How to Convince Your Parents to Join the Merchant Navy

My Story 

I’m Chief Engineer Praneet Mehta, and I want to share the story of how I found my way to the Merchant Navy, even when the path seemed uncertain and full of doubts. It all began when I was just a kid, in the seventh grade. I remember my father talking about the Merchant Navy and how it could change our family’s life. But as time passed, that idea sort of faded into the background, and I began to dream about other things.

C/E Praneet Mehta

As I grew older, my dreams took shape. I aimed high and wanted to get into the National Defence Academy (NDA) and then the prestigious Indian Institutes of Technology (IIT). But life had its own plans, and my IIT dreams didn’t pan out the way I hoped.

Instead, I found myself getting admitted to the Marine Engineering and Research Institute (MERI) in Kolkata, which is now known as IMU Kolkata. When my father heard the news, he seemed happy. It was like a piece of that old idea from years ago had suddenly become real.

The journey to Kolkata turned out to be quite an eye-opener. 

On the train, I met an elderly couple whose son was in the Merchant Navy. But he wasn’t an officer; he was from a background called GP Rating. Listening to their stories opened my eyes to the challenges that came with a life at sea – the sacrifices, the separations, and the struggles. It was a different perspective, and it made my father doubt if this was the right path for me.

I understood his concerns, and I could see the worry in his eyes. But deep down, I felt something stronger – a sense of conviction that this was the path I was meant to follow. Despite the doubts, I stood firm in my choice to pursue marine engineering and join the Merchant Navy.

When we finally reached Kolkata and I saw the cadets in their crisp uniforms, a spark of hope ignited in my father’s eyes. He saw the potential, the possibility of a successful future that lay ahead.

Over the years, I threw myself into my studies and training. It wasn’t always easy – there were tough days, moments of uncertainty, and challenges to overcome. But I was determined to prove that my choice was the right one. And you know what? Graduating as Chief Engineer Praneet Mehta was the validation I needed.

C/E Praneet Mehta

Looking back, I realize that this journey wasn’t just about choosing a career; it was about proving to myself and my family that I could overcome obstacles and succeed in something I believed in. The Merchant Navy, which was once just a distant idea, had become a symbol of my resilience and determination.

So, to all of you out there with doubts and uncertainties, remember that sometimes the most fulfilling journeys are the ones that challenge you the most. It’s about believing in yourself, holding onto your dreams, and navigating the waves of destiny with unwavering determination.

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C/E with his father

Ways to Convince your parents to join Merchant Navy

Passion and Dedication

  • Express how, despite the shifts in perspective, you will still acknowledge the value of the Merchant Navy. 
  • Discuss your future renewed passion for the field and your commitment to contributing positively, with your enriched understanding. 
  • This conviction will not only keep you focused but will also give you the strength to prove that you have chosen the right path. 
  • By trusting your instincts and pursuing what truly inspires you, you will find a sense of purpose that will drive your future success and fulfillment in the Merchant Navy.

Resilience Pays Off

  • Overcoming doubts and adversity required unwavering determination. My journey was marked by challenges, but my commitment to prove my choice right paid off. 
  • Graduating and promotion to Chief Engineer showcases the positive outcomes that result from perseverance. Through hard work and resilience, I achieved a milestone that validated my decision to pursue a career in the Merchant Navy, proving that dedication and tenacity can lead to tangible success.

Promising Career Path

  • My life in marine engineering led to a fulfilling and respected career. The achievement demonstrates the significant opportunities for career advancement within the maritime industry. 
  • It illustrates that the journey isn’t just about reaching a destination, but about continually ascending the ladder of success through dedication, skill development, and a commitment to excellence.
C/E Praneet Mehta

Real Success Stories

  • Hearing the success stories of others within the Merchant Navy reinforced the viability of this career choice. These individuals are living proof that dreams of success can be realized within this field. Their achievements underscore the potential for a rewarding and respected career, serving as inspiration for those considering this path. 
  • These stories highlight that the journey isn’t a solitary one; it’s a collective narrative of individuals who have pursued their dreams and attained success in the maritime industry.

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Lifestyle Benefits

  • A career in the Merchant Navy presents the chance to experience diverse cultures and travel the world. The exposure to different environments and perspectives fosters personal growth and broadens horizons.
  • Beyond professional achievements, the enriching experiences and insights gained from interacting with various cultures contribute to a well-rounded and globally aware individual. This aspect of the journey highlights the holistic and life-enriching nature of pursuing a maritime career.


My journey highlights the significance of pursuing one’s passion and staying true to one’s convictions. It’s a testament to the idea that with continuous dedication and perseverance, challenges can be transformed into opportunities for success. By remaining resolute in my chosen path, I was able to attain the position of Chief Engineer. This experience underscores the notion that consistent belief, persistent effort, and unwavering determination can indeed lead to concrete achievements.

Success doesn’t always come in a straightforward manner; rather, it often involves navigating through twists and turns. However, by staying committed and dedicated, it’s feasible to forge a fulfilling career aligned with one’s aspirations and dreams.

Remember, it’s not about being a hero, but about logically and passionately working towards your goals, which can serve as a persuasive argument when discussing these ideas with your parents.

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