its crew and presented a phenomenal growth of 18% over the average industry growth of a meagre 3%. Further, there’s been 80% nil deficiency in Port State Control Inspection.

Here’s WHY you should definitely CHOOSE Fleet Management Ltd.

1. Vessel Management in Fleet Management Limited

Bulk carrier vessel, part of the fleet at Fleet Management Limited.
A Bulk Carrier Vessel

Fleet Management Limited boasts of managing the largest number of geared bulk carriers, chemical tankers, medium range tankers, and ULCVs (Ultra Large Container Vessels) in the entire world! To operate such a big fleet since decades (and, without incidents) is indeed something commendable, we can certainly give it  that!

2. PARIS: Revolutionizing the Industry

Fleet Management Limited with its innovative cloud – based ship monitoring system PARIS (Planning and Reporting Infrastructure for Ship) has been revolutionizing the industry for quite some time now. PARIS enables the client to securely monitor each aspect of their ship 24/7! Yes, with PARIS you can track your ship with real-time data regarding ship’s performance, crew, cargo details, operating costs and condition.

PARIS (Planning and Reporting Infrastructure for Ship)
Accolades Over the Years

Though the company aims to roll out soon a state-of-the-art vessel management system which would provide the industry with data analytics, visualization tools, and a completely integrated ship-to-shore procurement; keeping pace with its envisioned goal, it has currently released Safe View, a mobile (and web) based platform to ensure the quality, safety and compliance standards of its numerous vessels. Interestingly, Fleet Management Ltd. has also garnered laurels for its revolutionizing approach – PARIS in the industry.

3. Safety in Fleet Management Limited

port controller, harbor master in command on the terminal port for safety and control security during the operation of ship in port
port controller, harbor master in command on the terminal port for safety and control security during the operation of ship in port

Speaking by the numbers, Fleet Management Limited has ranked 1st in the PSC inspections with 81% nil deficiency. Moreover, they have been bestowed with the title of “Best Performing Ship Management Company in Port State Control Inspection” for the 8th time at the Maritime Awards by Hong Kong Flag in May 2019. It’s SafeR+ programme has effectively reduced incidents by 76% since its launch in 2010.

A Management Giant

Fleet Management Ltd. Being the management giant that it is, proudly transports 1% of the world’s containers and 2% of its commodities. It operates plethora of vessels ranging from 300 to 319,000 DWT, encompassing container vessels, bulk carriers, oil tankers, car carriers, gas carriers and chemical tankers, – of which most are young, advanced and energy–efficient, quite in contrast to its contemporaries in the industry.

They specifically cater to Technical Management, of which they are a major supplier. As such, all of their vessels are of the highest industry standards, appreciably certified with OHSAS 18001, ISO 14001, ISO 50001, DNV ISO 9001, and ISM code compliance.

1. Bulk Carriers

When speaking of Bulk Carriers, they manage a fleet of more than 235 bulk carriers. And, their sail comprises of some of the world’s most prominent ship-owners and charterers, which range from 25,000 DWT handy-size bulk carriers to 297,000 DWT VLOCs. To name, Rio Tinto, Cargill, Bunge, and BHP are few of their charterers.

2. Oil tankers

oil tanker part of fleet at Fleet Management Limited
An Oil Tanker Ship

By the numbers, approx. 120 oil tankers come under their vehement control, and these include Aframax, VLCC, Suezmax, Medium-Range product and bunker barges. All of these, notably range from 34,000 to 320,000 DWT and are often, either time-chartered by oil majors like Vivo energy, Shell and IMT, or voyage chartered by CITGO, BP, P66, Marathon, Koch, Total, AMPOL, Lukoil, Chevron, ADNOC and Valero.

3. Chemical and Natural Gas tankers

A total of 105 Chemical and Gas Tankers are operated by them which often range from 9000 to 33,000 DWT and are in demand by world-class operators like Odfjell, Geo Gas, Hansa Tanker, Chem Ships and Shell.

