Marine Engineer Salary in Merchant Navy in 2023

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What is the Merchant Navy?

The Merchant Navy, responsible for transporting goods that drive nearly 90% of global trade, holds immense significance in bolstering the worldwide economy. Its operations encompass the shipment of various cargoes and even passengers, vital for industries like crude oil, petroleum products, and bulk materials.

marine engineer salary

Who are Marine Engineers?

A marine engineer is a professional responsible for operating, maintaining, and repairing the mechanical systems on a ship. This includes propulsion, electricity, fuel, water distillation, lighting, air conditioning, and more. They ensure the ship functions smoothly and efficiently.

marine engineer working on machinery

How to Become a Marine Engineer?

Depending on one’s qualifications, there are three ways to become a marine engineer-

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Salary of a Marine Engineer at Different Rank

The income of a marine engineer varies depending on experience, qualifications, region, and employment, but it is often competitive.

RankDry ship  (Bulk/RO-RO/Container etc.)Tanker Ship(Oil/Chemical/Gas etc.)
Chief Engineer8000–10000$9000-14000$
2nd Engineer6500–8500$7500-9500$
3rd Engineer4000–4800$4000–5000$
4th Engineer2400–3600$2600–4200$
5th Engineer350–750$350–750$
Electro-Technical Officer2500-4500$3500-5000$
marine engineer

Duties of Marine Engineers

Rank Job Description
Chief EngineerThe Chief Engineer’s major responsibility is to guarantee the safe and effective functioning of the engine department.
2nd EngineerThe major responsibility of a 2nd Engineer is to oversee the daily operation and maintenance of all machinery on board, including the ballast system and firefighting equipment.
3rd EngineerThe 3rd Engineer serves as the 2nd Engineer’s understudy, maintains the sea and port watchkeeping, maintains the boiler and performs the cooler water tests, and maintains the engine logbook, and other engineering records.
4th EngineerThe purifier, compressor, and machinery other than the primary engine, auxiliary engine, and boilers are overseen by the 4th Engineer.
5th Engineer5th Engineer is a trainee under the 2nd Engineer, he/she assists the senior engineers in their respective duties and assists the 2nd Engineer in his night rounds.

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Duties of Chief engineer

Duties of second engineer

Duties of Third engineer

Duties of the fourth engineer

marine engineer salary

Careers & Jobs after Marine Engineering

A candidate becomes qualified to work on ships as a trainee or junior engineer for a six-month contract after finishing a four-year marine engineering degree.

  1. Trainee/Junior Engineer: After completing the necessary additional courses, a recent marine engineering graduate begins working as a trainee or junior engineer on a ship.
  1. Fourth Engineer: A Junior Engineer can sit for the Class IV exams and pass to become a fourth engineer after completing the required training and sea time.
  1. Third Engineer: A fourth engineer may be promoted to the position of a third engineer with experience and strong performance.
  1. Second Engineer: One may sit for the Class II exams to become a second engineer after completing the necessary sea time as a third engineer.
  1. Chief Engineer: A second engineer who has gained sufficient expertise and sea time may sit for the Class I tests to advance to the position of Chief Engineer.
Rank Structure of Marine Engineer

Skills of Marine Engineers

These versatile skills empower marine engineers to navigate the dynamic industry and propel their careers to new horizons.

  1. Designing practical ship solutions that are suited to certain operational requirements requires creativity.
  2. Quickly troubleshooting and coming up with new fixes for technical problems are examples of problem-solving.
  3. Mathematical proficiency: Accurate calculation and assurance of structurally sound ship designs.
  4. Organization: Effectively coordinating and overseeing every area of ship development.
  5. Effective communication with the many different professionals participating in the process.
marine engineer working on a machinery.

Benefits of Being in the Merchant Navy

  1. Onboard refreshments are provided for free.
  2. A sum designated for travel expenses.
  3. Some maritime firms compelled to navigate pirate-infested waters pay a risk allowance.
  4. Complete health insurance for oneself and dependents.
  5. Annual leave with round-trip airfare to your preferred location.
  6. Accident Coverage.
  7. Assurance of one’s life.
  8. The NRI status, which exempts revenue from foreign corporations from income tax, is one of the benefits provided by the Indian government.
  9. Activities for mariners’ housing specifically.
  10. Membership in sailors’ clubs.

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The duties of marine engineers are crucial to the ship’s functioning. Additionally, each rank has specific responsibilities, ranging from overseeing daily operations to maintaining machinery and performing various technical tasks.

Being part of the Merchant Navy comes with numerous benefits. These include free onboard refreshments, travel allowances, risk allowances, comprehensive health insurance, and leaves with travel benefits. Moreover, mariners enjoy the privilege of NRI status and access to sailors’ clubs, creating a fulfilling and rewarding career experience.

In conclusion, the profession of marine engineering offers excellent earning potential and ample career progression opportunities. It also provides a chance to contribute to the global trade industry. Whether you are considering a career in the Merchant Navy, this review provides valuable insights. It can also assist those seeking information about marine engineering, helping you make informed decisions.

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