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1:-What is Diploma in Nautical Science (DNS) in Merchant Navy?

Diploma in Nautical Science is an undergraduate course of one year. The course consists of two semesters and provides an opportunity for class 12 students to pursue a career as a Deck Officer. 

The candidate undergoes a 12-month two-semester residential Pre-sea training at Maritime College/ Institute where he undergoes training in specialized fields like Navigation, Seamanship, Ship Construction and Ship Stability, MARPOL, and Marine Engineering Knowledge. Training is also imparted in English and Human factors, teaching the cadets the importance of teamwork, leadership, positive attitude, and interpersonal relationships. On successful completion of semesters 1 & 2, a Diploma in Nautical Science is awarded by the Indian Maritime University (IMU).

The one-year DNS in merchant navy is a course leading to a B.Sc in Nautical Science after 18 months of sea service and also leading to a 2nd Mate Foreign going Certificate of Competency awarded by the Ministry of Shipping, Government of India, enabling the cadets to become Navigating officers on board Merchant Navy Ships anywhere in the world. The one-year Diploma in Nautical Science Course is strictly residential.

2:-Diploma in Nautical Science (DNS) Eligibility Criteria 

A)Educational1) Passed 10+2 with Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics (PCM) from a recognized Board with a minimum aggregate of 60% (70% for AEMA) marks in PCM.
2) English should have been passed with a minimum of 50% marks as a subject, either in 10th or 12th standard.
B)AgeMinimum age: 18 years
Maximum age: 25 years.
The reference date for calculation of the age will be from the date of commencement of the Academic Session

For further information regarding the age limit for merchant navy, CLICK HERE

3:-Diploma in Nautical Science (DNS) Medical Criteria

Physical Standards1) Candidates should be physically fit for sea service under the standard norm, with eyesight up to 6/6 in the better eye.
2) NO COLOR BLINDNESS, Partial Colour Blindness is also not acceptable.
3) The D.G. Shipping Medical Certificate must be issued by D.G. Shipping Approved Doctors, under the specified medical examination requirements.

There is so much information about the medical requirements in the Merchant Navy that it is next to impossible to compress everything in a blog that’s why we have made a dedicated series for the medical requirements of the Merchant Navy.

4:-Top Diploma in Nautical Science Colleges in India

Given below is the list of Top Diploma in Nautical Science colleges in India that are recommended by Merchant Navy Decoded and other relevant information regarding those colleges. Diploma in Nautical Science aspirants should attempt to achieve one of these colleges rather than settling for something lesser. 

4.1:-Anglo-Eastern Maritime Academy (AEMA)

Anglo-Eastern Maritime Academy

Anglo-Eastern Maritime Academy is considered one of the best training institutes today and has its own shipping company Anglo-Eastern Ship Management, which has more than 700 ships in its fleet. It is in Karjat, Maharashtra. For the August DNS Batch total of 160 candidates and for the February DNS Batch total of 80 candidates are selected. Anglo-Eastern Ship Management is the only company providing sponsorship in AEMA. 

They conduct their own exam Anglo-Eastern Maritime Academy (AEMA) online written test. The Diploma in Nautical Science course fees in this institute is around 7.60 lakhs.

Diploma in Nautical Science Eligibility for Anglo Eastern Maritime Academy:

Senior School Certificate/Higher Secondary Examination/Class XII/ 10+2 From a recognized Board/ University with Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics (PCM), with not less than 70% marks in PCM and 65% aggregate.
B.Sc in Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, or Electronics with Physics as an individual subject in one of the years, with an average of not less than 65% marks in the final year, from a recognized University.
B.E./ B.Tech. degree with an average of not less than 65% in the final year from I.I.T. or from a college recognized by AICTE/ UGC
In English, the candidate should have obtained not less than 60% marks in English as a separate subject, at either 10th or 12th standard or in the Degree course conducted by a recognized Board/ University.
The maximum age of the candidate should be 25 years on the date of commencement of the course.
Medical Examination and Eye-test:-Candidates, who pass the interview, will be directed to undergo a medical examination conducted by Company-appointed doctors who will also be conducting an Eye Test that conforms to the requirements of medical examination rules of the Directorate General of Shipping.

Check out our College Portal to get a clear insight into Anglo Eastern Maritime Academy.

