Seafarer’s Identity Document I SID Card 

The Merchant Navy is a profession in which you require a very significant number of documents & certifications. People often need clarification about the correct procedures and the need to be made aware of the need for such documents. People often ignore the Seafarer’s Identity Document and wait for the company to prompt them about the same causing undue delay

In this Blog, we will discuss SID for seafarers in detail and ensure you have full knowledge about the same. This will help you be well-informed and avoid undue delay in your ship-joining. We will also tell you what exactly happens during the SID appointment so that you are not confused.

You will be surprised to hear that India was the First Country to issue a Biometric Seafarer Identity Document(BSID) in the year 2019! As a result, it becomes essential for you to understand it better.

1:- Seafarer’s Identity Document Overview

  • The Seafarer Identity document is a requirement of the Seafarer’s Identity Document Convention(revised), 2003.
  • The Biometric SID system is a new concept introduced recently that aims at barcoding the seafarers’ biometrics-based identity and a centralized database maintained in the issuing country, which can be accessed globally.
  • In easier words, the Biometric SID system is designed to capture your Biometric Data, like your Signature and Live photograph, and store it in a centralized data system for ease of access.
  • India ratified the convention by issuing the CDC (Continuous Discharge Certificate) and SID in the form of a booklet. In 2019, India started issuing Biometric SID Cards.
  • After 2023, it is mandatory to carry a SID card on Merchant Vessels.
  • It is issued by the country that the Seafarer belongs from.
  • The Indian SID Card is valid for 10 Years
  • People sometimes call the SID card a Seaman Identity Card.
  • SID Login is available on the DG Shipping website here 

2:- SID Card Benefits

  • Enhances Security in Ports and Borders
  • Enables Seafarers to travel Visa-Free in Most Countries.
  • Facilitates Access to Shore Leave.
  • Reduces Threat to Job Opportunities Abroad.

3:- Documents Required for SID

To apply for and get the  BSID or Biometric Seafarer’s Identity Document, one needs the following Documents:

  1. A Valid Indian Passport
  2. Valid Indian CDC.
  3. Print of the BSID Application Form.

You will need to carry these documents for the SID appointment as well.

Note: You will need to install the Mozilla Firefox Browser to be able to apply for BSID

4:- How to Apply for SID?

Here is the Step-by-Step procedure to apply SID through the DG Shipping Website

  • Step 0: Make sure that your Indos Data is updated and modified

Click Here to update your Indos Data. Login using Indos Number and Password

  • Step 1: Visit the DG Shipping website to apply BSID
How to apply for SID

  • Step 2: Login using your INDOS Number and Password:

The SID Login details will be your Indos Number and password as shown below. 

How to apply for SID
  • Step 3: Click on the Link ‘Apply for SID’

After Completing SID login, Click on ‘Apply for SID’

How to apply for SID
  • Step 4: Fill in the Details

Most of the Data will already be populated from your Indos Profile and hence it is of utmost importance that your Indos profile is up to date.

Following Details are required:

  1. INDOS & CDC Details:
  • Indos Number
  • CDC Number 
  • Date of Issue and Expiry
How to apply for SID
  1. Personal Details & Physical features

Name of Candidate, Father’s Name, Sex, DOB, Nationality, Place of Birth, Email Address, Mobile Number, Height & Identification Mark.

How to apply for SID
  1.  SID Dispatch Address

Remember that the SID Dispatch Address should be similar to the Indos Details vis-a-vis Passport Address.

How to apply for SID
  1. Other Details

At this stage, you will be asked some question that you have to answer honestly.

How to apply for SID
  • Step 5: Click on the ‘Make Payment’ Link on the Home Page
  1. After finishing the filling up of details you will be required to make a payment of Rs. 300.
  2. Click on ‘Fresh Appointment’ and make the payment
  3. A debit card should be preferred as you do not have to pay any transaction fees.
How to apply for SID
  • Step 6: Click on ‘Schedule Appointment’ to schedule your SID appointment
How to apply for Seafarer's identity document
  • You may select a center of your choice.
  • After Selecting the Center you will choose between the Dates and time slots available for an SID Appointment
How to apply for Seafarer's Identity Document.
  • Step 7: Print the SID report and acknowledgment. 

After you finish step 6, you must take a printout of the report and Acknowledgement as you will be asked to provide them before your SID appointment.

Voila! Your Online Application process for the seafarer’s identity document is complete.

  • Step 8: The application is transmitted to the verification officer for approval

Within 10 days of application submission, you will receive a notification on the verification result of the application. The same can be checked by logging in through the BSID Login.

  • Step 9: Visit the Collection Center along with the Documents

The following documents should be carried when visiting the Collection Center for Dg Shipping SID Appointment:

  1. Original Passport
  2. Original CDC
  3. SID acknowledgement 
  4. SID report

Step 10: Capturing your Biometric Data

During the SID Appointment, you will have to do the following things:

  1. A Digital Signature similar to your Passport Signature
  2. Your Photograph will be captured using a Digital Camera

That is all that will be done during the SID Appointment. 

5:- How to Check SID Status?

  • After the appointment is done, the SID is generated within 2 days and you will get the SID number online for use.
  • The actual SID card printing and dispatch may take some time. This may range between 14 days – 3 Months.
  • When the SID status says ‘valid’, you are good to go.

For Printing and Despatch details, the following email id can be contacted: 

6:- SID Checker

SID checker is a tool on the DG Shipping website that allows you to check your SID Status after online application is complete.

  • You may check your SID Status here for which you require your SID number or INDoS number.
SID Checker

7:- Key Takeaways for SID Card

  1. The SID card for seafarers is often an ignored document yet it is one of the most important documents required to work onboard Merchant Vessels.
  2. SID application can be made easily online through the SID login website and Mozilla Firefox Browser
  3. You must have an Indian Passport and CDC to apply for SID online.
  4. SID appointments can be taken in any of the 10 cities mentioned in the website. You may reschedule the appointment for a maximum of 2 times. After this you will have to pay Rs. 300 again to Book a SID Appointment.
  5. The Application Fee once paid is non-refundable.
  6. The appointment will take 10-15 minutes if the office is not too crowded. The appointment consists only of you signing a digital signature and a photograph of you being taken.
  7. The photograph taken will be matched with your passport. Try to keep your face clean and shaved for both processes.
  1. How can I check my SID status?

You may check the status of your SID application by the BSID Login and then clicking on ‘Application status.

SID Checker is another tool to verify your SID Status. For printing and dispatch details contact 

  1. How many days for SID?

It takes 2-3 working days for your SID card to be generated after your SID appointment. For printing and dispatch to your address it may take another 14 days to 2 months.

  1. How do I find my SID number?

 The SID number can be found using the SID Checker. You need your Indos Number to access your SID number once generated.

  1. Is SID compulsory?

Yes SID is compulsory to work on Merchant Navy ships.

  1. Can we apply for SID without the CDC?

No, you need to possess an Indian CDC to apply for SID

  1. What is the full form of SID?

The full form of SID is the Seafarer’s Identity Document.

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