4. Container vessels

Notably, they own a total of 60 container vessels which are chartered by international operators like Maersk, TS LINE, KITC, PIL, MSC, UASC, Hapag Lloyd, COSCO, Evergreen, ONE, Yang Ming, CMA GGM, and MCC Transport.

5. RORO and Car Carriers

RORO ship part of fleet at Ship Management Limited

They operate significantly over 10 contemporary RORO and car carriers, which measure from 3500-6500 RT.

The Crew

Like any other company, most of what could be attributed to the growth of the company lies at the hands of its employees. At Fleet Management Ltd., it’s no different. It is effectively run by its diligent crew of 20,000 members, who are at the heart of all its endeavors at sea. They retain an enormous network of 13 in-house experienced recruiting offices, spanning the entire world, including (but not limited to) India, the Philippines, Ukraine, and Turkey. It is this manpower that is responsible for organizing the personnel, and offering a host of services like crew recruitment, its training, and managing ratings for the various vessels out at sea. As such, it is this big family which is responsible for the company, where everyone grows, by helping each other out at the times of need.

As the company has always believed in, ‘Innovation’ and foresight has been one of their foremost commitments. They are constantly looking out for ways to better, ease and evolve their crew management and crewing module.

PARIS has been a culmination of one such dreams. It is this state-of-the-art facility, that has effectively bound 20,000 seafarers onto one single platform, and enables them to address specific needs and demands of a given vessel.

Endeavors at Shipping Design

More often than not, the commercial life of a vessel is determined by its trade pattern, the cargo it transports, and its technical management standards. But, at Fleet Management Ltd., special thoughts are infused into a vessel’s design and construction. These are the parameters which eventually determine a ship’s quality, lifespan, and eventually it’s market worth.

The credits for the company’s expertise in the supervision of construction projects at shipyards across the Asia Pacific region, goes to their dedicated Newbuilding Team. They have proudly delivered more than 200 quality ships across yards in Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, China, the Philippines, and India.

Their 200+ shipping endeavors include a host of specialized ships. For example the world’s first air-lubricated Post-Panamax bulk-carriers, the latest generation of self-unloaders with a discharge rate of 4,500 tonnes per hour, dual-fuel chemical tankers, 180,000 m³ LNG tankers and Very Large Ethane Carriers (VLEC) built to be LNG Tank dual-fuel ready.

If you’re anything like us, you’d be totally dying by now to be a part of the illustrious Fleet Management Ltd., but the real question here is:

How Long is the Waiting Period at Fleet Management Limited for a Deck Cadet?

Well, the short answer is: on an average, 4-6months.

For those, craving for a detailed, elucidated answer, here it goes:

Typically, before taking the 2nd mate exam, a deck cadet must have completed at least 12 months of sea time. Often, people undertake two cadet ships. And, even then, there are instances where some have completed a 14–15 months long voyage!

However, it’s always better to do 2 ships, because the pay generally gets better on the second cadet ship and working for 2 different ship warrants more experience. The type of ship one lands in, depends on the situation. For one does not possess the luxury of choice at the moment. Notwithstanding, the type of cadetship one completes, would determine the career path. For example, speaking of a Bulk Carrier and Oil Tanker, their working methods are so dissimilar that a Master from a Bulk Carrier is rarely employed on a Tanker!

Further, the waiting period is entirely determined by the demand and supply at the time. While on an average, it takes 4–6 months, others have had experiences where it had extended to a year! So yeah, there’s no hard-and-fast rule. (Except that, having references DOES help in the field.)

All in all, to be a part of the iconic Fleet Management Ltd. is every mariner’s dream come true. While some may achieve it sooner than the others, remember that it’s not the race that matters but reaching the destination.

Do hop over their site to have a glimpse of the much-detailed work that they do!

For any queries or doubts, do reach out to us, and we’d be happy to help! 😉

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