4.2:-Tolani Maritime Institute (TMI) 

TMI Campus - Best DNS Colleges

 Tolani Maritime Institute is considered one of the top training institutes today just like AEMA and has its own shipping company (Tolani Shipping). The intake is around 80 students and the diploma in nautical science fees for one year is 5 lakhs. It is located in Pune, Maharashtra. There are many shipping companies that are a part of their Diploma in Nautical Science program such as Fleet Management, MSC,  Nortrans, Scorpio Marine Management, Tolani Shipping, TORM, V-Ships, and Wilhelmsen Ship Management.

Diploma in Nautical Science Eligibility for Tolani Maritime Institute

Upon receipt of the IMU test result & Class XII exam result, inform TMI indicating your registration number. Passing of the IMU test and a minimum of 60% in the PCM group in Class XII is mandatory.
Candidates who have passed B. Sc with physics as the main subject with 60% aggregate can apply.
Candidates who have passed B. Tech in any stream with 60% aggregate marks are eligible.
(Some Shipping candidates prefer students with marks in PCM more than 70%)
The minimum age to apply is 17 years and the maximum is 21 years with 2 year relaxation for female candidates.
Shipping companies will select the candidates and issue sponsorship letters. Candidate to submit/report to TMI with sponsorship letter and other documents.

To get clear insight and reviews about Tolani Maritime Institute, check out our College Portal and find out what others have to say about this college.

4.3:-International Maritime Institute (IMI) Noida 

International Maritime Institute

International Maritime Institute is a private institution established by the efforts of 12 eminent personalities from the world of shipping in 1991 to eliminate the shortage of manpower in running the global supply chain. The Diploma in Nautical Science course fee in this institute is around Rs. 5.72 lakh rupees. It is situated in Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh. Some of the good shipping companies that are part of their Diploma in Nautical Science program are Fleet Management, MSC, MSI, MMSI, PIL, Synergy, Dockendale, and Thome. 

Diploma in Nautical Science Eligibility for International Maritime Institute:-

10 + 2 (‘A’ Levels) with Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics with minimum 60% marks in PCM or B.Sc. Graduates with 60% marks in the final year. Minimum 50% marks in English at 10 + 2 or 10th level is a must.
The maximum age for 12 appearing students is 20 years and for the Graduate maximum age is 22.
Medically fit with eyesight 6/6, without external aids. No color blindness.

4.4:-T.S. Rahaman

TS Rahaman

T.S. Rahaman is another private institution that has been consistent in providing quality training to Indian seafarers since 1910. It is not affiliated with any Shipping company. The training facility and infrastructure are great. The total fee is close to 3.95 lakh rupees. It is located in Mumbai, Maharashtra. Some of the good shipping companies that are part of their Diploma in Nautical Science program are Scorpio, Goodwood, Synergy, and Fleet.

Diploma in Nautical Science Eligibility for T.S. Rahaman:-

10+2/ equivalent (PCM 60%) OR B.Sc (PCM) / B.Sc (Electronics with Physics as individual subject in one of the years) with marks not less than 55% in a final year OR B.E. / B. Tech from IIT or college recognized by AICTE with marks not less than 50%.
Age: Not more than 25 years on the date of commencement of training.
Eyesight: distance vision is 6/6 in the better eye and 6/9 in the other eyes and normal color vision shall be tested by Ishihara test chart.

To get a clear insight into the college you can Click Here to get more information.

4.5:-Seven Islands Maritime Training Institute

Seven Islands Maritime Training Institute

Seven Islands Maritime Training Institute has its own shipping company Seven Islands Shipping just like Anglo-Eastern or Great Eastern. This college generally takes 80 students with a fee of 6,50,000 for a one-year pre-sea course. They have recently signed an MoU with Seaspan Shipping Company and in upcoming years their tie-ups with other companies can increase.

Diploma in Nautical Science Eligibility for Seven Islands Maritime Training Institute

Candidate must have PCM in Class 12th and English as separate subjects with an average mark in PCM of not less than 60%.
Candidate must have scored a minimum of 50% marks in English either in 10th or 12th.
B. Sc with Physics, Chemistry, Maths, or Electronics with Physics as individual subjects in one of the years with an average of not less than 55% of marks in the final year.
B.E or B. Tech Degree from IIT or from a college recognized by AICTE with an average of marks not less than 50% in the final year.

4.6:-AMET with Synergy Sponsorship

AMET University

AMET is another private institute for maritime-related education, training, and research. AMET has a good reputation for providing quality education with the help of top-class faculty and infrastructure. AMET University has signed an MoU with Synergy Shipping in the field of maritime that has paved the way for DNS students to get admission to AMET.

