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Following are a few things to remember during IMUCET Preparation-

1. IMUCET 2024 Paper Pattern

IMUCET Paper Pattern
IMUCET 2024 Paper Pattern

The paper patern of IMUCET changes every year and unlike other competitive exams. One cannot be certain about the weightage of topics that they can expect in exam. However, subjects such as Physics, Chemistry, Maths, English, General Awareness, Static General Knowledge and General Aptitude comprise the syllabus of IMUCET. Although, weightage of subjects and topics is likely to change every year. Physics and Maths generally have fixed 50-50 questions dedicated to them in IMUCET exam. Weightage in subjects such as GK, Chemistry, Aptitude, and English varies each year. Negative marking has also been introduced from 2021 while there used to be no penalty for wrong answers before.

2. IMUCET 2024 Difficulty Level

IMUCET Difficulty Level
IMUCET 2024 Difficulty Level

The difficulty of a question is subjective and depends upon the candidate. However majority of the questions are of moderate level with a few numbers of difficult level questions. A point to remember is that if the paper is moderate, it will be moderate for every aspirant and time-management is the only thing that will help you in getting ahead in the competition. That is, how fast you are able to solve and move on to the next question. Calculators are allowed in IMUCET so one need not worry about investing time in the calculation part of their solutions.

The exam demands speed and accuracy from the candidates. So, a lot of practice is certainly needed for attempting the Multiple-Choice Questions. In order to get your basic concepts cleared, NCERT books of Class 11th and 12th are more than sufficient for IMUCET. If the paper is easy, do not be happy as it would be easy for everyone. And if the paper is difficult, don’t be sad as it would be difficult for everyone. Just keep working hard so that a paper that seems difficult to others should seem easy to you.

3. Time Management

Time Management in IMUCET

A candidate attempting IMUCET is expected to complete 200 questions in 180 minutes. Subjects such as GK, General Aptitude, English and Chemistry can help you save time. As there are hardly any calculations in these subjects. So, attempting these subjects in the beginning will leave you with sufficient time for solving Physics and Maths portion. Which contains a lot of calculations. Candidate should be thorough with all the formulae of Physics and Maths before the examination day and each formula should be on their fingertips.

This alone will set you at a huge advantage over your competitors. One should not be looking forward to deriving formulae on the spot while attempting IMUCET, speed is very essential in securing a good rank. Be alert and avoid silly mistakes at all costs, if you do not know the solution then you can’t do much about it, but if despite knowing the solution you make a silly mistake – then it is a sin.

4. Attention to English

Attention to English in IMUCET

A lot of candidates tend to focus on PCM and forget subjects like English. English can be scoring for a lot of candidates, on the other hand, can be a nightmare for the rest. Preparing for English is a slow and gradual process and it cannot be hastened. Get into the habit of Reading, I.e., reading books, novels, articles, and newspapers. This will help you in encountering new words very often which will help you in expanding your vocabulary – which is immensely helpful for scoring good in English in competitive exams. Solving English grammar questions from Grammar practice books will also be beneficial in getting a better understanding of the English Grammar and its frequent questions.

Recommended Books- ISC board Class 11th and 12th grammar books.

5. Attention to Aptitude

Attention to Aptitude

An average candidate will eventually find out the correct answer in General Aptitude, the catch is to find out that answer faster than his competitors. General Aptitude can be a boon to a candidate who knows the right approach to solve the question. Since Aptitude is not a part of our Class 11th and 12th syllabus, to prepare this subject well, it would be better to start with the basics first and understanding the standard way of solving questions.

After that you can move on to learning tricks – to increase your speed. The candidate must strive to learn the fastest trick and right approach to solve the respective questions. This can be achieved by solving Aptitude questions and doing repeated practice from Aptitude Question Banks and learning the tricks from the appropriate solutions or with the help of a teacher. Aptitude is highly scoring so a candidate with the right approach should not be afraid of it.

7. Math and Physics

 Math and Physics in IMUCET

Candidates get into the habit of solving tough questions however tend to forget the surface level concept-based questions which are found in abundance in IMUCET. Ideal way to approach Maths and Physics in exam would be to first go through every definition, law, theorem, and formulae before investing your time in solving difficult numerical during your preparation. If the candidate is thorough with basic concepts and formulae before the exam, he is already more than halfway through winning the battle – as majority of the questions are formula based and basic laws and Physics, Maths contribute to most of the questions in IMUCET.

It is important to keep your ego aside and act smart in case you are stuck at a question. Keep an eye on the watch when involved in numerical solving as sometimes we tend to waste a lot of time on a single question when we could have attempted a number of other easy-level questions in the same time period and as a result of which, we might actually miss out on those questions. Trick is to scan all the questions in 5 minutes and then start attempting. Practice a lot of mock tests, which will be of great help.

8. Bonus Tip for IMUCET 2024

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For DNS aspirants, IMUCET is only the tip of the iceberg – DNS aspirants should keep in mind that they get sponsored by a good company before or after attempting IMUCET as even a good rank in IMUCET will prove futile if the candidate has not been sponsored by a company.  IMUCET is different from other common competitive exams, in terms of difficulty and syllabus. The level of questions is generally not extremely hard however that is compensated by the introduction of subjects such as General Knowledge, Aptitude and English, and the aspirant should give equal attention to all the subjects to get an overall exceptional rank.

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