Salary of an ETO on Ship

What is an Electro Technical Officer (ETO)?


An Electro-Technical Officer (ETO) on a ship is an electrician and technician. ETO takes care of all the electrical and electronic equipment on the ship. This includes things like lights, navigation systems, communication devices, and engine control systems. 

ETO makes sure everything works properly and fixes any problems that come up with these machines while the ship is at sea. So, they are essential for keeping the ship safe and running smoothly.

Duties of an ETO, What Do ETOs Do Onboard?

Duties of ETO

How to Become an Electro Technical Officer (ETO)?

Electro Technical Officer Excellence Package| ETO Course| Merchant Navy Decoded

Becoming an Electro-Technical Officer (ETO) on a ship involves several steps. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to join as an ETO:

  1. Enroll in an Electro-Technical Officer training program and get a sponsorship at a recognized institute or college.
  2. Complete a 4-month training course where you’ll learn about the specific electrical and electronic systems used on ships.
  3. Once you complete your educational qualification, the company will make you join the ship as a Trainee ETO, you’ll undergo an on-the-job training period that typically lasts for around 8 months. 
  4. During this time, you’ll work under the guidance of experienced ETOs and learn the ins and outs of shipboard electrical and electronic systems.
  5. Obtain an ETO COC (Certificate of Competency) After your training period, you’ll need to apply for an ETO COC. This certificate is like a license that proves you have the required skills and knowledge to work as an Electro-Technical Officer. 
  6. After clearing your COC you start your career as an Assistant ETO or Electrical Officer With your ETO COC in hand, you can now apply for positions as an Assistant ETO or Electrical Officer.
  7. Gain Experience and Grow Your Career, As you gain experience and prove your competency as an ETO, your salary and career opportunities will grow. 
  8. You can work your way up to higher positions within the electrical department of a ship, such as Chief ETO or Senior Electrical Officer.

Factors on Which Salary of Electro Technical Officer (ETO) Depends

The salary of an Electro-Technical Officer (ETO) onboard a ship depends on:

  1. Experience: More experience typically leads to higher pay. An ETO with 6 years of experience will have more salary as compared to an ETO with one year of experience.
  2. Ship Type: Larger and more complex ships often offer higher salaries. An ETO on a cruise ship will have more salary as compared to an LNG, oil tanker, and bulk carrier.
  3. Shipping Company: Company policies and financial stability affect salaries. Ownership companies pay more salary to ETO as compared to the management companies.

Salaries of Electro Technical Officer (ETO)

Trainee ETO$500-$800
Assistant ETO/ Electrical Officer$2,500-$4000
Electro Technical Officer$4,000-$10,000

 Electro-Technical Officer’s (ETO) salary based on different types of vessels:

Experience (Years)Bulk CarrierOil TankerLNG CarrierCruise Ship

An ETO with 6 years of experience would earn $4,000 per month on a Bulk Carrier, $5,000 on an Oil Tanker, $8,000 on an LNG Carrier, and $10,000 on a Cruise Ship due to the higher workload and complexity typically associated with cruise ships.

Advice for ETOs to Maximize Their Salaries

If you’re an Electro-Technical Officer (ETO) looking to maximize your salary and career prospects, consider the following tips:

  1. Don’t Stay in Your Comfort Zone
Deck Officer

It’s comfortable to stick with what you know, don’t be afraid to explore new opportunities and challenges. Different types of ships offer varying salary structures and experiences.

  1. Aim for LNG Tankers (Gas Tankers)
gas tanker

LNG carriers often offer higher salaries due to the complexity and specialization required to work with liquefied natural gas systems. Aim to gain experience in this sector.

  1. Explore Ownership Companies
Container Ship

Joining ownership companies, where you work directly for the ship’s owners rather than through a management company, can sometimes lead to better compensation. Ownership companies may value experienced ETOs.

  1. Long-Term Commitment
long term commitment

Consider settling in one company for the long term. Loyalty and dedication can lead to increased responsibilities, trust, and better compensation as you gain experience within the same organization


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In conclusion, we explored the role of an Electro-Technical Officer (ETO) on ships, the steps to become one, and the various factors influencing ETO salaries. We emphasized the importance of experience, ship type, company choice, location, qualifications, and market demand in determining an ETO’s earnings. 

Additionally, we provided advice for ETOs seeking to maximize their salaries, including aiming for LNG Gas Tankers, considering ownership companies, and committing to continuous learning and networking. 

The maritime industry offers diverse opportunities for ETOs, and with dedication and strategic choices, individuals can chart a successful career path while also increasing their earning potential.

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