Diploma in Nautical Science Eligibility for AMET:-

Candidate should have scored 60% in Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics in Class XII or Equivalent.
Candidate should have passed Class XII OR Equivalent OR Should be appearing in Class XII exam in the year 2023.
Applicant must have scored 60% Overall Aggregate in Class XII or Equivalent
Candidate should have obtained 50% marks in English in Class X or XII or Equivalent

4.7:-Great Eastern Institute of Maritime Studies 

GEIMS campus

Similar to TMI and AEMA, Great Eastern Institute of Maritime Studies also is an institute with its own shipping company Great Eastern Shipping, but the difference lies in the type of company. Great Eastern is an Indian shipping company and salary is paid in Indian Currency. The Diploma in Nautical Science fees in GEIMS is around Rs. 6.5 lakh rupees. A total of 120 students are admitted, combining both February (40) and August (80) batch. It is situated in Lonavla, Maharashtra. Unlike Anglo Eastern, Great Eastern does not have a huge fleet of ships so to keep the waiting period short they have been calling a lot of shipping companies to their college for recruitment like Seaspan, Goodwood, World Tankers, MTM, Teekay, and Wallem Group.

Diploma in Nautical Science Eligibility for Great Eastern Institute of Maritime Studies:-

10+2 from a recognized board with Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics (PCM)
The age of the candidate should be between 17-25 not above that at the time of commencement of the course.
Candidates who are shortlisted after the personal interview are required to undergo a comprehensive medical examination from a DG-certified doctor.

To get in-depth knowledge about the college you can visit our college portal.

4.8:-Samundra Institute of Maritime Studies

Samundra institute of Maritime Studies

Samundra Institute of Maritime Studies is another private institution that has Executive Ship Management as one of the stakeholders. A total of 160 students are admitted, combining both January and July batches for the Diploma in Nautical Science.  The total fee is close to 7.2 lakh rupees and provides the best infrastructure and training facilities in the country. It is situated in Mumbai, Maharashtra. Even though this college is the best in the entire country when it comes to infrastructure and training but still Merchant Navy Decoded does not recommend this institute highly as the waiting period is too high sometimes even going up to 18 months. 

Diploma in Nautical Science Eligibility Samundra Institute of Maritime Studies:-

Results of the Class 12th board exam should be obtained at FIRST ATTEMPT and from a Regular Board only with
>Minimum Aggregate Percentage – 60%
>Minimum PCM aggregate – 60%
>Minimum score in Physics & Maths individually – 50%
>Minimum aggregate for Physics & Maths – 60%
English shall be one of the subjects with minimum marks scored 50% in class X or XII
6/6 in the better eye & 6/9 in the other eye, No use of corrective lenses allowed with No color blindness
Candidate must pass Indian Maritime University, Common Entrance Test (IMU-CET)

5:-Admission Process for Top Colleges of DNS in Merchant Navy

For admission to the Diploma in Nautical Science, one needs to have the sponsorship of a shipping company and also must have cleared IMUCET (a good rank helps in merit).

  • Talking about IMUCET (Indian Maritime University Common Entrance Examination) is an examination that takes place all throughout the nation, conducted by the Indian Maritime University. 
    • All companies require you to appear for entrance examinations to get admission. The Indian Maritime University Common Entrance Test (IMU CET) is a common exam for admission to various maritime courses, including the Diploma in Nautical Science. The higher you rank, the more your chances of getting sponsorship will increase. So, prepare for the entrance exam by studying the relevant subjects, including physics, chemistry, mathematics, and English. 
  • The next crucial thing is sponsorship from a good shipping company. You will be required to secure a sponsorship so that after DNS you won’t have to stumble door to door for the job after getting a Diploma in Nautical Science.
    • Once you get sponsorship you will be instructed to apply for top colleges your company is affiliated with.
  • To get admission to top colleges in the merchant navy you need to submit your document with a sponsorship letter and submit the fees. Diploma in Nautical Science fees are generally quite high and vary according to college. The bright side to it is that you can easily get an educational loan for Diploma in Nautical Science.
    • If you want to know about education loans visit the link down below to read the whole blog regarding education loans.

If you want personal guidance to validate your chances of getting a good rank in IMU CET you can check out our free series for IMU CET & Sponsorship Preparation.

