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What Does an Electrical Technical Officer Do on a Ship?

The role of an Electro-Technical Officer (ETO) onboard a ship is a crucial one, as they are responsible for ensuring that all electrical systems on the vessel are functioning properly. A career as an ETO can be both challenging and rewarding, but it requires a high level of dedication, expertise, and a willingness to continuously learn and improve before we start about the Jobs of ETO on a Ship I want to tell you that every one of you who is willing to become an ETO onboard ship, you need to be sincere, you need to be honest and you should always be ready to read manuals, circuit diagrams and if any problem comes then you should head to face that problem, that too with a smiling face.

So, let’s start what are the duties of an ETO onboard ship.

1. Engine Room and Deck Rounds

Auxillary Generator
Auxillary Generator

One of the primary jobs of ETO on board is going to the engine room early in the morning and conducting daily rounds of the engine room and accommodation areas to ensure that all electrical systems are functioning correctly.

This includes checking motor amperages, looking for any leaks or abnormal sounds, monitoring motor temperature, and checking AC systems, refrigeration systems, MGPS i.e. Marine Growth Prevention System, ICCP system i.e. Impressed Current Cathodic Protection System, and lighting. Conducting these daily checks is essential to ensure that the ship is operating safely and efficiently.

While taking Engine room rounds ETO checks all the lightening of the ship from the bottom platform to the uppermost platform and after the engine room round ETO takes the round of the accommodation and checks all the lights are working properly in the accommodation.

Once the accommodation round is done, ETO also takes the round of the deck and checks everything whether all the lightning is working properly or not.

2. Planned Maintenance

Maintenance work
Planned Maintenance

In addition to conducting daily checks, an ETO also performs planned maintenance on the ship’s computer. This involves checking alarms and rectifying any electrical problems that may arise in the engine room or on deck. The ETO must have a strong understanding of the ship’s electrical systems to be able to identify and troubleshoot any issues that arise.

By identifying these issues early, the ETO can take the necessary steps to rectify them, preventing potentially costly breakdowns and ensuring the safe and efficient operation of the ship’s electrical systems.

Regular planned maintenance is essential to ensure that the ship’s electrical systems are functioning correctly and safely at all times.

3. Overhauling Motors

Jobs of ETO overhauling motors
Overhauling Motor

The most crucial responsibility of an ETO onboard a ship is Overhauling motors it requires extensive knowledge and skill in electrical systems. The ETO must be prepared to troubleshoot any electrical issues that arise and work closely with the Chief Engineer and 2nd Engineer to find solutions.

This work can be demanding and stressful and requires the ability to work effectively under pressure and in challenging conditions. Strong technical expertise and attention to detail are essential for success in this aspect of the job.

4. Weekly Saturday Routine

Weekly Saturday Routine Eto job in merchant navy
Weekly Saturday Routine

The ETO also conducts a weekly routine called Saturday Routine, which involves checking batteries, and trying out the emergency generator, oily water separator alarm, starting lifeboat & rescue boat engines and testing fire alarms.

These routine checks are essential to ensure that the ship is always prepared for any emergencies that may arise.

5. Handling electrical problems

Eto job - Solving electrical problems
Electrical Problems

As an ETO onboard a ship, one of the most critical duties is handling any electrical problems that arise. This requires a high level of expertise and knowledge of electrical systems and circuits.

The ETO must be prepared to work closely with the Chief Engineer and 2nd Engineer to find solutions to any issues that arise and must be able to prioritize and manage multiple tasks with patience and skill. The ability to read and understand electrical circuit diagrams is essential to success in this role.

6. Prioritizing tasks

Jobs of ETO Prioritizing tasks
Prioritizing tasks

Another critical aspect of the ETO’s job is developing a high level of skill and expertise in electrical knowledge. Reading electrical circuit diagrams and becoming an asset to the ship requires a significant amount of time and dedication. However, this knowledge is essential to ensuring that the ship’s electrical systems are functioning correctly and safely.

Being an ETO is not an easy job, the Jobs of ETO require a significant amount of time and dedication. However, it can be a rewarding career for those who are passionate about electrical systems and enjoy working in challenging environments.

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