IMU CET Sponsership

6:-Sponsorship in Merchant Navy

First, let’s talk about what is Sponsorship. It basically means that you have been selected by a shipping company and upon the completion of your pre-sea course of one year you will be placed onboard ship. Sponsorship works as a guarantee that any shipping company gives to applicants as proof that they have hired you in their company.

The application process for sponsorship starts much before the IMUCET exam. So, one must be very vigilant as different shipping companies and colleges take out their forms at different times. To get a sponsorship from a good shipping company, you need to score a good rank in the merchant navy.

You can also join our Telegram group where you can get in-depth knowledge regarding the IMU CET and the application dates of different companies.

IMU CET telegram channel

To get a sponsorship, one must clear the online test, and psychometric test followed by an interview, and medical rounds for that particular shipping company. So, the challenge is if you have applied for the sponsorship for three shipping companies, even though the exam pattern may remain the same that is online test followed by a psychometric test and then followed by an interview round, but the questions asked by the companies can be entirely different. For instance– Scorpio focuses a lot on aptitude and reasoning questions whereas Anglo-Eastern focuses on Mathematics a lot and on the other hand Great Eastern focuses on GK, Current Affairs a lot. The challenge does not end here, it’s the interview that tests your excellence where one can be asked anything from non-technical questions that include an introduction, strengths, and weaknesses, to technical questions like simple trigonometric formulae, Reflection, Refraction, Questions from GK, Current Affairs, Geography, and the list goes on.

6.1:-How to Get Sponsorship in Merchant Navy:-

Step 1:- Online Entrance Test

The test consists of two sections:-

Section 1: Written test of English, Aptitude, and Mechanical Engineering 

Section 2: Personality-based questions 

Step 2:- Panel Interview

  1. If shortlisted, you will receive an email notification to appear for a panel interview.
  2. Attend the interview in formal attire with original mark sheets and certificates.
  3. Selection will be based on merit, considering academics and extracurricular activities.

Step 3:- Medical Test in Merchant Navy

After getting selected for the interview, you will be guided to undergo a medical test that includes a whole-body checkup. Either you will be instructed to take the medical test from a certain hospital or you can go to any DG Certified Doctor to get your medicals done. 

There are many things that they check in the medicals. So, what are the things to do or what not to do before the medical test in the merchant navy, if you are interested in learning more about them then you can check all the necessary details in our free medical series.

Step 4:-Provisional Selection Letter

  • After getting clearance from DG Certified Doctor you will receive a Provisional Selection Letter.
  • Submit the required documents (10th and 12th mark sheets, graduation certificate, passport, medical fitness report, photos, and admission fees) to the college and you are good to go to take the first step toward your dream.

7:-List of Shipping Companies Offering Sponsorship for DNS:

Ship cruising on water

There are many other companies offering sponsorship to cadets, but one has to be very careful before applying to others than those mentioned above, we have done a detailed study about the shipping companies mentioned above and they are all good shipping companies if you are not able to get into any of them and you are applying for other don’t forget to do your own research before applying in one. 

Companies Offering SponsorshipsColleges
Anglo-Eastern Group Anglo-Eastern Maritime Academy (AEMA).
Great Eastern Shipping Great Eastern Institute of Maritime Studies (GEIMS).
Executive Ship Management Samundra Institute of Maritime Studies (SIMS)
Synergy Tolani Maritime Institute (TMI) and   International Maritime Institute (IMI) Noida, TS Rahaman.
Scorpio TMI, Applied Research International (ARI), and IMI Noida, TS Rahaman.
Shipping Corporation of India Shipping Corporation of India – Maritime Training Institute (SCI-MTI)
Torm Shipping Tolani Maritime Institute (TMI)
Fleet Ship Management International Maritime Institute (IMI) Noida and Tolani Maritime Institute (TMI), TS Rahaman.
Dockendale Ship Management International Maritime Institute (IMI) Noida 
Mediterranean Shipping Company International Maritime Institute (IMI) Noida, Tolani Maritime Institute (TMI)
Tolani Shipping Tolani Maritime Institute (TMI)
Wilhelmsen Ship ManagementTolani Maritime Institute (TMI)
MSI Ship ManagementInternational Maritime Institute (IMI) Noida 
Pacific International LinesInternational Maritime Institute (IMI) Noida 
MMSI ShippingInternational Maritime Institute (IMI) Noida 
V ShipsTolani Maritime Institute (TMI)

8:-Diploma in Nautical Science Salary

RankJob DescriptionDry ship (Bulk/RO-RO/container etc.)Tanker Ship(Oil/Chemical/Gas etc.)
CaptainA captain or master is in charge of a ship’s general operation and has the last say in its direction.$8000–$10000$9000–$14000
Chief OfficerA Chief Officer is responsible for the cargo operations, management of deck crew, safety & firefighting operations, etc.$6500–$8500$7500–$9500
2nd OfficerA 2nd Officer is the ship’s navigator and sometimes the medical officer, he is also a bridge watchkeeper.$4000–$4800$4000–$5000
3rd OfficerThe 3rd Officer is in charge of firefighting apparatus and life-saving appliances, he is also a bridge watchkeeper.$2400–$3600$2600–$4200
Deck CadetA Deck Cadet assists the Chief Officer in various duties such as cargo operations, navigation watch, etc.$350–$750$350–$750

9:-Diploma in Nautical Science (DNS) FAQs

1:-What is the duration of the DNS in Merchant Navy? 

The duration for the Diploma in Nautical Science is 1 year.

2:- Does a Diploma in Nautical Science course lead to a B.Sc Nautical Science degree?

Yes, upon completion of 6 semesters of Diploma in Nautical Science (I, II – pre-sea, III, IV, V – on board, and VI – post-sea) a B.Sc Nautical Science degree is awarded. 

3:- Which is preferable B.Sc Nautical Science or Diploma in Nautical Science?

If you have a sponsorship and you want to start your career early then DNS would be a good choice for you or if you want to have a good college life then you can pursue B.Sc Nautical Science.

For more clarity, you can have a look at this blog: B.Sc v/s DNS

4:- What is the average Diploma in Nautical Science fees?

On average institutions charge 5-7 lakhs rupees for one-year Diploma in Nautical Science course. 

5:-What are the academic criteria for Diploma in Nautical Science course? 

  • In the 10+2 level, a minimum of 60% in aggregate in PCM subjects is necessary to apply for a Diploma in Nautical Science course.
  • Those candidates who have completed a B.Sc. in Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, or Electronics (with Physics) from a recognized university, with an average of more than 50% marks in the final year and more than 60% as a PCM aggregate at 10+2 level can apply.
  •  A candidate who has completed a B. Tech degree from a university recognized by UGC with a minimum of 50% in the final year and more than 60% marks in PCM at the 10+2 level. 

7:-What is the Diploma in Nautical Science admission procedure? 

The admission procedure includes 3 stages: Sponsorship→Medical→IMUCET

8:-What are the top Diploma in Nautical Science colleges/Shipping companies? 

For a Diploma in Nautical Science, it’s not the college that matters but the company you have got the sponsorship from. For example- In Tolani Maritime Institute Scorpio also comes and so does Wilhelmsen so a student in such a case should be proactive enough to choose Scorpio over Wilhelmsen. Keeping all these things in mind a few shipping companies that Merchant Navy Decoded recommends highly are Synergy, Scorpio, Anglo-Eastern, Torm tankers, and Fleet Management. 

9:-What is the duration of onboard training for the Diploma in Nautical Science Cadet? 

18 months after which Diploma in Nautical Science cadets are eligible for their VI semester post-sea training.

10:-Can we get an educational loan for Diploma in Nautical Science in the Merchant Navy?

First of all, some people usually confuse sponsorship with an educational loan. Sponsorship doesn’t mean that the company will pay for your educational fees. However, you can get an educational loan for Diploma in Nautical Science from any bank after explaining that DNS in the Merchant Navy leads to a B. Sc in Nautical Science.

To get a clear insight into the education loan for DNS and for the complete procedure CLICK HERE

If you want to know about IMUCET or want to prepare a solid foundation for Sponsorship then you can contact JMDi Academy

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Sir 10 marks is good overall 65 and 12 marks is 55 so I can join for marchant navy please sir replai

Aman Manwal
2 days ago
Reply to  Manoj Kumar

Hi Manoj, the minimum criteria to go for IMU CET is 60% in 12th PCM. If your marks are lower than that there are two thing you can do that is either you can go for the improvement exams or you can go for the GP Rating. What I would suggest is that you go for the improvement exams and get above 60% in PCM and then go for the DNS. To get more insight about it you can call on 7417349336.